May 11, 2022: A Bird’s Eye View of the Planetary Situation [videos]

May 11, 2022: A Bird’s Eye View of the Planetary Situation [videos]

May 11, 2022


We were warned this ride was going to get a lot wilder and to buckle up. It’s like being on a roller coaster—blindfolded. We can’t tell what’s coming next and the weather prognostication is for mighty storms.

I watched a lot of the press conference in New Mexico for Otero County last night and they discussed disturbing revelations from the experts who analyzed the last election, as well as many previous ones.

We learned that the Dominion voting machines are anything but secure and they most certainly DO connect to the Internet. In fact, they found that anyone can go in and do anything they want to the data, the software can modify dates, etc., and even fill in ballots! They thought of everything!

Someone with a laptop can go out in the parking lot and manipulate data and no one inside would be any the wiser because the screen on the machine itself would be black, not showing the current activity.

If the above isn’t a shocker and enough to have the election overthrown, I don’t know what is. The recommendation for Otero County was to ditch the machines entirely and there are places that are already doing that and can share their blueprint for the process. They described the current situation as we approach the midterms as “an emergency” and there’s no time to lose to take control of election security and chain of custody if the People want a fair and accurate election.

The Gateway Pundit gets into it in their update.

SHOCKING: Per New Mexico Auditors Dominion Voting Systems Can Fill-In Ballots – Uncovered 2019 New York State Audit Confirms This

Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a former news anchor on your team. Kari Lake is a gutsy communicator, and I daresay the next Governor of Arizona.

Will this twist present? Gotta love those hairpin turns.

History tells us that the psychopaths always project what they themselves did or are doing onto others, so…

We have our eyes on the initiative to embolden the World Health Organization [WHO] in the event of an “emergency” so they can step in and wield their power over any nation “for the good of the world”—even the the country resists. Some excerpts from an article follow:

That’s a total of 47 nations supporting the U.S.-authored amendments. All of them have endorsed empowering WHO to declare a possible or potential health emergency or crisis within any nation despite its objections and refusal to cooperate. To repeat, these amendments will pass unless American citizens, as well as citizens worldwide, mount a very strong opposition.

According to the Foreward to WHO’s regulations, there is no specific limit to what constitutes a health emergency, and it is certainly not limited to pandemics.

WHO’s domain includes:8

a scope not limited to any specific disease or manner of transmission, but covering “illness or medical condition, irrespective of origin or source, that presents or could present significant harm to humans…

That’s stark, utter tyranny, my friends. I certainly hope the masses are prepared to speak up and kick this idea to the curb. If you think you were inconvenienced by the last two plus years of man-handling civilians and military alike over a fake pandemic, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These psychopaths mean business and they want total control over the entire world. That’s the New World Order.

We’re wondering if the cautionary post from Ezra Cohen recently about Project Bluebeam being considered might play into this. What if the fake alien invasion were the “emergency” that would empower the WHO to step in and remove all our freedom? The controllers have wanted to pull off a fake alien invasion for a long time. They’re probably frothing at the mouth at the mere thought of making their wet dream a reality.

You may have seen the many references on the Internet this past week about aliens, extraterrestrials, disclosure, UFOs/UAPs, etc. Why now?

I don’t know many normies who wouldn’t freak at the sight of a Reptilian in true form. Kerry Cassidy brings us an article on her Project Camelot portal.


The shift is happening. Out with the old and in with the new.

Multiple Russian governors resign

And again, in Ukraine, some extreme claims. This news show gets into it along with some other current stories. They do a good job, this duo. 31 min.

Vaxx Induced AIDS Ravages U.S. Military, Ukrainian Cannibals EAT Russian Troops

The pedo world will never be the same. Disney is and has been under attack—by the Earth Alliance. Check out this Telegram for more.

Yes, submarines.

A Message From The Vice President JFK Jr
Disney World Florida
Sub tunnel destroyed
Major flooding (hidden MSM reports) still
Happening Disney World
+MIL. still going through evidence

People are calling for us to boycott Disney now. It’s high time. Anyone who knows the truth about Disney should have been boycotting them already.

We’re at the point that everyone should know to hold that magic mirror up to everything in our life to see the inverted truth and learn to recognize the distortion. Everything is the opposite of the way it is portrayed. Those who pretend to be benevolent visionaries protecting the planet and her people are monsters of the worst kind.

After Phil G’s fascinating Prism call last night, I couldn’t help but notice this pop up on my Twitter feed. Qincidence?

To close on a high note I wanted to be sure that everyone had the opportunity to watch this short aerial clip from the recent Kentucky Derby. It’s not directly related to anything going on as far as I know unless the name of the steed is a message. I saw it posted all over the place but didn’t watch until my other half asked me about it.

I’m always saying that “anything is possible” and “never say never”, and this video certainly supports those old adages. If we have the heart, the skill, the determination, a little bit of luck and we never give up, we can usually succeed in achieving our goals—unless fate has other plans and our original life plan gets in the way.

This might be the most exciting race I’ve ever seen, whether NASCAR or any other kind. It was a long shot but no one told Rich Strike that, and the skill of the jockey to pull them out of a pack of thundering athletes where they were literally boxed in, weaving in and out to reach the front of the pack… wow. Just wow. The horse wanted to win and deserved it. Even if horse racing is not your thing, it’s bound to give you a little thrill to see this done. If I’d seen it live I would have tossed my popcorn. I wish Rich Strike could have shared his emotions and thoughts with us at the end. I can see his eyes rolling and nostrils flaring in exhilaration. What a beast.

If the day to day drivel and nightmarish developments are getting you down, just remember this is all to wake up the world; to yank the snoozers from their apathetic reverie and alert them to the reality of our world. It’s not real. You can turn the movie off in many cases. It’s not as bad as it might appear because it’s been addressed and IS being addressed but timing is everything. There’s nothing to fear. I believe the biggest threats to our safety have been removed. Q did tell us, “You and your families are safe.” We just have to go with it for now and trust the Plan.

Phil posted “London Bridge down” so Queen Lizzie may be about to go public with her long-awaited death announcement for the sake of the “movie”.

