May 31, 2022: The Fight to Keep the Freedom Earned [videos]

May 31, 2022: The Fight to Keep the Freedom Earned [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 May 31, 2022

It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate our relatively free status and pitch in to ensure we remain free and can never be enslaved or controlled again—regardless of where we live, but we owe a debt of gratitude to those who stood up to protect us and their country.

What is Memorial Day? There have been too many deaths, too much suffering, and it could all have been different.

Memorial Day weekend was very quiet in my neighbourhood, but 2000 Mules is now available at Walmart so maybe Arizonans were shell-shocked after watching.

We also heard it was the calm before the storm. Link to Telegram.

Devin Nunes just retruthed a post that says calm before the storm. 👀
Trump retruthed exactly 17 times again.
Why is truth social so spicy right now?

There were reports of over 7,000 flights cancelled for various reasons, including “bad weather” again—like there’s never been bad weather before 2020. If they are closing down turnpikes and cancelling flights and there are many, many communication company outages reported on Down, that suggests to me that there are major “operations” underway.

Thousands of holiday weekend flights canceled

This 3-min video puts the Buffalo, New York supermarket shooting into perspective as a “fake false flag” event where no one died. Gotta love the “sorry” part. Link to Telegram.

Today I hear there was another shooting in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’ll see if it was staged or not…eventually.

Mass Shooting At High School Graduation In New Orleans, One Killed, At Least Two Others Injured

In Canada, Trudeau went full commie and announced this in response to the shootings—whether authentic or not. He also responded immediately after the mass murder in Nova Scotia in 2020 to restrict firearms. The NWO agenda is crystal clear.

Phil G indicated that the end of May-June was going to kickstart major action so we’ve been expecting to hear and see significant updates.

Linda Forsythe at C-Vine passed on the following via Telegram:

The Feeling in the Air is Almost Tangible. Can you Feel the Shift?🔥

A member made a comment yesterday stating Texas is in an “Oven Pre-heat” stage. LOL! In other words… things are about to get HOT in more ways than one!

You probably heard Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was picked up for a DUI. Now there’s this…

Paul Pelosi charged with possession of child porn as #MemorialDay trends

Very interesting comms and observations recently, folks. Personally, I believe Phil G is in the middle of an op, playing his role. He cancelled his Sunday live show and someone made the following acknowledgement about his post on Telegram.

Don’t take everything literally, folks. The drama has a purpose, and the White Hats are making a compelling movie with “great actors”. Maybe we need to leave a bowl of stale popcorn out to remind us it’s all for show and not to take it too seriously when bigger-than-life scenarios and personalities are front and centre, following their scripts.

Just as some people may not care for Trump’s “personality”, he does a damn good job, and if people don’t like Phil G that’s fine but don’t disregard the role people are playing because you dislike some of the things they say and do. Lin Wood seems to do nothing but complain about people but the role he plays is important. We need to look past the drama.

There has been significant activity around the election fraud in Arizona of late, and Gregg Phillips posted, saying it’s going to be a hot summer, which reminded me of a Q drop:


Jul 02, 2020 11:35:19 AM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6e35cc No. 9825482 

Perhaps some understood the significance of the music posted yesterday.
How many of our brothers and sisters play this song prior to the drop (LZ)?
It’s going to be a very HOT SUMMER.
Add to your playlist.

1y, 10m, 4w, 1d, 5h, 30m ago

And then Phil posted only the following digits: 4564, so there are a lot of us on the same page.

SCOTUS Turning Up the Heat in Probe of Roe Draft Opinion Leak: Report

From Truth Social

Liz Harrington @realLizUSA


Maricopa County accepted AT LEAST 20,000 mail-in ballots AFTER Election Day 2020

This includes 18,000 — more than the entire election margin of 10,457 ballots — on Nov. 4 picked up from USPS

I also found this very interesting:

White Hats Feud Over Sluggishness of Deep State Arrests

I wouldn’t take all that literally, but it is relevant.

