May 11, 2022: A Bird’s Eye View of the Planetary Situation [videos] – May 12 2022

May 11, 2022: A Bird’s Eye View of the Planetary Situation [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 11, 2022

We were warned this ride was going to get a lot wilder and to buckle up. It’s like being on a roller coaster—blindfolded. We can’t tell what’s coming next and the weather prognostication is for mighty storms.

I watched a lot of the press conference in New Mexico for Otero County last night and they discussed disturbing revelations from the experts who analyzed the last election, as well as many previous ones.

We learned that the Dominion voting machines are anything but secure and they most certainly DO connect to the Internet. In fact, they found that anyone can go in and do anything they want to the data, the software can modify dates, etc., and even fill in ballots! They thought of everything!

Someone with a laptop can go out in the parking lot and manipulate data and no one inside would be any the wiser because the screen on the machine itself would be black, not showing the current activity.

If the above isn’t a shocker and enough to have the election overthrown, I don’t know what is. The recommendation for Otero County was to ditch the machines entirely and there are places that are already doing that and can share their blueprint for the process. They described the current situation as we approach the midterms as “an emergency” and there’s no time to lose to take control of election security and chain of custody if the People want a fair and accurate election.

The Gateway Pundit gets into it in their update.

SHOCKING: Per New Mexico Auditors Dominion Voting Systems Can Fill-In Ballots – Uncovered 2019 New York State Audit Confirms This

Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a former news anchor on your team. Kari Lake is a gutsy communicator, and I daresay the next Governor of Arizona.

Will this twist present? Gotta love those hairpin turns.

History tells us that the psychopaths always project what they themselves did or are doing onto others, so…

We have our eyes on the initiative to embolden the World Health Organization [WHO] in the event of an “emergency” so they can step in and wield their power over any nation “for the good of the world”—even the the country resists. Some excerpts from an article follow:

That’s a total of 47 nations supporting the U.S.-authored amendments. All of them have endorsed empowering WHO to declare a possible or potential health emergency or crisis within any nation despite its objections and refusal to cooperate. To repeat, these amendments will pass unless American citizens, as well as citizens worldwide, mount a very strong opposition.

According to the Foreward to WHO’s regulations, there is no specific limit to what constitutes a health emergency, and it is certainly not limited to pandemics.

WHO’s domain includes:8

a scope not limited to any specific disease or manner of transmission, but covering “illness or medical condition, irrespective of origin or source, that presents or could present significant harm to humans…

That’s stark, utter tyranny, my friends. I certainly hope the masses are prepared to speak up and kick this idea to the curb. If you think you were inconvenienced by the last two plus years of man-handling civilians and military alike over a fake pandemic, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These psychopaths mean business and they want total control over the entire world. That’s the New World Order.

We’re wondering if the cautionary post from Ezra Cohen recently about Project Bluebeam being considered might play into this. What if the fake alien invasion were the “emergency” that would empower the WHO to step in and remove all our freedom? The controllers have wanted to pull off a fake alien invasion for a long time. They’re probably frothing at the mouth at the mere thought of making their wet dream a reality.

You may have seen the many references on the Internet this past week about aliens, extraterrestrials, disclosure, UFOs/UAPs, etc. Why now?

I don’t know many normies who wouldn’t freak at the sight of a Reptilian in true form. Kerry Cassidy brings us an article on her Project Camelot portal.


The shift is happening. Out with the old and in with the new.

Multiple Russian governors resign

And again, in Ukraine, some extreme claims. This news show gets into it along with some other current stories. They do a good job, this duo. 31 min.

Vaxx Induced AIDS Ravages U.S. Military, Ukrainian Cannibals EAT Russian Troops

The pedo world will never be the same. Disney is and has been under attack—by the Earth Alliance. Check out this Telegram for more.

Yes, submarines.

A Message From The Vice President JFK Jr
Disney World Florida
Sub tunnel destroyed
Major flooding (hidden MSM reports) still
Happening Disney World
+MIL. still going through evidence

People are calling for us to boycott Disney now. It’s high time. Anyone who knows the truth about Disney should have been boycotting them already.

We’re at the point that everyone should know to hold that magic mirror up to everything in our life to see the inverted truth and learn to recognize the distortion. Everything is the opposite of the way it is portrayed. Those who pretend to be benevolent visionaries protecting the planet and her people are monsters of the worst kind.

After Phil G’s fascinating Prism call last night, I couldn’t help but notice this pop up on my Twitter feed. Qincidence?

To close on a high note I wanted to be sure that everyone had the opportunity to watch this short aerial clip from the recent Kentucky Derby. It’s not directly related to anything going on as far as I know unless the name of the steed is a message. I saw it posted all over the place but didn’t watch until my other half asked me about it.

I’m always saying that “anything is possible” and “never say never”, and this video certainly supports those old adages. If we have the heart, the skill, the determination, a little bit of luck and we never give up, we can usually succeed in achieving our goals—unless fate has other plans and our original life plan gets in the way.

This might be the most exciting race I’ve ever seen, whether NASCAR or any other kind. It was a long shot but no one told Rich Strike that, and the skill of the jockey to pull them out of a pack of thundering athletes where they were literally boxed in, weaving in and out to reach the front of the pack… wow. Just wow. The horse wanted to win and deserved it. Even if horse racing is not your thing, it’s bound to give you a little thrill to see this done. If I’d seen it live I would have tossed my popcorn. I wish Rich Strike could have shared his emotions and thoughts with us at the end. I can see his eyes rolling and nostrils flaring in exhilaration. What a beast.

If the day to day drivel and nightmarish developments are getting you down, just remember this is all to wake up the world; to yank the snoozers from their apathetic reverie and alert them to the reality of our world. It’s not real. You can turn the movie off in many cases. It’s not as bad as it might appear because it’s been addressed and IS being addressed but timing is everything. There’s nothing to fear. I believe the biggest threats to our safety have been removed. Q did tell us, “You and your families are safe.” We just have to go with it for now and trust the Plan.

Phil posted “London Bridge down” so Queen Lizzie may be about to go public with her long-awaited death announcement for the sake of the “movie”.

Until next time…  ~ BP

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