Until next time…  ~ BP

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May 10, 2022: The Education Process is Nearly Complete [videos]

May 10, 2022


The apathy is dissolving as more and more Humans see what has been happening on our planet; not just in their own country, but everywhere. Parents are more active in their communications with the school boards, many are learning about their nation’s constitution and common law, elections are in our face and folks want to make sure their votes count, and the awareness of the poisonous nature of the air, food, and water—not to mention Big Pharma is gaining top of mind awareness, as well.

Skies and Rivers Turning Red Around The World As Biblical End Times Prophecy Fulfilled

If you didn’t listen to Phil G’s show from Monday night called ‘Prism’, you might want to do that. [see below] In my mind it confirms our supposition that Phil worked for the NSA and was the original “Edward Snowden”, the character created to tell that story.

Phil all but said “I wrote the Prism programme for the NSA”. He did not utter those exact words, but very close and it is evident in everything said and shown to us. That’s why he speaks of tasks that only he can do.

He coded the programme to be used for good, to track people suspected of being terrorists and stop them before they could hurt innocent people. When the deep state used it for their own nefarious ends to purposely harm innocents, he left the organization, as he related in his story a week or so ago about “the boy”.

We knew damn well who “the boy” was and that it was an allegory for Phil’s life. We also knew why he was relentlessly attacked and still is. The NWO knows who he is and they don’t want us listening to him—the 4 million plus who tune in to his live shows. That will likely increase again now.

PRISM – May 9th, 2022

Phil also pointed out that in Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 Mules, the White Hats are mocking the Illuminati. Very interesting points, he made, right down to the odd angel over the head of Dinesh in the studio as he spoke with Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips—the man Phil says is not working for True the Vote but is an NSA guy.

Perhaps I got ahead of myself when I assumed the NSA and the Earth Alliance had this all wrapped up. I assumed they have everything on everyone surveillance-wise and would use that information in many ways to expose the dark deeds of the globalists in their quest to subjugate and eliminate us. Since Q said, “we have it all”, I just assumed the election material was all recorded and would make its way to the public at the perfect time so this isn’t terribly surprising. What was surprising was the colossal scale of the steal, but…

…it was evident from Phil’s demeanor that he was genuinely shocked, thrilled, and humbled to see the technology used by True the Vote to track mules, locate stash houses, etc. He recognized it immediately as “his programme” and showed us how the data displayed on screen when using that programme.

Related… Phil covered the three possible scenarios which could unfold with respect to the Supreme Court and overturning the election results and closed the show with five little words folks may find soothing. “Help. Is on. The Way.” In Gematria it has some interesting connotations but I don’t know if that was Phil’s intent. The Q drops indicated may be relevant.

By the way, here is the 4-year delta Q drop for today, May 10.


May 10, 2018 11:15:01 AM EDT

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 429643 No. 1358706

No Name prev meeting(s)?
Discussions of death/funeral?
Medical or escape?

If you saw all the attacks, “fact checking” and toxic articles on the Internet about Dinesh D’Souza, 2000 Mules, and the veracity of the information presented, it’s obvious the panic is stampeding through the deep state. This is part of the “pain” Q spoke of. The Earth Alliance are going to let it fester every day while they unpack their Plan to end the evil regime once and for all. Google is doing everything it can to cast a dark shadow on the 2000 Mules revelations and the character of D’Souza and True the Vote.

Those who report honestly and factually might publish something like the following, which is the fallout from exposing the organized crime that defines America and most other countries. They’re trying to cover their tracks. Too late.

Wisconsin Election Commission Takes Down Voter Roll List and Voting History of 7.2 Million Voters After Release of “2000 Mules” Documentary

“Maintenance issue.” Un-huh. They know we know.

And how about this? We are forcing them to respond, folks, and they are running scared but there’s nowhere to hide. The truth will out.

BREAKING News from New Mexico – Live Stream Press Conference of Issues Identified in Recent 2020 Election Audit — 6:00 PM MST

The exposure of the “system” will continue until no one has any false ideals about how elections have been conducted in the past or the efforts underway to steal the upcoming ones. Case in point—and we already know that some parties at the USPS interfere with mail delivery after many stories about mail that doesn’t get delivered and comes down to political leanings.

Everything is broken. Everything.

Perhaps this post from Cognitive Carbon on Telegram would shed light on additional terror struck into the minds of the psychopaths.

Since cell phone tracking is suddenly in the public consciousness again, here is a post I wrote (linking to a Tweet thread from 2019) about the NYTimes and Seth Rich.

Substack (

Cell Phone Data, Seth Rich, and the New York Times
In December of 2019, the New York Times wrote a special piece about the abuse of cell phone location data. They may have unwittingly been given evidence to the murder of Seth Rich

We heard Seth Rich had been shot but was lucid at the time he was transported to hospital. We also heard he died suddenly in the hospital from a non-life-threatening GSW after a visit from a couple of female Democrats from Washington who showed up there in the middle of the night immediately after Rich was admitted.

We covered that back in the day. [2017] I think it was obvious what happened to Seth Rich. We keep saying it: hospitals are places you go to die, not get well. Sorry, but that’s my opinion, for many reasons.

You may wish to refresh your memory on the demise of Seth Rich with this article, or use what came up with search tool here on Starship Earth and start there.

Will this divert attention away from the MOABs dropping on the cabal? They desperately want to start another war. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Kiev just shut off Russian natural gas to Europe, citing “force majeure,” this will immediately devastate Western Europe’s economy

– #Russia says it is still delivering all gas, but KIEV shut it off (pipelines to Europe run through Ukraine)
– Probably a contrived emergency schemed up by #Ukraine / NATO / USA to blame Russia

Jetson White did a video about some of the subtle codes, dates, and theories behind the timing of The Plan. It’s short and very interesting in these “biblical” times as we cruise toward… whatever is next. The way Q repeatedly said “the military is the only way”, and knowing that they see in advance how most things will unfold, it sounds like we may be headed for more visible military involvement. I’m sure the psychopaths won’t go quietly and we will not allow them to ride off into the sunset. They’re going to GITMO or worse. 10 min.

4/11 Takeover: Where We Are

The tyranny is stunning.

There has been so much happening I can’t cover it all but wanted to raise awareness for this little sleight-of-hand in the Great White Gulag—as if running something through a council has any clout. “Laws” must be reviewed and passed in the legislature, but the cabal knows most Canadians are ignorant of the law and they write their own as they go, just as in many other countries. That is why the “plague” hoax/scamdemic was so successful. People were uninformed and simply complied… year after year. Sad.

