May 5, 2022: Late Edition for Cinco de Mayo [videos]

May 5, 2022: Late Edition for Cinco de Mayo [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 5, 2022

It could be a wild and crazy week. We have this intel to consider from Telegram.

Project Bluebeam being considered.

That intel is a vague statement and could have several meanings. It could mean the chatter reveals the psychopaths want to stick to their original plan and use their highly advanced [by public standards] holographic technology, both visual and auditory, to manipulate the masses OR…

…it could mean the White Hats are considering using said technology to head off that initiative the cabal wants to use to get ahead of them and preempt a negative, fear-inducing experience in favour of a gentler introduction to… what? Or whom? Is it time for “disclosure” of some kind? Possibly. We’ll see what happens. We understand “being considered” isn’t a promise.

There is ongoing talk about the many food processing plants that have been set ablaze recently, and for many months. We recall the meat processing plant in Alberta, Canada we heard was shut down due to disease. We heard that “Covid” would be the cover for many White Hat operations and I believe it is.

Was the cabal burning down plants with Human meat present to hide their crimes? Isn’t that their MO? From using Bleach Bit on Clinton servers to smashing Blackberries… they know all the tricks. They probably set the fire at the chicken egg processing facility in Phoenix to cover up their election rigging crimes, but as Q said many times, “These people are stupid.” The Q team assured us they “have it all”; all the irrefutable evidence and proof we need to bar-be-que their collective ass. It’s too late to cover their illegal, treasonous activities and crimes against Humanity.


Aug 11, 2018 1:12:31 PM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCIID: 000000No. 139 

These people are stupid!
“Never INTERFERE With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”
Do you believe in coincidences?
We have the source.

If they are incinerating their own facilities, then the White Hats probably wouldn’t stop them because it works in our favour. They are destroying themselves. We the People News and her fantastic opening montage are below wherein she addresses the revelation of Human flesh associated with the food processing plant fires around the 10 minute mark in the excerpts from David Zublick’s Dark Outpost channel where he also addresses MRNA additives to the food chain.

The crew knows to always use discernment as no one but the smallest circle of White Hats/Q Military Intelligence knows for certain what is true, and what events comprise The Plan. I believe it’s common knowledge in truther circles now that the dark cabal has been putting Human flesh in the food chain for some time. As for “government induced famine”—that’s a very strong term and might serve to wake the snoozers. Do we need to resort to sensationalized headlines to get the attention of the apathetic masses? Its seems we do, that is Zublick’s style and it has its place. My advice: take it with a grain of salt.

As much as the controllers love us to believe in lack and shortage, we know there truly is no shortage of food on our planet; there is excess. So much food is wasted. Efforts to starve people is an old ploy the psychopaths have no compunction to prevent or mitigate and if they can strike fear into the hearts of the sheeple they are happy. Trump warned us at the beginning of his term in office to “stock up” for whatever eventuality might present so we’re not inconvenienced or at risk from unexpected events be it weather, war, or intentional sabotage. It’s great advice. 1 hr. 23 min.

Bo Polny is back with more details on the cosmic cycles, the biblical aspects, and his prognostications.

There’s more here at We Love Trump. 1 hr 7 minutes. [17]

Bo Polny: 50-Year Jubilee Cycle CONFIRMED, Trump Returns!

In the Great White Gulag, the situation looks grim. We hear that one in eight Canadians believe the lamestream media BS about Covid and the fake vaxxines.

Worse—now they’re saying they will go back to masks and other precautions. Will the Canucks take this lying down? Will they comply? I shudder to think of it and am so grateful I am not currently residing in my homeland. I am free and informed, vaxx-free, can see through the subterfuge and know that a new day is dawning for Humanity. We can weather this storm and get through the rough spots, as intended.

Temporary? Or “intermittent”—as in, whenever they feel like it? Off and on, jump through the hoops, be a good slave and don’t question. Is this logical to anyone? Anyone????

COVID-19: 3 Health units ask Ontario’s top doctor to reinstate temporary provincewide mask mandate

And there’s this:

The Foegen Effect: Why Face Masks Increase the Death Rate of COVID-19

Q also told us “not everything will be clean”. Best to discard that image of a white knight on his steed or an archangel with snowy wings. That’s not reality and it won’t win wars. Be realistic in your understanding of the situation on this planet; abandon your childlike idealism and you’ll get through this war relatively unscathed. The ones who know, who cannot sleep, will do ANYTHING to win this war. Whatever is necessary.


Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST

Q !UW.yye1fxoID: 000000No. 9 

We are at WAR [@].
Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?

Infiltration works both ways, and we have discussed before the roles many White Hats played over the years to be accepted behind enemy lines, so to speak. Would you do it to save an entire race of People who don’t even understand they’re prey to an advanced civilization? Consider this post from Q The Storm Rider on Telegram.

