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Date: Monday, 2-May-2022 04:27:48

(Thanks, C. :)Reader Charles Miller writes:=====Dear Hobie.Please find below Monograph believed to be a match that may light the bonfire of Liberty.We will include the publish in our deliveries to Trump, DeSantis and a few other governors.
We will include a request to the governors they inform all state employees that they as a class have be challenged to declare their loyalties. As part of the request, actually a demand from the Peoples Original Political Jurisdiction, that the Audit Report and Public Servants Letter and Pledge be sent to all public government emails, legislators and judges in particular.What kind of Vegas Odds could we get that public servants like governors will actually act?And YES, Beneficiaries to any Trust have the absolute right to AUDIT and issue SUBPOENAS. That’s Trust law going back over 2000 years.AUDIT REPORT FROM THE BENEFICIARIES.There are only two jurisdictions in our country, The United States of America.
Then, there are other specifically delimited jurisdictions that serve these two jurisdictions.The two jurisdictions are the People’s Original Political Jurisdiction, created by our Constitutions, and the administrative jurisdiction carrying out the duties to serve the Peoples Original Jurisdiction defined by Constitution.
One Master jurisdiction and one inferior servant jurisdiction.Only the People have access to the Original Political Jurisdiction which is the creators position in relation to all governments in our country. This is because We the People constructing governments, did not give the governments We created, nor its servants, the power or authority to rule over the source of authority defined by Our Constitutions.The People’s Preamble to our Constitutions is the declaration of intent to construct, through the mechanism of contract, the Political Jurisdictions, known as governments. The People’s contract between We the People, constructs the administrative state, the subservient jurisdiction, under title the State(s) of, and national government The United States of America, constructed by the States United.Thus the People are the OWNERS of TITLE to and of all governments operating under our Preamble pursuant to the terms of service defined by Constitutions as controlled by our State Declaration of Rights and the National Bill of Rights.The People’s Sovereignty recognized in our Preambles is not transferred to governments as property to be owned by government. We the People assigned our Sovereignty, a bailment, for a mere use of our Political Will. Title and ownership of Sovereignty remains with the People.Had the ownership over the People’s Political Will been transferred to governments We the People created, the construction documents, our Constitutions, would reflect that transfer in the written contracts between the People.No sovereignty is owned by governments, and any statement by public servants claiming sovereignty for government is mere re-presentation of the concept of sovereignty recognized between agents serving the People. Thus, the Public Trust is formed.There are no circumstances whatsoever recognizing the administrative jurisdiction as superior or controlling over the Masters, the People’s, Original Political Jurisdiction.Only the American People hold the absolutely secured exclusive right, title and interest to political property, the Vote.The secured position in the People’s ownership over our private political will property, it’s transfer for use by governments We created, is a bailment.No government function is granted by the People via our Constitutions for or to any government nor any public servant operating in any public capacity, to recognize political capacity as being held by any commercial person, trust, corporation or other constructed legal person resulting from any act of government and under government regulation. In other words the American People are the Political, legal and commercial masters over all government and their actions.Every government act at all levels of government carry with the act the totality of the People’s express will memorialized forever by Our constitutions, particularly the States Declaration of Rights and the National Bill of Rights. This is because in the written terms and conditions forming the Public Trust, the People did not grant severance of one single portion of our delegation of powers or authorities.There is no severance clause covering any portion of the People’s constitutions which means every act by any government in America necessarily carries with it the full scope of every word and their intent in the People’s foundational documents, particularly the Declaration and Bill of Rights.What this means in real simple terms is that every constructed entity, licensed entity, regulated entity recognized and registered by the People’s governments are bound under their acceptance of recognition to honor and obey with out fail the full terms defined by the People’s Original Political Jurisdiction, particularly Our Declaration’s and Bill of Rights.Nor did the People delegate powers to any public servant to interpret or reconstruct the Peoples Political Will. Public servants statements and declarations related to the People’s constitutions issues are guidelines for other public servants, applicable to the inferior administrative jurisdiction and those serving or franchised to do business or affect the People in any manner.All governments of every nature or kind, particularly our American Original Jurisdiction set by Constitution, as controlled by the Peoples Reserved Rights, are created for application of legalized force. This is the only reason for governments of any type to exist.The single source of political power, the People, created governments and all it’s functions to serve and protect the American People who are recognized in all foundational documents as exclusive beneficiaries of all government operations.All legalized force held by government is to be applied for the benefit of the People, first, last and always. The secondary application of legalized force is the licensing for regulating, taxing the privilege of business’s that operate within the People’s Original Political Jurisdiction attached to the venue, land, within the States United.Secondary jurisdictions to that of the prior Masters, the prior owners, have been developed over thousands of years yet all serve one master or another.That master is the owner also called the King, potentate, Sultan and various other identifiers of owners of real and chattel properties.All of these masters have one thing in common. They are, the head, the controller, the manager, the administrator, the OWNER over all operations and all the power to regulate and control, the exercise of complete OWNERSHIP over both land, real property, and people, chattel property, with in their jurisdictions.Thus, all law jurisdictions and procedures constructed by the properties, the men creating through practice, law and procedures, belong as property to the Kings or other OWNERS of the subject, chattel, property, people. This is because when subject property create something the ownership still remains with the king or potentate as their ultimate owner.OWNERSHIP over chattel property identified as People, human beings is the control factor over all commerce, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and press (media), free association (protest), redress of grievance, self protection (2ed Amendment), security of privacy, home, effects (all information concerning or about an individual), ect. ect.Commerce is the identifier assigned by all jurisdictions of every type or kind, as the exchange of goods or services in a value for value proposition. The rules of