Be prepared to have your asses kicked evil WEF craps – May 24 2022 – LMAO !!! – Here is some FEAR PORN for the CABAL !!!

YOU do NOT SCARE US , The MILITARY can HEAR YOU BREATHING – = every breath !

YOU are GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN, you will NEVER know WHEN or HOW !!!


ALL BENEVOLENT MILITARIES = have direct contact with GOD, the CREATOR of “ALL that IS” – the MOST HIGH.

This way = YOU’LL NEVER know WHEN or HOW !!!!

Now who is SCARED?= cause it sure ain’t us Pure Beings ! I am well protected, if you haven’t noticed !

By the way on TV last month announced a new world GOLD COUNCIL, we – need positive Militaries to see IF it’s the criminal CABAL trying to WEASAL their way to Control world Gold …, again…

This ought to be a “REAL INTERESTING MONTH!”

CGI’s IamShado: WATCH: WEF Discusses Sinister Plans To ‘ABOLISH’ Free Speech And Personal Freedoms Around The World

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Tuesday, 24-May-2022 13:31:32

A post submitted by CGI member IamShado. ***************************** As part of its objective to usher in their ‘New World Order’, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has advocated for the complete abolition of free speech around the world. Read more…

World Gold Council


The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the gold industry. It works across all parts of the industry, from gold mining to investment, and their aim is to stimulate and sustain demand for gold. Wikipedia

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

CEO: David Tait

Founded: 1987

President: Kelvin Dushnisky

Subsidiaries: World Gold Council USA Inc, World Gold Council, Research Division

SAME logo as

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