Kat ANON UPDATE – MAY 16 2020

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Kash Patel 

Durham is doing the most methodical prosecution 
I’ve seen in recent history..
The best way to convict a target of an investigation
is with their own documentation,
it’s to follow the money.
John Durham followed the money
& connected the Clinton campaign
with the lawyers with the fusion GPS & the FBI..
I think Michael Sussmann is going to get convicted
at the epicenter of this entire hoax..
FBI has already been convicted..
Ongoing investigations.. [include]
Jake Sullivan, current Nat Sec Advisor,
Podesta, Mook, Mark Elias..
[Durham] has put the Clinton campaign
& the FBI cabal together 
in Andy McCabe’s office 
with their own notes to go & lie 
-to an American public
-a federal court
-& surveil a President unlawfully.
And then Andy McCabe is quoted in the notes saying,
“I want this RussiaGate investigation to endure
a year after it started”
to perpetuate the lie & the criminality of their conduct.



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