commerce are well defined and accepted by all jurisdictions world wide which is the transfer of value.Commerce, it’s success or failure, is measured in money. Money is of only two main types. Money of account or commodity money holding its own intrinsic value whether denominated as money or not. Labor is the premier commodity giving money value. Money of exchange is currency or any asset used to buy or sell goods or services. Currently all money and money operating systems are controlled by a very few as a private property.Money is the transfer mechanism re-presenting the only two fundamental assets, which when joined, create VALUE, denominated money. Labor, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual applied to raw material. Raw materials that came from Creation. Mankind created, thousands of years ago, a law jurisdiction to recognize an ownership position in Creation’s raw materials which are attendant on and to this Earth. Thus TITLE law came into being.All money is based in the true value on human labor added to the raw materials to create products that serve mankind.This fundamental understanding is the key element exposing why the former owners of people as chattel property have worked so diligently since day one of our republics formation to crush the dream of owning our own labor. Owning ones labor and having control over it is the death knell for the worldwide slave system as it existed prior to July 4, 1776.Every American owns his own body and labor because We the People have no OWNER.Our country does not recognize in any manner what so ever documents of title or claimed document of ownership, indicating ownership position or control over the American People as chattel property. Consent of the Governed is a fundamental and very serious proposition in the United States of America.Any one claiming, particularly a public servant or government constructed entity, an ownership or control position over any American makes them selves subject, actually inviting, a Subpoena issued from the superior Peoples Original Political Jurisdiction, demanding verified proof from the public records that: a, the recipient is not subject to the Peoples Original Jurisdiction; b, the recipient can hold and can
identify and produce the authorities from the Peoples constitutions authorizing the attempts to hold any American to control in the nature of ownership over body, mind, soul and particularly political capacity and standing; c, the legislative section of the People’s constitutions identifying in any manner whatsoever the People as either subject or objects to be controlled by legislation.No public servant operating any function, or claim to be acting as a public servant, holds authority or power to ignore a Subpoena demanding anything, when issued under authority of the Peoples Original Political Jurisdiction. This because one of the People from the beneficiaries position demands from a servant specific performance.
Superior jurisdiction, highest Law of the Land, calling the inferior administrative jurisdiction to account, an audit from the creditor to all government operations, demanding the debtors, public servants to pay, performance on personal promises to serve.The 1783 Treaty of Peace ratified by King George released all interests in the lands, the governments and proprietary properties, SUBJECTS as chattel property. The good King bound all other Kings to recognize the American People as free. The good King also bound his franchise certifying his ROYALTY, the Holy See when George declared his agency as the Royal Prince Elector and Arch Treasurer to the Holy Roman Empire. Rome and it’s Holy See.Thus the American People became Sovereigns in their own personal right.More to the point King George bound by treaty with all other Royals could not enter a Treaty with his chattel properties because the law of nations governing the Royals limited Treaties to Sovereigns in the Holy See special class of franchised agent for God operated from Rome, known as the Royals that agreed to be vassals to the Holy See.Thus, the American People became the first and only People to be released from their owner.These facts being in motion world wide caused the gaggle of franchised agents to begin the attempts to subvert the Peoples Original Political Jurisdiction which given the current circumstance took more than 240 years to get close to their goalThe public jurisdiction created by the People, the peoples Original Political Jurisdiction controls when brought to any public servant. This is because, in the event the servant refuses or fails to recognize the public jurisdiction they commit a high crime usually resulting in holding that American to SLAVERY.The original public jurisdiction memorialized by the People’s constitutions are the Supreme Law. Particularly the Declaration of Rights and Bill of Rights. No one may be exempted from the Law of the Land, no matter how many public servants over how long have conspired to creat special classes of exempt people and operations.Public servants can-not engage in private matters while operating in public office. To do so compromises the Original Political Jurisdiction which results in the People being denied access to Our Supreme Law and it’s duties and powers to serve and protect the People.Public servants that fail or refuse to recognize the People’s Original Political Jurisdiction, or properly identify We the People as standing in that Supreme Law, commit TREASON.
TREASON: the betrayal of allegiance towards one’s own country, hostility to the Constitutions, Declaration of Rights at the State level and Bill of Rights at the national, aid enemies attacking our culture, our American identity; breach the public trust reposed in them, betray their fellow man through treachery in a breach of faith in their own bonded promises.CONCLUSION.
We the People get the kind of government we creat by both our acts and omissions.The above Audit Report is presented and intended to provide a clear simple understanding of where and how our freedoms came about.We the Beneficiaries challenge any one to discuss the facts represented above in our Audit Report. Be advised we refuse to discuss the corrupted state of affairs. Further we recognize all the key board warriors being experts in the corruption and continually feeding it their energies will never resolve any thing. Solutions take work and all solutions start with open dialogue addressing the root points to be understood.The below link, published quite some time ago, is presented to Stand Up Americans who are willing to confront our public servants with the choice to publicly identify who and what they actually serve.The Bend Over Americans please keep to your selves and stop spreading your self imposed SLAVERY. Your SLAVERY affects in a very detrimental manner every American seeking our own freedom.The “PUBLIC SERVANT LETTER AND PLEDGE, RE: TRUMP DELIVERIES”;read=133216
Is presented as a tool to the Stand Up Americans who have the moral fiber and personal integrity before their Creator to invite public servants to define them selves.
All public servants are Americans deserving of respect and latitude to make their own choices. This is due process. At the same time it identifies Traitors.Have fun watching the servants faces when they get served the Audit Report and the Public Servants Letter. We have enjoyed that exercise immensely.Personal service, email to public office, mail or fax are all good service when the Employer is addressing the employee.Let’s find out how many public servants are honorable. What do We as a People have to loose? To gain?The choices deciding our countries future depend on Stand Up or bend over.*************************************************************

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