Rebel News reported yesterday:

Justin Trudeau’s government has quietly imposed new firearms laws, including a backdoor gun registry, which will take effect in 10 days.

The new laws, coming into force on May 18, 2022, were introduced outside of Parliament through two separate orders in council.

People are still talking about looming food shortages. It’s an old threat, folks. Seven years of fake news that never materialized worth mentioning in most countries. It’s best to stock up a little and then relax.

Globalists have been planning to starve the world with food scarcity since at least 2015

However, the food and water supply must be cleaned up. For awhile this past year or two we were getting a Kroger/Fry’s deli sliced turkey pastrami which was very tasty, but for the past three months or so it’s been unavailable. No stores have any at all. And now I’m starting to wonder… what if it wasn’t turkey? Why else would they stop making a popular product? We did think it was darker in colour than one would expect turkey to be.

Are you up for a new prophecy? This one from Julie Green comes recommended. 20 min.


Saw this floating around in the Twittersphere. JJ spotters on the job.

And on that cheery note, I will leave you until next time. Thanks to the crew for passing on the info via comments. Always interesting.  ~ BP

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May 9, 2022: The Approaching Perfect Storm

May 9, 2022


What do you think the chances are that the White Hats are going to bring a culmination of the many balls they’re juggling together all at once? What if the truth and subsequent legal actions about the rigged election and Biden’s removal, the truth about Covid and the vaxxes, the role of the lying treasonous turds in the lamestream media in world events, and the Durham determinations all converge on the masses at virtually the same time? At least the same week, if not mere days apart. That would be the perfect storm, would it not? And there is still the pedophilia/pedovoria to address as Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list and courtroom results are getting worse and worse with delay tactics. It’s looking like a perfect storm on several counts may become a reality.

Something to watch for?

Elon Musk is suggesting he is a target. But is Elon really Elon? Check out this Telegram post. We may have another “actor” in the “movie” here, folks.

Dan Scavino Jr. posted another “red line” message so folks are watching closely.

If you have not yet watched the Earth-moving 2000 Mules documentary, you must do so. Despite knowing the election was rigged and stolen, at some point your jaw will be on the floor. There were 80,000 people watching on the 2000 Mules official website along with me, and many thousands of people watched in other places and earlier in the week at select movie theatres.

As we have discussed multiple times in the past, the left would like us to believe that “voter fraud” is the problem. That means the odd person voted twice or something minuscule and ineffective like that. This is not about “voter fraud”. This is ELECTION FRAUD. It is a massive organized crime operation designed to overthrow an election by any means necessary.

It required planning, funding, hiring, execution, and the coordination of many people in many places. When you hear the statistics from True the Vote as to how many mules there were, it’s astonishing, and, I hope, infuriating. There were only 200 tracked here in Maricopa County, but in Michigan it was 500. There were OVER 2,000 mules stuffing ballot boxes with illegal ballots. That was just a conservative and 100 % result where the criteria were met. There were far more that were also very suspicious but were not included in the initial count. You have to see the movie to believe it.

This video below was viral on Telegram but I found it on Twitter for you folks who aren’t on Telegram. She sums up the general consensus of many after watching the movie, I’m sure.

As you must know, the enemy will expend a great deal of energy “debunking” the facts collected by True the Vote and presented in the D’Souza film, and they are lying and spouting nonsense in a pathetic attempt to do so. In what reality can you say that video evidence and cell phone geotracking are not valid proof?

I can tell they are tracking my whereabouts very closely after I visit a mall and then I get ads on my PC for the same kind of products I viewed in the specific department I was shopping in. There is no question about the validity or accuracy of geotracking.

As pointed out, geotracking is highly accurate. Common sense and logic will see us through to the truth and shred the lies and disinformation. The criminals can see their inmate numbers and jumpsuits already, if not a firing squad or a gallows. Link to Telegram.

The CDC is geotracking people to see if they are social distancing. If geotracking were not highly precise and accurate—as the bogus “fact checkers” claim—how could the CDC use it to determine if people are standing 6 feet apart?

The fact is, the whole world is aware the American 2020 election was stolen. Any moron knows President Trump was reelected in a landslide and only a mind-controlled or bribed snowflake Trump-hater would vote for Joe Biden.

Men with Trump’s popularity, charisma, dedication to telling the truth, and bond with the common man who as a result fill massive stadiums with overflow attracting hundreds of thousands of people and go to every rally with the ranking of a rock star are going to lose an election to a decrepit, lying, bumbling, hair-sniffing, pedophile who sells out America to China and collects millions of dollars along the way for himself and his family and is lucky to attract half a dozen people to a “rally”.

And it wasn’t only a rigged and stolen election, now was it? There were so many crimes perpetrated to achieve the New World Order agenda in that election it’s hard to know which one was worse, but the single most important fact remains that to overthrow a sitting president by rigging an election and nullifying the votes of the American people is treason. The penalty for treason was fairly recently modified to “capital punishment” in America. Qincidence?

The cabal and their minions are never going to own up to what they did. You’re not going to hear these mules or Stacey Abrams admit, “Yep. We bad, we bad.” We don’t have to prove that the election was thrown in every state; only a handful to overturn the election result and reinstate the true President: Donald J. Trump.

Here in Maricopa County Dr. Kelli Ward tells us that despite the law, the drop box cameras were not functioning/turned on—but many were across the nation and millions of hours of data collected on the activities of the cabal’s minions don’t lie.

The best suggestion moving forward probably came from General Michael Flynn. He called on every constitutional sheriff in America to uphold the law and arrest the culprits.

And this is the next step, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

NOTE TO STACEY ABRAMS – FIND A GOOD LAWYER: True the Vote Announces They Are Releasing Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses

How, my friends, knowing what we now know, can we expect anything but mass arrests? How can there be any excuse for not arresting these people for organized crime and treason? Will the American people demand justice be done?

As for Il Donaldo Trumpo’s question as to “who paid the mules”, some have responded with the Zuck Buck route.

Moving forward, the world is changing and we like good news.

The first time I checked, this inspiring short video clip below had 417k views. It’s representative of the new energies, folks. Unity. Collaboration. Solutions. The high road. All for one and one for all. When a distress call goes out, you jump on it en masse and get it resolved.