In case you weren’t sure… Monkeypox is a nothing burger. Ignore it and DO NOT COMPLY with any more Nazi tactics to control us. There is no threat that didn’t exist a month ago, and no emergency or way to manipulate one—honestly and truthfully.

The thing about a fake medical emergency they are suggesting like Monkeypox, hard on the heels of the scamdemic for Covid, is that it SHOULD prompt intelligent questions from everyone like… Who are these people who would try to scare us, talk about more lockdowns, jab after jab, and shut down the world over an illness? Who would do it—and equally as important—WHY????

Apparently many people are so busy living their crummie lives that they can’t see the relevance of an internal dialogue like this. With the world at your fingertips you wouldn’t feel moved to do a little research? How about checking in with your common sense?

David Icke did a great show about the latest plandemic medical emergency they’re trying to pull off, called “Monkeypox”.

Here We Go Again… Yawn – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

The same people that would try to deceive everyone with fear porn into believing their lives are in danger from the flu, would also try to burn us out. The Southwest from Texas to California has been the turf for fires for the past few years, and many other parts of the world have also suffered, including Greece and Canada.

Weather manipulation can introduce extreme temperatures, tinder-dry conditions just waiting for a spark, and wildfires that are powerful enough to create their own weather systems. We know they aren’t all naturally-occurring forest fires and we don’t believe everything we hear. It’s also about the money. Hard-hit states usually ask for federal funds to help deal with the “emergency”. Do people realize how many “emergencies” are created by the controllers?

The crew brings us this sobering bit of news. Perhaps reading between the lines is called for.

Massive New Mexico Fire Started By U.S. Forest Service

There is also the plan of the White Hats unfolding. They manipulate events and information, too. As Ann Vandersteel remarked in this chat below with Dr. Charlie Ward, sometimes fear porn is the only way to break through that veneer of programming in the deeply sleeping. They discuss a lot of interesting things that kept me engaged while I was painting.


They are trying to make it sound like Putin is ill but I don’t believe he is. We were warned there would be a lot of fake news and disinformation increasing now.

Simon Parkes always speaks sanity and common sense in his updates and this one from Sunday was very good.

I did hours of painting this weekend, and therefore listened to hours of podcasts. This one with Gene from around late March 2022 was excellent with some fascinating information about our future I hadn’t heard before. I could date it by the reference to the Ever Forward which allegedly ran aground in Chesapeake Bay in March. A tribute to podcaster Cirsten Weldon takes the first 25 minutes or so, and Gene’s intel update follows. [It’s possible Cirsten went into protective custody, considering her background and the fact she broke free and could possibly assist the White Hats with evidence against the deep state.]

As for Covid and the quackcines, it’s really hard to tell what is true and what isn’t, but I’m very glad I didn’t stick a “loaded” swab into my sinus, or take the jab, and I’m extra satisfied that by taking NANO SOMA every day, that I am safe from viruses and most other health conditions.

The jar ofMetasomer Telomerase skin cream that I love lasted two months and the Metasomer gel is so handy for first aid, pain relief, etc. It’s hard to believe that anything so simple can send such powerful messages to the body but the testimonials Dr. Presser sends from users are proof enough that healing is triggered when those nano particles are released in our cells.

For new users, have you seen this web page with basic info and instructions for using NANO SOMA, etc?

Little Eli is taking Nano Soma every day and that is a load off my mind, too. Thank you to everyone who uses my affiliate link to learn more, check pricing, register as a user, or share with others. It helps me more than you know and allows me to source the best care and nutrition for Eli that I can so his formative months are spent building strong bones and teeth, muscles, and a healthy constitution.

Eli turned 5 months old this week and learned to enter the pool from the side without a step, and to curl up in my lap on my pool lounge chair. He’s quite a cuddler, especially with his Dad, whom he adores.

I must close now. Keep a stiff upper lip and prepare for a challenging summer. Though it may get hot, we have to keep our cool.  ~ BP

The Ice Wall; Game of Thrones

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