May 27 2022 – White Hat intel…,

Fri. 27 May 2022 White Hat Intel:

  • Climate change = floods, deaths, chaos, earthquakes, tsunamis, devastation, kill the plants (food), disrupt shipping, highways, roads and airports.
  • Climate change = cover up of world elites, companies and governments all connected to the Plandemic Bio-weapon virus.
  • Bio-weapon vaccine being exposed/pedophilia/human trafficking/corruption. The weather weapons are being used to create confusion and chaos and fear in many countries to keep Narration going of pandemic and now CLIMATE CHANGE pandemic
  • Pain is here. You must prepare food, water supplies and get your spiritual armor on for the Summer on fire. It’s always darkest before the light comes.
  • Deep State Card of Climate Change is a dangerous card. Blame the earthquake, floods, plants devastation on Climate Change and control the narration.
  • Next Cards: Take control of all Internet Servers across the world, in every country to deplatform and ban the Great Awakening movement and all who go against the Deep State narration.
  • Those who truly understand the PLAN know this was all meant to happen: Crash, Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming. Nothing!
  • World War III warning: Hungary declares a wartime state of emergency. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nears the end of its third month, war clouds appear to be darkening more of Europe. Just a few hours after Prime Minister Viktor Orban took total control of Hungary after pushing through a constitutional amendment allowing his government to rule by decree when there is war in a neighboring country, he declared a wartime state of emergency. Trump was busy behind the scenes where Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Belarus were in back channels making a strong Alliance with the White Hats and preparing for Events that don’t coincide with NATO and the UN.
  • Hundreds of millions of People are taking to the streets across the World fighting against the forced vaccination and mandates.
  • Over a 3 Billion people throughout the world are moving truthful information in every country from doctors, scientists, lawyers, Leaders, judges who are against the plandemic.
  • The Deep State corrupt governments, Big Tech, Big Pharma, World Banks and MSM don’t want people to know about the vaccines, vaccines deaths and Covid Bio-weapon origin.
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