No more “pandemics” that rage unchecked for 2+ years. Immediate, effective, Humane solutions work well when you nip it in the bud. There’s always a way and the synergy of many people piling on their skill sets, creativity and positive intentions is unstoppable.

That incredible Schumann Resonance chart above appeared on Telegram on Sunday night mere hours after the large scale viewing of 2000 Mules. The Q&A that followed was excellent, too. The entire evening was riveting, gobsmacking, and raised the ire of many, many people. Now they get it.

Very large shift in consciousness took place in the last couple hours.
It registered on BOTH meters.
1005 am est

The maybe not-so-good news:

Princess Cruise ship returning to Long Beach under CDC investigation after COVID cases reported

Carnival Cruise Lines Hit With COVID Outbreak

Now we hear the CDC is investigating. Since when do we trust the CDC to investigate anything—a private, globalist corporation that has proven they are not our friend and sought to prolong the fake pandemic for years contrary to the Nuremburg Code?

I take it there still aren’t enough Humans who get that the jabs are what’s making people sick? Let’s keep ramming it down their throat until they get it.

CDC Investigating ‘Highly Vaccinated’ Carnival Cruise Ship

The above is nothing to be concerned about, in my opinion. The FDA is now saying we will simply live with Covid like any other respiratory ailment like colds and influenza. No big deal. People are slowly coming to terms with this and the fear is dissolving.

Once people realize the fake pandemic was the scheme to enable mail-in voting, they will realize they were duped, and they will be very unhappy at the upset and tragedy suffered by so many as a result of that disgusting ploy.

We are plagued with fake Patriots who have infiltrated the ranks of the MAGA movement and Truth Movements.

COVID frontline doctor allegedly outed as NYC school pediatrician with 9-to-5 job

Comedian Jimmy Dore gets into the scams within, thanks to Brasscheck TV for the heads up. See the video here.

Are they backing off in Canada? Is there hope?

The crew says the actor behind the Biden mask is Arthur Roberts. What do you think? Could be the blue-eyed version?

That bit above may be a little “woo-woo” for some, but for the rest of us, here’s a little more stuffing for the woo-woo files from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on his Giza Death Star blog.


Many of us have been following the Q Military Intelligence team and their intelligence drops for some time but we are always learning new ways to interpret, aren’t we?

Some folks believe that if you ask Q, or Juan O’Savin or Trump or Gen. Flynn a direct question that their answer is gospel. Nothing could be further from the truth. “learn our comms” means understand what we’re telling you, how we’re delivering the information, the “encryption” methods, the numerology, Gematria, etc. and figure them out.

Try this one on for size. Colours, clothing, symbols, so much provides clues. Link to Telegram.

Have you noticed any “COMMS” in the picture?
YES > which ones? Comment bellow
NO > learn the comms by reading the comments bellow

If you’re getting too stressed out over the current events and trying to decode everything, try a little humour, which reminds me about those rubber rooms. Any news? One moment please.

Nope, they’re not ready yet, so on we go.

I’m sorry. These kind of things send me into hysterics.

I never even heard some of these terms before.

If you’re up for it, Phil G. will be holding a live call tonight, he says 9 or 10 pm this time to discuss 2000 Mules and what he knows and can point out to us. Link to Rumble channel.

That’s all for now. Talk soon.  ~ BP

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May 7, 2022: Mother, What a Weird War [videos]

May 7, 2022


In honour of Mothers of all kinds, Happy Mother’s Day wherever you are, for without mothers, where would we be?

If the psychos running the world had their way, there would be no real “mothers” any more; no families, no sexes, no true Humans remaining. In their world, the family unit is no more, we’re all androgenous, non-sexual, mind-controlled and programmed dutiful slaves with hardly a thought between us. They could make slaves in cloning facilities. No procreation between the male and female required. No love, no nurturing, no compassion. No Humanity.

Here’s a clue to their planned direction.

Um, could we have a status update on those rubber rooms, please?

Putin declared May 9 the end of the Ukraine war. Good to know. I’m sure Mums everywhere would be thrilled if it were true.

Putin ‘has already declared May 9 as the “END” of the war in Ukraine – matching the SAME date as Russia defeated the Nazis in WW2’, Kyiv official claims

I hope you have lots of popcorn. The on-line premiere of the “blockbuster” 2000 Mules is tonight. Saturday Night at the movies.

Get your $20 ticket here and watch in your own home. I live here in the fabled and corrupt Maricopa County, Arizona and I can’t wait to see this exposé.

Details below. 1 hr. 28 min. Trailer link below. Link to Telegram.


Rumble (
Get your tickets @ ENJOY!!!

Hopefully Rumble is robust and secure enough to handle the beating it’s taking. Link to Telegram.

Now just imagine what they will try when Durham unleashes an unprecedented amount of evidence regarding [their] corruption.
Buckle your seatbelts.

How are you enjoying the movie so far? Who is behind that mask? Possibly more than one stupendous actor? Some believe it’s James Woods. Some, Jim Carrey. Both might account for the blue-eye Biden switch to dark that many have mentioned.

While the New York Post reports on very little of interest or importance, they did Tweet the following. Nespresso is part of the Swiss Nestlé family of companies. What’s in YOUR coffee? Are you an addict? What’s in your kids’ Nestlé’s Quik??? Yikes.

The above might serve as a reminder to think carefully about where we spend our money; on whose products. Contrary to what their advertising would like us to believe, there are alternatives. We learned that there is a privately owned coffee shop just like Starbucks, half a block closer than “Le Starbuck”, and we will now make that switch. The only thing missing is the drive-through. No biggie. I bet the prices are more reasonable, and I hear they offer water bowls to doggie clients sitting outside with their pooch.

Most people it seems understand at least a little about the Clinton Crime Syndicate at this point. Many joke about it but only see the surface. They don’t understand the dark depths of the story or the link to the Children… and Jeffrey Epstein. Link to Telegram.

Strange coincidences.

A total of 57 people from Hillary and Bill Clinton’s inner circle have died in strange circumstances in the last 30 years.
15 of them committed suicide, including the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Eight died in car and plane crashes, and 14 were killed under mysterious circumstances.

