Jim Stone’s update to his “shaky rumor” about Putin: RIGHT NOW NO ONE CAN BELIEVE WHAT EITHER SIDE IS SAYING – June 15 2022 = ???

Jim Stone’s update to his “shaky rumor” about Putin: RIGHT NOW NO ONE CAN BELIEVE WHAT EITHER SIDE IS SAYING

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 15-Jun-2022 12:12:13

Jim Stone, Freelance JournalistUpdate to my “shaky rumor” about PutinThere is a reason why I posted it as a “shaky rumor”. (and it still is a rumor even if RT “debunked” it as “no rumor at all” –Right now no one can believe what either side is saying. You can’t say Putin is OK because Russia says he is, or that Putin is dying because Ukraine says he is – the best thing to do is not even think about it at all because neither side can be trusted to be accurate with this. And as far as Ukraine goes, having a report about Putin being in a coma after emergency surgery could have simply been the CIA trying to coax Putin into flushing himself out of hiding after they lost their trace on him.Want to get him to show his face so you can re-establish tracking? Just tell everyone he’s in a coma and make him prove he’s not. The only leader smart enough to not fall for that crap that I have seen is Kim Jong. All of the western media said he was on his death bed, he never revealed his location for over a year and then he suddenly showed up with a huge missile and riding horses the hard way, where your health has to be PERFECT. Delayed footage, where the CIA would not get a trace on him to boot. Well done.Putin is probably not stupid. Maybe we’ll see him in a way he can be traced, maybe we won’t. Maybe he’s a vegetable being body doubled and maybe not. Who knows? Kim Jong did a good job of proving it is possible for no one to know.



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