WHO Are You? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO? – The W.H.O. World Order (A must Read)

WHO Are You? WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO? – The W.H.O. World Order (A must Read)


YES, it seems that ALL Countries have their own deceptive “so-called” health experts.., Western Medicine was run by the Reptilians and the alien greys, which explains a lot. Healing beds will become the new norm, since they hid them from humanity [HOW GREEDY] Most do NOT know that western medicine was set-up as a slow kill to humanity !!! Pharmacuetical companies – make billions from [us] uninformed suckers who by everything they see on the TV, sad as that it, don’t they listen to the side effects etc.? I mean that should be a clue NOT to take it just to make the pharma companies rich, it is mega deceitful indeed ! I have met a few nurses that left the medical field for witnessing nefarious activities. In other words, knowing and or seeing EVILS done – but acting like they are healing us..

That is WHY it was nick-named = THE “MEDICAL MAFIA!”

Proven by many already. too late to go back to sleep on that one. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

KEEP POSTING HUMANITY, THE NERVE of these GREEDY EVIL and DEMONIC BEINGS, thinking they have the right to TELL a DIVINE BEING or CHOSEN one, what they hell to do!

Getting sick of these money stealing, lying, mass-murdering, child torturing and child eating whaco’s telling us DIVINE BEINGS WHAT TO DO, who the hell do they think they are ?

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Thursday, 26-May-2022 11:59:26