All of the victims on the “Clinton List” had information that could potentially ruin the couple’s careers.

The Khazarian mafia north of the 49th would like this to go away. It’s not going away—but Turdeau is.

There’s been a lot of hoopla over Trump and Dr. Mehmet Oz. I didn’t mention it because the strategy was so obvious and I figured most of the crew could see the Plan. For those not sure, when Trump “points” to someone, it’s either really good, or really bad for them. I have heard Dr. Oz on television giving bad medical advice and decided a long time ago he’s in the club.

When Trump endorsed him, I knew he was going after him and he would be exposed. What’s happening now? He’s seen for what he is and the show continues. Learn more about Dr. Oz and his stance below. No way in hell Oz will be elected.

Dr. Oz Gets Booed At Trump Rally In Pennsylvania

No need to panic, folks. Trump says nice things about the worst characters because people need to see the truth for themselves. If Trump attacked Oz and told the truth about him what would happen? It’s much more colourful and engaging this way, don’t you think? When the time comes the targets will be seen accurately and will soon fade from our reality. Next!

Coach Michelle Walling explains why it’s so difficult for the masses to wake up and see what is glaringly obvious to all of us.

The Hidden Controllers Of The Matrix

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just wake up and find this entire, disgusting, frustrating existence and the current “invisible” war were a terrible nightmare? That it can’t possibly be real?

While the time travel series from Jetson White may seem a little “out there”, we have to ask why we were shown that “someone” or something caused Earth to “ring like a bell” and resonate in 17-second [seventeen!] intervals in 2018 as Jetson reminded us. Not all articles mention the “seventeen” = Q.

Why the multitude of new satellites launched by Elon Musk? Why did Q tell us that certain cabal satellites were destroyed? Whoever or whatever is in charge on this planet, they have a Plan and we’re just along for the ride. We’re doing things right and as long as we maintain this trajectory, whatever is going to happen will happen at the perfect time, and the future will be glorious. Remember… Where we go one, we go all.

Link to Telegram:

After days of light rain on the heart and soul, a phase of reorganization and healing of the most unconscious and emotional parts of our being has arrived.

Now a cascade of light is cleaning even the bottom and making complex dynamics emerge, even spiritual ones (red in high frequencies).

What are your values, your beliefs, your principles? how much do you love yourself? where do you look for the way out? in whom?

Surprise: you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

End of transmission. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  ~ BP & Eli

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May 5, 2022: Late Edition for Cinco de Mayo [videos]

May 5, 2022


It could be a wild and crazy week. We have this intel to consider from Telegram.

Project Bluebeam being considered.

That intel is a vague statement and could have several meanings. It could mean the chatter reveals the psychopaths want to stick to their original plan and use their highly advanced [by public standards] holographic technology, both visual and auditory, to manipulate the masses OR…

…it could mean the White Hats are considering using said technology to head off that initiative the cabal wants to use to get ahead of them and preempt a negative, fear-inducing experience in favour of a gentler introduction to… what? Or whom? Is it time for “disclosure” of some kind? Possibly. We’ll see what happens. We understand “being considered” isn’t a promise.

There is ongoing talk about the many food processing plants that have been set ablaze recently, and for many months. We recall the meat processing plant in Alberta, Canada we heard was shut down due to disease. We heard that “Covid” would be the cover for many White Hat operations and I believe it is.

Was the cabal burning down plants with Human meat present to hide their crimes? Isn’t that their MO? From using Bleach Bit on Clinton servers to smashing Blackberries… they know all the tricks. They probably set the fire at the chicken egg processing facility in Phoenix to cover up their election rigging crimes, but as Q said many times, “These people are stupid.” The Q team assured us they “have it all”; all the irrefutable evidence and proof we need to bar-be-que their collective ass. It’s too late to cover their illegal, treasonous activities and crimes against Humanity.


Aug 11, 2018 1:12:31 PM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 139 

These people are stupid!
“Never INTERFERE With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”
Do you believe in coincidences?
We have the source.

If they are incinerating their own facilities, then the White Hats probably wouldn’t stop them because it works in our favour. They are destroying themselves. We the People News and her fantastic opening montage are below wherein she addresses the revelation of Human flesh associated with the food processing plant fires around the 10 minute mark in the excerpts from David Zublick’s Dark Outpost channel where he also addresses MRNA additives to the food chain.

The crew knows to always use discernment as no one but the smallest circle of White Hats/Q Military Intelligence knows for certain what is true, and what events comprise The Plan. I believe it’s common knowledge in truther circles now that the dark cabal has been putting Human flesh in the food chain for some time. As for “government induced famine”—that’s a very strong term and might serve to wake the snoozers. Do we need to resort to sensationalized headlines to get the attention of the apathetic masses? Its seems we do, that is Zublick’s style and it has its place. My advice: take it with a grain of salt.

As much as the controllers love us to believe in lack and shortage, we know there truly is no shortage of food on our planet; there is excess. So much food is wasted. Efforts to starve people is an old ploy the psychopaths have no compunction to prevent or mitigate and if they can strike fear into the hearts of the sheeple they are happy. Trump warned us at the beginning of his term in office to “stock up” for whatever eventuality might present so we’re not inconvenienced or at risk from unexpected events be it weather, war, or intentional sabotage. It’s great advice. 1 hr. 23 min.

Bo Polny is back with more details on the cosmic cycles, the biblical aspects, and his prognostications.

There’s more here at We Love Trump. 1 hr 7 minutes. [17]

Bo Polny: 50-Year Jubilee Cycle CONFIRMED, Trump Returns!

In the Great White Gulag, the situation looks grim. We hear that one in eight Canadians believe the lamestream media BS about Covid and the fake vaxxines.

Worse—now they’re saying they will go back to masks and other precautions. Will the Canucks take this lying down? Will they comply? I shudder to think of it and am so grateful I am not currently residing in my homeland. I am free and informed, vaxx-free, can see through the subterfuge and know that a new day is dawning for Humanity. We can weather this storm and get through the rough spots, as intended.

Temporary? Or “intermittent”—as in, whenever they feel like it? Off and on, jump through the hoops, be a good slave and don’t question. Is this logical to anyone? Anyone????

