‘Sextortion’ trend targeting children online

‘Sextortion’ trend targeting children online

Posted By: AndiV
Date: Monday, 9-May-2022 00:39:48

The major target in the current trend is young boys, according to FBI Special Agent Jim Thompson, who works at the San Antonio FBI office, exclusively on crimes against children. “Generally boys as young as 10 all the way up to 17,” Thompson said. Here’s how it goes: a child is on a gaming site or social media app, and thinks they’re talking to someone their age. They begin a relationship and are eventually convinced to take sexually explicit photos or videos of themselves. “The extorter immediately threatens to send those images to the contacts of the person who’s being extorted,” Thompson said. Thompson said this trend has spiked over the past few years. “We’ll get calls from the public multiple times a week just on this type of material alone, in San Antonio,” he explained. Sextortion comes in two forms. Once the threats are made, the person may ask for money. “They may initially ask for $5,000 and they know these kids don’t have $5,000 so they negotiate it down to $50,” Thompson said. Some of these criminals are extorting hundreds of kids, and the money adds up.


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