Behind the scenes,; *2023*

White HATS, MILITARY, +45…
>WILL< start placing the TRUMP FAMILY into powerful POWERFUL< positions
In>The Godfather…. The POWER was handed down…..
Major moves are being created to bring so much Power to the children of TRUMP//////////////////
This POWER is expected to put JR. On a an even playing field as his father.
Behind the scenes JR./ MUSK creating a TRUTH movement social networks

The born Legacy…

Many ANONS dontt trust MUSK
… That ok…///))

Even a home is built by the hands of the wicked ( killers, liars, sinners)….. Do you know who creates the clothes you wear? Who touches your clothes in many industries across the world? ( Killers, liars , sinners who also work in the food industry clothing, building industry and everyday workers that build your homes ….. touch you food in supply chains…. NOTHING IS CLEAN<<<)////

I’m stating this to say…..
Be very cautious who you judge.
Because you don’t even know the house you sit in ( who built it ) clothes you wear . Food you eat……

>You can’t expect everyone inside the White HATS Alliance to be CLEAN with out sin.
> Many many white HATS had to[ INFILTRATE ] DARK SOCIETIES to gain TRUST

Why did Q mention the
>The Godfather?

You have more than you know

The BBC in 2006 published some edge material that probably went right past most people but now that so many of us are awake, it has more impact. Way back then they were up to atrocities like this and it’s only escalated, from what we’re hearing. We hope this nightmare in Ukraine ends very soon.

Ukraine babies in stem cell probe

And with that, I will close for today. Thank you all for sharing your interesting finds and updates in these fascinating times.  ~ BP

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7 thoughts on “May 5, 2022: Late Edition for Cinco de Mayo [videos]”

  1. Janetsays: I appreciate everything posted on your site!
    I read/watch everything you and others contribute in the comments.
    I think knowledge is a great thing, whether we agree or disagree I believe it is important to have an opened mind to all possibilities.
    I’m from Ontario and I too see more people starting to wear masks again. Still see the single driver in the car with one on?!! Hopeless, absolutely hopeless!
    They can have as I won’t, not doing it, not listening to what the media spews either.
    I read the odd nonsense and I forget about it, not attached to any of it and it’s quite liberating.
    Be happy, grateful for the times we are living in, don’t hate on anyone as perhaps the nonsense we have been living through the last 2 years was necessary to help us grow. Maybe in hindsight 2020 vision was granted to humanity. Those who could see, will perhaps be grateful for the powers that were to show us their truth, now we see them for what they are/were.
    The ending may not be for everyone, however whomever does get through will be free.
    Peace to all.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Enjoy your Eli, he’s adorable! Reply
  2. Jenssays: EU Is Threatening To Max Fines To Twitter And/Or Shut Down Twitter In Their Countries May 5. WhiteRabbitQ Reply
  3. Jenssays: Pedophiles and Traffickers Hiding In Azovstal realrawnews May 5 ( The biggest fact few people even know.) Reply
  4. Michaelsays: Just a note to THANK YOU for all you’re doing to enlighten and wake folks up. You and your team are a BIG encouragement. We two seniors here in the Nations Capital (Ottawa) appreciate your info, humour, dedication and doggie stories ;o) Sadly, shopping here still looks like a Zombie Apocalypse despite mask mandates lifted weeks ago. It’s looneyville. Now we have an Ontario election and who knows what’s really happening behind the scenes. We owe the Global Alliance a massive show of gratitude for all they are doing for all of us everywhere. We’re doing our small part to hold the line… God bless you guys !!!! Michael Reply
    1. Lise-Ottawa, Canadasays: Hello Michael. I too live in Ottawa (Orleans). I went to our local Independent Grocer today and only saw 2 customers with masks, even the staff aren’t wearing them. Just thought you might like to know that not all areas of Ottawa are zombies lol. Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather we’re about to get. Reply
  5. Demetriussays: No Cinco de Mayo’s complete without the old classic from WAR:
    And even though we’re in a state of war, it’s time for us to recognize the increasingly lighter and positive vibe that we’re bathing in in recent days. And folks are gonna be shocked when they find out what they missed out on while under the spell of the Official Narrative.
    Here’s one for ya, Captain, and also all you cats and chicks out there:
    *When the truth came down they were thunderstruck
    -People with their hair on fire, running amok
    -But she won’t be the one who goes down with the ship
    -Gonna ride with the tide, gonna write a new script!
    >>Hang on, me hearties, we’re almost there! Reply
  6. Farm Trucksays: Met a Gene Decode kind of guy
    who spoke of Blue Beam sky holograms
    in 1983
    He saw this radio song of the time
    as possible prep for an event:
    Billy Thorpe – Children of the sun Reply

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