April 23, 2022: And Justice for All [videos]

April 23, 2022: And Justice for All [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

April 23, 2022

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love”.  ~ Julian Assange

First thing this morning I saw this post from Dan Scavino Jr. on Instagram about wheels up, etc. Wondering about the significance. Does it have anything to do with Queen? This song has been stuck in my head for a few days. We keep hearing there will be an announcement and they’re finally going to kill her off—not that we’re not aware she’s been toast for some time now. Link to Telegram.

Dan called that clip, “wheels up”, which could fit in with our imminent trip. I’m seeing references to the “jump” and the following looks like it features the time travel leap Jetson White explained in his videos. See this video from American Prophet called A Traitor’s Justice and references “initializing jump”. It’s a fantastic summary of so much we have watched unfold over the past 5 years or so but shows us the volume of information we didn’t see or clue in to; the “comms” Q told us to learn, the symbolism, etc. 1 hr. 25 min. Link to Telegram.

As we traverse the realm of the sublime to the ridiculous, reality is far beyond the limits of our acceptable notion but we’re recalibrating reality every day. This short clip tickled my funny bone. I didn’t know there was a lighter side to the horrific underground world but perhaps there is. Or maybe it’s a set for the next Jurassic Park. Link to Telegram.


It’s coming—justice, that is—any day now. Will the MSM report on it?

Leaked Email To Hunter Biden Regarding Ukraine Biolabs – ORIGINAL DOCUMENT

Bugger the banksters.

Westpac fined $40m for charging fees to the dead

Judge says bank ‘utterly failed to address the issues systematically’ as its total penalties for misconduct rise to $130m

Please tell me you’re not wearing masks. The lungs do have the ability to cleanse themselves and regenerate, but how long would it take to expel all this toxic material if someone wore a mask for the better part of two years?

Scientists Find Microplastics in Living Human Lung Tissue – The Potential Long Term Health Risks of Long Term Face Mask Use During the COVID 19 Pandemic – n95 and surgical masks

Study finds microplastics in living lung tissue, mainly polyethylene and polyethylene, the main materials in n95 and surgical COVID face masks

Climate insanity. Link to Telegram.

Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets

How does this make sense as food shortages are announced? Only if it is deliberately making things worse. We are under attack:

“Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to meet its new legally binding climate emissions targets, according to an industry-commissioned analysis.

The large-scale reduction in farm animals comes after the passing of the jurisdiction’s first ever climate act, requiring the farming sector to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reduce methane emissions by almost 50% over the same period.

Zero Carbon = Zero Animals. Hence the WEF’s “Post Animal Econoy”

[IAF: Biden’s USDA is also charged with zero emissions agriculture mandate]

#AbsoluteZero #PostAnimalEconomy


There’s more…

But it’s not just animals — even grains are being called “extreme emitters” of greenhouse gasses. FAO tells Canada to grow less grains! Ridiculous:

Canada: Feds target cereals as major emitter

Ag Canada says cutting such emissions is critical because the federal government wants to reduce fertilizer related emissions 30 percent by 2030.

“Canada’s emission intensity for cereals in 2017 is higher than those reported for the United States, the European Union and (other regions).” The discussion paper includes a table, using data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to emphasize that Canadian cereal crops produce the highest amount of nitrous oxide emissions in the developed world.

#wheat #AbsoluteZero #Canada


Next stop… a rubber room.

The following would probably make sense to a few morons out there. They say they are not separating blood supplies from vaxxed and unvaxxed people because the shot doesn’t enter the bloodstream. What? There’s a reason we refer to ourselves as the “pure bloods” if we’re not jabbed.

One comment in particular made me laugh.

Then where does it go—-their aura?

How’s your auric field doing today?

Link to Telegram for article.

I forgot to give the link to a book I stumbled on about the truth of our home and the “beyond” no one wants us to know about. It’s not easy reading, and I’m only about 45 pages in, but it is very interesting. The link is below.

Contrary to popular belief, no explorer had penetrated beyond either Pole point prior to 1928. Press captions of the years have confusingly conveyed the idea that Arctic and Antarctic flights have been “Over the Pole” and therefore over the end of the Earth. Such has never been, the case. Over the Pole point is possible, for there is such a mathematical point; but over the end of the Earth is not possible, for there is no end. Certain early explorers reached the Pole points, but to return they were obliged to retrace their course to the Pole point: in other words, they had to turn around. They did not go “over the Pole” in the manner implied by press accounts.

I never thought of it this way. What if…?


Sean Stone, son of director Oliver Stone, has done a fantastic documentary on the situation on our planet ranging from old politics, corrupt government agencies, mind control and programming to the more esoteric aspects of the influences on Humanity. Best Kept Secret is broken into 6 parts on Telegram. Here’s the link to Chapter One: The Beast. The rest are immediately below if you scroll down to adjacent posts on that channel.

Things are so bad in Germany that reports say a lot of Germans are relocating to Paraguay. A German store opened nearby in Phoenix last week. I took a trip to Aldi to check it out. It’s different. You have to put a quarter in to get a cart, you have to bring your own bags or buy one of their super-sized plasticized shopping bags, and they have a little bit of a lot of things including housewares and clothing. Their flyer says they also have “Aldi gear” with their logo on it. They have some big name brands but also a lot of products I’ve never seen before so it’s good to have the variety so we can stop pandering to the cabal’s cronies.

Surge In Germans Migrating to South America to Escape Muslim Migrants at Home: BBC

Speaking of Germany, some claim that the violent shaking in the original Angela Merkel was due to kuru disease. We heard Hitlary Clinton also suffered from same.

Devin Nunes reports that the entire backlog of Truth Social applications to register to use Trump’s social media site would be cleared by this morning. I still haven’t tried to get on. Downloading apps isn’t my thing but I suppose I shall have to conform. There are those who say that announcement indicates that the flood of truth is about to descend on the world.

Trump is doing a rally in Ohio today, I hear. You can watch below. I wonder if he will be the real deal or a copy? We hear there have been several assassination attempts on His Trumpness lately and they have taken extra precautions to ensure his safety. May he remain so.

You financial folks might appreciate this post from Mr. Pool.

I think that’s ‘Universal Basic Income’.

Whiplash 347 says… Link to Telegram.

All Debts are wiped.
Your money in the bank is safe and transfers to the new Precious Metal backed currency. This is why Europe has done Basel 3.
The Rainbow Treasury notes are ready in many countries. It may take some time for that unroll.

Gesara Funds will be rolled out too
Hence UBI.

Did everyone see Wells Fargo?

That winds up our post for today. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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