Is It Game Over? New NASA Report

Is It Game Over? New NASA Report

Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Thursday, 12-May-2022 07:52:22

Is It Game Over? New NASA Report——————————-
Dear RM Agents and Readers,Often I went past Wigington reports; not because of the same feeling as Q on the contrary. I’ve watched since the 90’s these events taking place. When I lived in Colorado I watched from a very close distance them turn on and off their jets.Mentioned it to a doubter that was on my deck one day and like a showing from God; a plane was produced doing the exact thing I had been stating, chemtrail on, chemtrail off so close you felt like if you were standing on the home you could touch it. I noticed it and watched as they looked up aghast with what they saw.You just have to look around; but folks don’t typically, except the group that comes here and other alter-net sites. Those that refuse to see want to be pulled back in by some imaginary safety net and stay living in the bubbles of their own creation with the walls being created by the controllers of the planet.Never allowing to much information that disagrees with the status quo of their mind, lest their bubble pops and they end up having to take in to much information that may challenge them and the false premise they stand upon. Knowing full well that deep within their gut the truth that everything they built their existence upon is a lie.May be like being born again,eh? Just Saying….Wasn’t that the CIA that stated when everything the American public know is a lie; then they had completed their job?Many Blessings,

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