COVID-19: 3 Health units ask Ontario’s top doctor to reinstate temporary provincewide mask mandate

And there’s this:

The Foegen Effect: Why Face Masks Increase the Death Rate of COVID-19

Q also told us “not everything will be clean”. Best to discard that image of a white knight on his steed or an archangel with snowy wings. That’s not reality and it won’t win wars. Be realistic in your understanding of the situation on this planet; abandon your childlike idealism and you’ll get through this war relatively unscathed. The ones who know, who cannot sleep, will do ANYTHING to win this war. Whatever is necessary.


Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 9 

We are at WAR [@].
Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?

Infiltration works both ways, and we have discussed before the roles many White Hats played over the years to be accepted behind enemy lines, so to speak. Would you do it to save an entire race of People who don’t even understand they’re prey to an advanced civilization? Consider this post from Q The Storm Rider on Telegram.

Behind the scenes,; *2023*

White HATS, MILITARY, +45…
>WILL< start placing the TRUMP FAMILY into powerful POWERFUL< positions
In>The Godfather…. The POWER was handed down…..
Major moves are being created to bring so much Power to the children of TRUMP//////////////////
This POWER is expected to put JR. On a an even playing field as his father.
Behind the scenes JR./ MUSK creating a TRUTH movement social networks

The born Legacy…

Many ANONS dontt trust MUSK
… That ok…///))

Even a home is built by the hands of the wicked ( killers, liars, sinners)….. Do you know who creates the clothes you wear? Who touches your clothes in many industries across the world? ( Killers, liars , sinners who also work in the food industry clothing, building industry and everyday workers that build your homes ….. touch you food in supply chains…. NOTHING IS CLEAN<<<)////

I’m stating this to say…..
Be very cautious who you judge.
Because you don’t even know the house you sit in ( who built it ) clothes you wear . Food you eat……

>You can’t expect everyone inside the White HATS Alliance to be CLEAN with out sin.
> Many many white HATS had to[ INFILTRATE ] DARK SOCIETIES to gain TRUST

Why did Q mention the
>The Godfather?

You have more than you know

The BBC in 2006 published some edge material that probably went right past most people but now that so many of us are awake, it has more impact. Way back then they were up to atrocities like this and it’s only escalated, from what we’re hearing. We hope this nightmare in Ukraine ends very soon.

Ukraine babies in stem cell probe

And with that, I will close for today. Thank you all for sharing your interesting finds and updates in these fascinating times.  ~ BP

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May 5, 2022: Which Reality is Real? [videos]

May 5, 2022


Coulda sworn I hit the ‘publish’ button but here it sits… until I get back to work and find it languishing in the drafts folder… timing is everything and this is now older news. More coming in a separate post; a double header for Cinco de Mayo.

There are certainly some interesting narratives out there, pulling us in various directions to see the world in specific ways. Some are easy to identify as false realities, but others are more challenging to discern. It helps to innerstand that what we think we see isn’t even close to the real thing.

If you believe your eyes, you will be mislead. Take, for example, this image of Mike Pompeo with a “wardrobe malfunction”. As far as we know he hasn’t had a tracheotomy. Link to Telegram.

There’s the “seen” or visible spectrum—but we’re assured there are major things unfolding in the unseen for our distinct benefit. All around, the news is largely positive.

Simon Parkes updated us on the very visible sagas such as to what has been happening in Ukraine and that has a positive spin. Roughly the first half of the video concerns the Connecting Consciousness group update as it appears the Missouri coordinators want to create a splinter group outside the CC umbrella.

29th April 2022 Update Current News

James Gilliland begins with his takes on the more familiar scenarios in the news but as always, gets into the less talked about aspects of reality later on in his update from April 23, 2022 and he’s always realistic but positive.

What has been going on in Ukraine? Treason. Check out this Telegram from Karli Bonne. It’s clear that Trump was referencing the Act viewed in this post in his address. “We have it all.” Major sting operations.

James Gilliland – LIVE As You Wish Talk Radio

There is currently a big question mark around the negative predictions concerning the food chain. Will the ones controlling and/or intervening allow the People to starve, or not to starve? I know which camp I’m in and I’ll not allow my thoughts or energies to entertain negative or extreme outcomes.

The dark would love to see us all mired down in oppressive and fearful visions to help facilitate their dark energies and agenda. If you set aside extra food and water for two or three weeks or whatever feels right, what else can you do? They’ve been engaging in horrific activities to taint our food supply and it has to be cleaned up. The dark may try to starve us out but they will not be successful. Truth be told, it seems we’ve been made into unwitting cannibals, and we hear it’s largely baby flesh.

Another One, Fire Damages Food Processing Plant in Northwest Fresno

Ezra Cohen-Watnick posted a second false flag warning on Twitter. He was correct with last week’s prediction and I see there are a number of subsequent interesting Telegrams from Ezra… Link to Telegram. He also confirms what I said above about “leaks” being intentional strategy. Fascinating.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 7:49 PM]
Military under guise of riot control.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 7:51 PM]
It’s not a leak its a warning to them.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 8:13 PM]
You were born for this moment.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/2/2022 8:30 PM]
The leaker is Sotomayor.

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/3/2022 11:02 AM]
Antifa has been deployed.

There has been much attention on the SCOTUS results on Roe vs Wade and we saw barricades erected around the Supreme Court building in DC as a result of a “leak” that the ruling would be overturned. Nothing “just happens”. It’s all choreographed and timed to a “T” and it seems that “leaks” are always intentional and timely—-whether from the White Hats or the Black.

Phil G added… Link to Telegram.

BREAKING – Naomi Wolf just broke on Bannons War Room that Pfizer knew their 100mg dose destroyed recipients white blood cells or suppressed them at minimum. Claims this could be why the vaccinated keep getting Covid or other illnesses. This info came from the reports they wanted to hide till 2075.

Essentially Pfizer, FDA, CDC knew these jabs would destroy immune systems.

You are beginning to understand why the propaganda media is no longer talking about Covid.

The mentality of the brainwashed and programmed takes us to new lows. Did you ever think you would see the day when people were claiming men could birth babies and wear bizarre apparatus for breastfeeding or that there are 76 different genders? How can we even have conversations about these fantasies? It’s like people have lost the ability to reason. Perhaps they really are unable to function in the new, higher frequencies. The world is going looney tunes.

