(Reader: Mary Hamer) Dear Hierarchy of Angels Please Stop the CZA Mind Control Program – May 25 2022

I will pass it on but I usually don’t tell benevolent Angels what to do…., thanx for caring…,


Dear Hierarchy of Angels,    5/25/22

*From the highest order of Seraphim & Cherubim to the lower orders of Archangels & Angels — I appeal to you to Please teach the Galactics, Commander Valiant Thor, the Alliance, the White Hats & President Trump — How to Stop the CZA Satellite/Smart phone/TV/Video game/Music MIND control program that targets mentally ill people & encourages unstable people’s neurons to commit mass murders/shootings.  The real issues are the CZA Mind control program, Mental health & fascist gun control.  The human race never gave the CZA it’s Informed consent for the Mind control program.  How long are people going to have to endure all this pain & suffering at the hands of the Reptilians?

Thank you.  Respectfully,  Mary Hamer.

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