Who are you? Who, who, who, who?
Who are you? Who, who, who, who?
Who are you? Who, who, who, who?
Who are you? Who, who, who, who?Meet the new boss, same as the old boss and it’s always been that way….Lynda***********************************Our SpiritMay 26
Fake Dr. Tedros the Pharma-warlordJust when I thought the evil vaccine emperor, Little Toni Fauci, was the incarnation of the ultimate Sith Lord of Death Vaccines, in walks Tedros the Mighty, Pharma-warlord of the New World Health Order – the United Nations’ depopulation agency – the World Health Organization (WHO). We all see the power of the ONE fake doctor that rules the whole world through WHO’s medical “advice” that the whole world MUST follow. But please don’t notice that your personal rights of freedom needed to be made secondary to Tedros and the holy World Health Organization run by the United Nation’s agency called the Health Assembly – which is a dummy organization that pretends like the Director General of WHO (Darth Tedros) is not in full control of WHO pronouncements. WHO advice is like a global medical encyclical from the supposed greatest authorities in the medical world – the Medical Pope.
Oops, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor but ultimately leads, single-handedly, the WHO’s “commands” concerning health emergencies of international concern – epidemics and pandemics. Please bow down or kowtow to the leader of the world, Darth Tedros the Empire’s Pseudo-medical Sith Lord.
This video is available on Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/1750ab41-3ec2-48de-8aea-3ad45281bb1cDr. WHO (Darth Ted) is practicing medicine without a license, just like the biggest private economic donor to WHO, Bill Gates the Vaccine King. Tedros helped Gates vaccinate most of Africa and enforce the Gates’ Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, which now controls most food production in Africa with genetically modified seeds and food. Tedros also is a known fascist leader in Ethiopia and an outspoken communist supporter, as we all saw with the way Tedros has shielded China throughout the “China Virus” and, to this day, has not done a thorough medical investigation to find “case zero” of the virus because the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee won’t let him do so – and he complies and makes excuses for them. Tedros should know that both of the first two cases came from workers in the Wuhan BSL P-4 lab that was next to the wet-market where idiots say it came from “bat soup.”Initially, Tedros the Sith Lord refused to look at the virus when some of us could already see by the reports that this Wuhan virus started spreading in late October, 2019 at the World Military Games. Tedros told the world not to worry when the first widespread news of Covid was reported in January. He refused to stop flights from China. He refused to call a “health emergency of international concern” or an epidemic or pandemic even when faced with the obvious Chinese lies told to the world while the contagion spread. He waited from October until March before he did anything and then downplayed the illness and even said early on that facemasks were useless against this virus but still demanded the enforcement of masks knowing that the studies all say masks harm people.He has changed his mind repeatedly on almost every recommendation and it looked like he was just trying to see if there were any limits to his WHO super-powers. He found out that there were only a few restrictions stopping his complete takeover of the world and Teddy has supposedly closed those few loopholes with an “International Health Treaty” he has created in his mind and not written down yet. Supposedly, over thirty nations have already agreed to Darth Ted’s “International Health Treaty” which, according to his own words, closes any opposition to total centralized world control via health concerns.Once Tedros and his UN committees fumbled around for awhile further, the pandemic was spread by his actions (and inactions) and ultimately the advice given to use ventilators on senior citizens who tested positive for Covid killed many people. None of Teddy’s advice as Dr. WHO did any good. VAERS shows the many, many vaccine adverse effects to the Covid vaccines, but the WHO remains silent. The UN vaccine injury site is now out of commission but had shown over two million deaths from adverse effects from the five different Covid vaccines. Tedros still, to this day, has not changed his conflicting advice on what to do about Covid or anything recommended by the WHO, whether vaccines, treatments, ventilators, isolation of the healthy (reversed the stated powers of the WHO by locking down the healthy), closing businesses, closing schools, discriminating against essential and non-essential businesses and people, stopping travel, etc., etc., etc. All of these decisions, based upon WHO medical protocols, were made and delivered by Dr. WHO.
All of the fraudulent medical demands were instituted by ONE fake doctor – Fuhrer Tedros – who made the power of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, Stalin, and Big-pharma’s World War III – Covid. But get ready, Teddy Boys’ new “International Health Treaty” will plug up all the holes he found during Covid in the United Nations World Health Organization’s global take-over of all nations, business, and economies.Sorry, but we are too late to stop the overthrow of US sovereignty because US politicians have sold Americans out to the UN control of much of their lives, bloodstreams, health, and personal freedoms. Every politician that voted the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Acts into law (see URLs below) should be treated as traitors to the United States Constitution, which they swore to uphold. We have preached and harped and yelled and screamed about these demonic laws that must be rescinded immediately because they demand that whatever the WHO advises becomes the law in America through the CDC and NIH’s mandatory compliance.The laws are clear, but the Anonymous Patriots seem to be some of the few who have noticed that the UN take-over of America is already complete. Covid proved that the WHO’s (CDC & NIH’s) demands become law in America once a stupid president or a stupid governor enacts emergency powers in relationship to a WHO declared pandemic and subsequently can become a dictator over their constituency. Everyone saw the fascism of the WHO become the fascism of the president and the dictatorial fascism of many governors during Covid.
THE LAWS SUPPORT THEIR DICTATORIAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS, SO THEY WERE ACTING QUITE LEGALLY IF NOT ETHICALLY.There was essentially nothing that any politician or leader was willing to do to stop the powers of our republic being handed over to the well-known corrupt hands of United Nations ADMINISTRATORS like Fake Dr. Tedros. And on top of what Covid has already shown us about global health dominance, we now see Tedros demanding more power in a new “health treaty” after he has already proved himself to be incompetent and unqualified for anything but a fascist lover of Bill Gates, big-pharma, and communist China. Tedros is not apologetic at all, but even demands more personal global power over all nations in his “imagined” health treaty.Tedros and his WHO medical-fascist committees are simply unelected bureaucratic vaccine-mongers who have sold out to pharmaceutical corporations in a plan to depopulate the world through fake-medicine and self-aggrandizement.Demonic LawsThe criminal laws listed below spell out the overthrow of the US Constitution. They are filled with unconstitutional tenets that abnegate all US citizens rights. Any politician who voted for these laws needs to answer to a military tribunal for treason. Any fifth-grade student would know these laws overthrow our constitutional republic. These laws