Important Quickie Update for June 9, 2022: Everything We Thought We Knew Is a Lie [video]

Important Quickie Update for June 9, 2022: Everything We Thought We Knew Is a Lie

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 June 9, 2022

I just watched an interview with “Roe” of Roe vs Wade and she admitted her gang rape story was untrue. The basis of the entire hullabaloo over “a woman’s right to choose” just evaporated—and in the eleventh hour before the Supreme Court is due to rule on the constitutionality of the original decision. Watch the video clip below, although poor quality.

Our inside source with high credibility tells us this morning that the National Guard is in the wings.

Ezra Cohen posted:

National Guard on high alert from the inside out.

That Cohen Telegram post above was followed by this one:

There is a foreign attack coming.

A new 9/11 type of event.

About that, Phil G. posted:

National Guard being called up


Read the “NG” Q drops.

All those Q drops are here, of course.

There are also renewed articles about another caravan—which warrants calling out the troops, whether NG or otherwise.

White Hats to Repel “Armed” Illegal Caravan

If that’s not enough, we also have the election fraud/treason investigations and revelations to contend with.

Is “2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips about to Expose a “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars”?

It is sounding like the White Hats are about to get this show on the road. Be prepared for BIG events.

Gen. McInerney posted this on Telegram:

Receiving so many emails of Patriots being demoralized, scared, and confused.

You have to keep your faith strong. Things will get much worse, but we must keep moving forward without being in fear.

We are living in the end times. Did you think it would be easy?

Before I forget again, I wanted to share this good news from the medical field.

New cancer breakthrough drug ‘cures’ every patient

Exciting times, my friends. Check in with you later.  ~ BP

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