At some point, the whole truth about the US 2020 election is going to burst forth in the news, arrests will take place, and the situation will be set right. Arizona fraud was key as shown in the evidence in the following video. It’s astonishing that nothing has been done about the election rigging in many states.


It’s not over, and they know Mike Lindell has some important information to share on the details of the election rigging.

And lets not forget the financial cobra’s nest. You probably heard Deutsche Bank was raided, and it continues… Link to Telegram.

BQQM!! They are cleaning house in Germany. Morgan Stanley just got raided, 2 days after Deutsche Bank’s raid. Germany is the banking brain of the whole EU. Last year I said over 10,000 bankers got arrested — don’t you think some of them sang, if not all of them?? How many bankers have died since? 💣👀💣

Morgan Stanley Raided in Frankfurt in Tax Fraud Investigation

Deutsche Bank HQ in Frankfurt raided over suspected money laundering

Over 10,000 high level bankers have been arrested this year alone

And Elon Musk is still front and centre. Here’s someone who believes Elon might actually be Nikola Tesla. Link to Telegram. We see in these posts that Giga Berlin has Tesla coils atop their Tesla factory which Elon commented on. Most of the text is French but you get the idea. In the previous post from Black Bond Patriot he gets into the healing frequencies Tesla worked with, with English. Link to Telegram.

Here’s some positive news for Hawai’i. Can they make it happen?

We certainly hope that the impending action we “feel” is on our doorstep will wake the somnambulent public. Link to Telegram.

The final step of slavery is when the slave mentality has been internalized by the slaves themselves, and they actively seek their own repression. Whereas Americans formerly valued resourcefulness and independence, they now muzzle themselves voluntarily.

The nonsense continually pushed in Canada despite the recent Rolling Thunder protests in Ottawa and those in Montreal is astounding.

Hamilton to fire unvaccinated employees at end of May

They just never stop in Ontario.

University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario Canada

The controlled education institutions support the deep state commitment to destroying the nation by dividing the informed and uninformed, slaves vs. the free-thinkers and pitting them against one another.

University of Toronto fuels the hatred with scientific fraud

It’s time justice was done. Kerry Cassidy shared this on Telegram:


Let’s start with those already now identified:

1. The CDC.
2. The WHO.
3. The governments of all those countries who mandated masks, tests and/or injections.
4. The vaccinators/medics/doctors/nurses/paramedics
5. The schools
6. The Hospitals
7. The Health trusts
8. The Health departments
9. Most corporations
10. Scientists who advised the above.
11. MPs/government ministers
12. The Unions
13. Shops
14. Transport systems
15. The police
16. The army
17. Anyone who conspired, aided and abetted, or was complicit in assisting any of the above.

I’m exhausted just from writing that list….

It’s so depressing to realise that so many members of our society are CLUELESS about the Nuremberg Code, the Nuremberg Trials and the Rule of Law.


All those in breach of the Nuremberg Code WILL be held liable for their actions and omissions in imposing/mandating/directions/policies/statements/advertising etc in relation to tests, masks and injections

Good will win over evil in this spiritual battle. This we know, but in order to vanquish the enemy, we have to observe them, and acknowledge the darkness. Link to Telegram.

And that concludes this post. Tomorrow [Wednesday] we have guests coming for dinner so I doubt I will be on the bridge but will approve comments as I am able.  ~ BP

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April 29, 2022: Caught in a Web of Deceit

April 30, 2022


It seems that much of the information available to us now is about explaining what has happened so we have a better understanding; perhaps due to the magnitude of what is coming. We can see what is happening, but we don’t always know why or the subtle nuances of the purpose of the process in play currently.

For example, Brian Cates explains why the Dinesh D’Souza film, 2,000 Mules will be a game-changer. Link to Telegram.

Dinesh succinctly explains WHY the film 2000 Mules is going to change the game.

You can try to explain to people the election machine rigging and the vote switching and how it’s possible for the Chinese or whoever to hack into these machines and how there’s PCAPs out there somewhere that might be seen some day that will definitely prove exactly how many votes were switched and where.

But that’s not forensic evidence.

Just because it’s possible for people to hack into the machines is not ipso facto proof the machines were hacked. You have to prove it with forensic evidence.

We’re been waiting over a year watching the Maricopa county thing play out. Maybe a year ago people thought we’d get audits fired up on all these other counties in these other states.

It didn’t happen.

The truth is the audit movement has been stopped cold and it’s been stalled for over half a year.

You’ve been told there was only one surefire way to prove the 2020 election was stolen, and that was full forensic audits in the key counties in the battleground states.

You were misled.

That’s not the only way to prove the 2020 election was stolen.

There’s a much MUCH faster and simpler way to prove that election was stolen from Trump.

That doesn’t involve waiting for months for a bunch politicians in a state senate to find their guts. It doesn’t involve an agreement from people who will never allow it to let outsiders examine the election machines.

There’s no speculation involved this other way. No “We believe a foreign country hacked these machines.” No wild promises about PCAPs that never show up, or server images that never amount to anything. Or lawsuits that never seem to get filed, or get dismissed if they are.

Just cold, hard forensic evidence that’s admissible in court. GPS cell phone tracking data. Geofencing.

This is gonna work. All the people loudly claiming they want to see evidence of fraud are going to shut the hell up.

You’ll see.

And you can quote me on that.

New age logic? Pretzel logic, more like.

MEDICAL MADNESS: Bill Gates developing new vaccine that claims to prevent polio caused by polio vaccines

We showed you video of the damaged Le Pen ballots. Here’s more on that from the crew.

Millions of Uncounted Le Pen Ballots Found ‘Spoiled’ in ‘Rigged’ French Election

Give the woman a prize. She finally figured it out.

Despite their organizations designed to help and protect children, we know what they’ve been up to for a very long time. Link to Telegram.

Read this list of politicians and others who committed crimes against children and tell me pedophilia is just a ‘QAnon’ conspiracy.

We know this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

How Prevalent is Blackmail via Crimes Against Children in Politics?
How is frequent is blackmail actually used? While we independent media folks are typically less than qualified to explain such furtive actions,

As for food shortages, if there are any… but I doubt the Earth Alliance after knowing for decades what was planned would allow people to starve. Q says they and we are the saviors of Mankind. Not if they let thousands of people starve. There is years worth of food and supplies for cities of people we heard was confiscated from those DUMBs the military shut down. Besides, if we’re realistic most of us in America at least have enough extra flesh on us to last for weeks anyway.