provide the ability for politicians to surrender all American freedoms to the WHO through the CDC and NIH, and then, even the president cannot stop the enactment of these horrible laws. A citizens’ referendum could end these laws and win the battle for US sovereignty against the globalist’s intents of the United Nations World Health Organization.Public Health Service (PHS) Acthttps://www.govinfo.gov/app/details/USCODE-2010-title42/USCODE-2010-title42-chap6A-subchapII-partB-sec247dPandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2006 (PAHPA)https://www.congress.gov/bill/109th-congress/senate-bill/3678Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2013 (PAHPRA)Click to access PLAW-113publ5.pdf21st Century Cures Act of 2016H.R.34 – 21st Century Cures Acthttps://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/34S.1379 – Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019116th Congress (2019-2020)Click to access BILLS-116s1379enr.pdfTedros on the Imaginary TreatyWe will quote Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from the World Health Organization website where they recently posted a statement he made in Europe. I have selected relevant passages to demonstrate his polite demand to have more control of the world in his personal hands. He makes reference to his “magical thinking” International Health Treaty in these remarks, even though there is no such document, except in his mind.WHO Director-General’s remarks at the press conference with President of the European Council to discuss the proposal for an international pandemic treaty, 30 March 2021From: World Health Organization website: https://www.who.int/director-general/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-remarks-at-the-press-conference-with-president-of-the-european-council-to-discuss-the-proposal-for-an-international-pandemic-treaty
“It is now 425 days since “I” declared COVID-19 a global health emergency.”Translation: Tedros knows that he, and he alone, is in-charge of the WHO dictates.“…This powerful idea, of a treaty rooted in WHO, has resulted in the joint statement issued today and published in major newspapers around the world and in multiple languages, which has been signed, so far, by twenty-five heads of state and heads of government.”Translation: They signed a document/treaty that doesn’t exist yet? Words of a madman.“…The time to act is now. The world cannot afford to wait until the pandemic is over to start planning for the next one. We must not allow the memories of this crisis to fade and go back to business as usual.”Translation: Sounds like Claus Swab speaking. Note that he implicitly indicates that the “next one” is coming very soon. He was the WHO Director General for three years before Covid and he did no planning or preparation except to run stimulations for the WHO pandemic take-over of the world: Event 201, etc.“…Without an internationally coordinated, all-of-government, all-of-society, One Health approach to pandemic preparedness and response, we remain vulnerable.”Translation: Fear mongering is his only virtue. Note that it is an “all government, all society, One Health approach”, which sounds a lot like centralized globalist control of everyone under One Health Dictator. Tedros wants it all, now. He also leaves out any consideration for the sovereignty of nations in “Teddy’s Globalist Health-controlled World Order.” Teddy’s new “International Health Treaty” will create the longed-for New World Order with One Health, One Currency, One Medical Microchip Implant, One Religion, One Health System, and One Inhuman Dictator. This fascist path is quite common in “leaders” who single-handedly want to control everything – hegemony.“…Ultimately, of course, how such a treaty is developed and what it looks like, and whether it is ratified, is a matter for our Member States [UN Health Assembly] – the nations of the world.”Translation: Teddy says in other places in his statement that thirty nations have signed “his treaty”, but now you can see that he says that the treaty doesn’t exist yet, needs to be developed by Member States (even though it is already written in his head) and ratified before a Global Medical Marshall Law take-over of the world can be effective.Fake Doctor WHO, Tedros the Mighty, makes me think that I am in the Twilight Zone because he is supposed to be protecting people’s health but does the opposite. I wonder, is Dr. WHO an evil archetype of some strange sci-fi world we find ourselves in as the bombardment of pharma-wars, treaty-wars (NATO), nuclear wars, environmental toxin-wars on humans, food-wars, gas-wars, economic-wars, and unseen 5G wars are targeting humanity, especially in the West? In this absurdly crazy, medical sci-fi spy-thriller Tedros is the evil villain (Sith Lord) who allows and promotes “mad human disease”, bat viruses, CDC zombies, this pox or that pox, mRNA genetic modification, gene manipulation, corona/adeno/orthopox/rhino/entero/Marburg/HIV/SARS/flu viruses galore, gain of function synthetic viruses, transhuman cyborg implants, RFID chip implants, robot telemedicine, deadly lock-downs, deadly masking, deadly WHO medical protocols, deadly CDC & NIH biomedical countermeasures, NIH/CDC/DoD funding of BSL-P4 labs in unfriendly nations, depopulation through vaccines, big-pharma’s immunity, deadly pharmaceutical drugs, deadly Emergency Use Authorization drugs, FDA skipping all long-term testing of EUA vaccines, “inactive graphene oxide” in all vaccines since 2007, graphene oxide in food and water, graphene oxide in aerosol spraying, largescale human cloning, injectable graphene-sheet self-organizing nanobots, hydrogel graphene, mRNA spike protein poisoning and shedding, adenoviruses in childhood vaccines, live viruses in pneumonia and shingle vaccines, big-pharma’s “inactive contents” in most drugs, 200 million US cases of cancer from childhood vaccines, VAERS deaths from vaccines, seven trillion paid to big-pharma for Covid, trillions lost through WHO protocols, death by WHO ventilator protocols for Covid, etc., etc., and more etc.
Of course, these are the wars waged against your bloodstream, body, soul, and spirit by invisible enemies protected by evil, demonic laws made legal by treasonous politicians, judges, federal agencies, corporate pharmaceutical barons and a health industry focused on illness instead of health. These same Pilgrims control the world’s economies also, not just all of the different wars.Unfortunately, it doesn’t do any good to rail against the evil United Nation’s World Health Organization and its fascist direct, Dr. WHO – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – and his two unqualified committees that control the most powerful “war actors” in history – pharmaceutical corporations and billionaires interlocked with governmental agencies. This is simply pseudo-medical (pharmaceutical industry) control of the world parading as doctors concerned about people’s health and bio-security. For instance, “We the People” don’t really know what is in these evil injections – and big-pharma ain’t telling, nor are they taking any responsibilities for the injuries, illnesses, and deaths that have already arisen from the untested Emergency Use Authorization vaccines and unproven treatments.This unprecedented public use of humans as lab-rats is wrong and inhumane. But unfortunately, this killing is completely sanctioned by the premier medical group in the world – the World Health Organization, which has no labs, no doctors, no medical supplies and one Director General (Dictator) at the top pronouncing the mandates for all people on the Earth. Is this an Arthur C. Clark sci-fi nightmare, or what? Please wake me from this nightmare of ignorance, hatred, and scientific annihilation of humanity.much more on link..https://aim4truth.org/2022/05/26/w-h-o-world-order/

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