Henry Kissinger At WEF Tells Ukraine To ‘Trade Land For Peace’ — Zelenskyy’s Advisor Tells Them “Go F*** Yourselves, You Dumb F***s” [???]

Head’s-up Militaries..,

At the World Economic Forum, Henry Kissinger urged that Ukraine negotiate with Russia and trade some land for peace, according to Ukrainian presidential advisor Alexey Arestovich. The Minsk 2 agreement does call for the annexation of Crimea to be recognized, as well as the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Arestovich’s response was quite vulgar.

“Go f**k yourselves with such proposals, you dumb f**ks, to trade Ukrainian territory a little bit! Are you f**king crazy? Our children are dying, soldiers are stopping shells with their own bodies, and they are telling us how to sacrifice our territories. This will never happen,” Arestovich said in an interview on Wednesday.

Arestovich criticized the logic of “bleating” voices encouraging Ukraine “to curb its appetite” and to give Russia the territories it supposedly wants, as such concessions would allow Kiev to “establish a comprehensive peace and to return to business as usual.”

Another adviser of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mikhail Podoliak, took to Telegram on Wednesday to address “pro-Russian lobbyists in Europe.”

“We do not sell our citizens, territories, or sovereignty. This is a clear red line. Ukrainian society has paid a terrible price and will not allow anyone to even take a step in this direction – no government and no country,” Podoliak said, adding that anyone who calls for such compromises will get “a principled response” from Kiev.

[It’s not pro-Russia to want a dangerous war to end when people are dying needlessly.]

While no one wants a long military action or a food crisis, “the shortest way to end the war is with weapons, sanctions and financial assistance to Ukraine,” Podoliak argued.

“The Ukrainians defended Kiev, liberated three regions, and are completing the liberation of the fourth. Today, the same people offer us to give Russia the east and the south. Thanks for the advice, but we’ll probably take up arms,” the adviser claimed.

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