May 7, 2022: Mother, What a Weird War [videos]

May 7, 2022: Mother, What a Weird War [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 7, 2022

In honour of Mothers of all kinds, Happy Mother’s Day wherever you are, for without mothers, where would we be?

If the psychos running the world had their way, there would be no real “mothers” any more; no families, no sexes, no true Humans remaining. In their world, the family unit is no more, we’re all androgenous, non-sexual, mind-controlled and programmed dutiful slaves with hardly a thought between us. They could make slaves in cloning facilities. No procreation between the male and female required. No love, no nurturing, no compassion. No Humanity.

Here’s a clue to their planned direction.

Um, could we have a status update on those rubber rooms, please?

Putin declared May 9 the end of the Ukraine war. Good to know. I’m sure Mums everywhere would be thrilled if it were true.

Putin ‘has already declared May 9 as the “END” of the war in Ukraine – matching the SAME date as Russia defeated the Nazis in WW2’, Kyiv official claims

I hope you have lots of popcorn. The on-line premiere of the “blockbuster” 2000 Mules is tonight. Saturday Night at the movies.

Get your $20 ticket here and watch in your own home. I live here in the fabled and corrupt Maricopa County, Arizona and I can’t wait to see this exposé.

Details below. 1 hr. 28 min. Trailer link below. Link to Telegram.


Rumble (
Get your tickets @ ENJOY!!!

Hopefully Rumble is robust and secure enough to handle the beating it’s taking. Link to Telegram.

Now just imagine what they will try when Durham unleashes an unprecedented amount of evidence regarding [their] corruption.
Buckle your seatbelts.

How are you enjoying the movie so far? Who is behind that mask? Possibly more than one stupendous actor? Some believe it’s James Woods. Some, Jim Carrey. Both might account for the blue-eye Biden switch to dark that many have mentioned.

While the New York Post reports on very little of interest or importance, they did Tweet the following. Nespresso is part of the Swiss Nestlé family of companies. What’s in YOUR coffee? Are you an addict? What’s in your kids’ Nestlé’s Quik??? Yikes.

The above might serve as a reminder to think carefully about where we spend our money; on whose products. Contrary to what their advertising would like us to believe, there are alternatives. We learned that there is a privately owned coffee shop just like Starbucks, half a block closer than “Le Starbuck”, and we will now make that switch. The only thing missing is the drive-through. No biggie. I bet the prices are more reasonable, and I hear they offer water bowls to doggie clients sitting outside with their pooch.

Most people it seems understand at least a little about the Clinton Crime Syndicate at this point. Many joke about it but only see the surface. They don’t understand the dark depths of the story or the link to the Children… and Jeffrey Epstein. Link to Telegram.

Strange coincidences.

A total of 57 people from Hillary and Bill Clinton’s inner circle have died in strange circumstances in the last 30 years.
15 of them committed suicide, including the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Eight died in car and plane crashes, and 14 were killed under mysterious circumstances.

All of the victims on the “Clinton List” had information that could potentially ruin the couple’s careers.

The Khazarian mafia north of the 49th would like this to go away. It’s not going away—but Turdeau is.

There’s been a lot of hoopla over Trump and Dr. Mehmet Oz. I didn’t mention it because the strategy was so obvious and I figured most of the crew could see the Plan. For those not sure, when Trump “points” to someone, it’s either really good, or really bad for them. I have heard Dr. Oz on television giving bad medical advice and decided a long time ago he’s in the club.

When Trump endorsed him, I knew he was going after him and he would be exposed. What’s happening now? He’s seen for what he is and the show continues. Learn more about Dr. Oz and his stance below. No way in hell Oz will be elected.

Dr. Oz Gets Booed At Trump Rally In Pennsylvania

No need to panic, folks. Trump says nice things about the worst characters because people need to see the truth for themselves. If Trump attacked Oz and told the truth about him what would happen? It’s much more colourful and engaging this way, don’t you think? When the time comes the targets will be seen accurately and will soon fade from our reality. Next!

Coach Michelle Walling explains why it’s so difficult for the masses to wake up and see what is glaringly obvious to all of us.

The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just wake up and find this entire, disgusting, frustrating existence and the current “invisible” war were a terrible nightmare? That it can’t possibly be real?

While the time travel series from Jetson White may seem a little “out there”, we have to ask why we were shown that “someone” or something caused Earth to “ring like a bell” and resonate in 17-second [seventeen!] intervals in 2018 as Jetson reminded us. Not all articles mention the “seventeen” = Q.

Why the multitude of new satellites launched by Elon Musk? Why did Q tell us that certain cabal satellites were destroyed? Whoever or whatever is in charge on this planet, they have a Plan and we’re just along for the ride. We’re doing things right and as long as we maintain this trajectory, whatever is going to happen will happen at the perfect time, and the future will be glorious. Remember… Where we go one, we go all.

Link to Telegram:

After days of light rain on the heart and soul, a phase of reorganization and healing of the most unconscious and emotional parts of our being has arrived.

Now a cascade of light is cleaning even the bottom and making complex dynamics emerge, even spiritual ones (red in high frequencies).

What are your values, your beliefs, your principles? how much do you love yourself? where do you look for the way out? in whom?

Surprise: you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

End of transmission. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  ~ BP & Eli

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