We were told to stock up over five years ago. By stocking up now, what are we doing? We’re stocking up on tainted food with Human meat in it so… enjoy! Hopefully it’s not all bad.

I don’t worry about 5G any more than I worry about a food shortage. I trust the plan and know we are taken care of. The military are well aware.

We don’t believe the fabrications about diseases. They were manufactured, used for profit, and to further the agenda of the dark. Link to Telegram.

Speaking of disease and Big Pharma involvement, from May 13 – 18 there is a doggie detox summit online you can listen to for free with big name speakers. My holistic vet told me about it. Even Dr. Zach Bush is participating in this impressive lineup. If you want to learn how your pet gets full of debilitating toxins and what to do about it, you can register free of charge and listen all week at your leisure up to 48 hours after the speaker presents. It just takes a minute to register and get your instructions and access to additional information that might help you protect your fur baby. Click this link to get started. It will not benefit me to use this link below.

Click here now for registration information so you can join us at the Dog Detox Summit today!!!

We have news about the recently outted DuckDuckGo search engine that isn’t as privacy-driven as they let on. Everything they say, turn it around and you have the truth. Trust no one! That’s why I do not trust the “Freedom Phone”. We will all have the Q Phone at some point and it will not be controlled by anyone who can mess with it.

Laura Walker told us the significance of Neptune in the astrological picture in her recent Oracle Report, and now Phil is talking Trident. He dropped a bunch of comms along with that. Link to Telegram.

For those seeking truth about our past, you might find some in this old book about the Akashic for Lemuria, Atlantis, the versions of Humanity that flourished in those times and afterward, the sub-groups that proliferated as a result of the counsel of the teachers, and what happened to those civilizations. It’s very interesting although there is unexpected information. I’m about 100 pages in and it’s easy reading. Link to Telegram or use the link below.

“Those who have learnt to read such living script can look back into a far more distant past than that which external history depicts—and they can also, by direct spiritual perception, describe those matters which history relates, in a far more trustworthy manner than is possible by the latter.”

The show is for the snoozers.

Signing off for today. You can watch the postponed Trump rally in Nebraska on Sunday night, May 1—May Day—“weather permitting”.  ;0)

Maybe this is Jr; maybe it isn’t. Looking forward to the homecoming. WWG1WGA  ~ BP

It was Over before it Started

Those who Know;
Those who Believe;
Pack Your Bags We’re Going back Home;

— Real Jr (@RealQJr) April 29, 2022

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April 28, 2022: New Facts, New Truths, New Beliefs = New Reality [videos]

April 28, 2022


The world is waking up and the signs are everywhere. Humanity’s heart is beating stronger and minds are opening and seeking. Innate wisdom is rising to the surface and together we are changing our world. The higher harmonics from our collective frequencies are buoying us upward and beyond the deepest, darkest evil infesting our reality, widening the gap between good and evil.

Tanzania: 60 Million Follow ‘Murdered’ President’s Independent Spirit and Reject COVID Vax and Policies

This new documentary will help fuel the awakening process.

The docu-series begins on May 4th and each daily episode is free to watch. See the trailer and register now at

New Docu-Series “Propaganda Exposed” launched by the courageous creators of The Truth About Cancer – starts May 4th

We’re slowly getting to the crux of the matter; the hard truths and “conspiracy theory”. Funny how all the “conspiracy theories” turned out to be factual.

Here’s the SMOKING GUN PROOF that COVID and the plandemic are all about population control

Link to Telegram for the following:

For those advanced in their research and discernment, a new article from Dr. Michael Salla on There could be multiple reasons for putting this out. You decide.

Remote Viewing ET manipulation in Russia Ukraine War

From Telegram… Tribunals for Justice channel

28.04.22 Switzerland: The parallel flight over Geneva was terminated.


FOR YOUR INFO: GENEVA ESPECIALLY THE DISTRICT WHERE UN, WHO etc are located is independend from Switzerland And is considered a special administrative zone with its own diplomatic passports… compare City of London…

Also see the info from last October


Trump continues to control the narrative and bust the propaganda from the fake news at his rallies and the next one will be in Nebraska on April 29. [tomorrow]

Network problems; looks good on ’em. How do you justify a salary of 9 million a year to spin reality? We are witnessing the fall of fake news and fake journalists.

The Post reported that some at CNN believed the network had “overspent on talent” to support the streaming platform. Wallace’s salary was said to be approximately $9 million per year.

Chris Wallace Breaks Silence on CNN+ Collapse, Unsure of What’s Next

North of the 49th parallel in the Great White Gulag, the media is having a field day with the latest study; as reported by Rebel News. The establishment is desperate to keep us separated, at odds with each other, fearful. They don’t want us unified so they keep pumping out the FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real.

Assumptions — not science — go viral in legacy media, in frantic push for unvaccinated segregation

A new and deeply unscientific ‘study’ has been widely propagated by the mainstream media, allegedly justifying the segregation of vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians.

Please tell me no one will donate. LCBO is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario or the beer/wine/liquor stores in that province. Link to Telegram.

LCBO is taking donations for the EVERGREEN CANADA FOUNDATION – Can’t make this stuff up!

For Phil phans… here is the Ewaranon Part two analysis Phil did this morning. Way too early for me to take it in but I will do so first chance I get because it’s always interesting to hear the research Ewar unearths. When Q says “everything is connected”, they say it true.

The Master Key – Ewaranon, Vol. 2 Episode 2 – April 28th, 2022

Laura Walker’s riveting Oracle Report for April 27, 2022 is available at the link below. 18 min audio only.

Neptune’s Purge

The Kryon video about our Pleiadian roots is this one below, which I felt is relevant and suggests we are ready to hear this—perhaps not for the first time. I don’t see it on Kryon’s official channel. Too many ads in this.

Kryon Explains What Happens When Your Pleiadian Akash Starts to Download

I hear Trump is posting on Truth Social. He said “covfefe”. Link to Telegram.  Santa also reports that Biden is having a mal. Link to Telegram.

That’s the end for today, folks. Quite the movie, eh?  ~ BP

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