June 16, 2022: Timing is Everything: A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

June 16, 2022: Timing is Everything: A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 June 16, 2022

Every dog has his day, and everyone will get exactly what they deserve. You can’t cheat karma.

The picture painted by some is very dire at this point in the “hot summer” at the movies predicted by QLink to Gen. McInerney Telegram.

Extreme Heatwave Brings Local Apocalypse to US – Thousands of Cattle Dead, Hospitals Closed as Water Runs Out

Early estimates suggest at least 10,000 cattle were killed by a heatwave reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 C) in Kansas.

The extensive losses could potentially push prices of groceries even higher, amid already-skyrocketing inflation and an encroaching global food crisis.

That’s as Odessa, Texas was forced to declare an emergency and close schools, hospitals after a burst pipeline emptied the city’s taps, leaving the city without water in sweltering heat.

Why would Biden care about the US though? Better to sign off another billion for Ukraine.

There are “heat warnings” for the valley on Wunderground weather now. It’s barely over 100F. Put up the red flags when it’s going to be 117. Thank you to the alarmists. This isn’t hot; it’s comfy—IMHO. It’s a dry heat and usually feels 4 to 5 degrees or so less and when there’s no humidity, it’s a different ballgame. Shade feels like it drops you down around ten degrees and those misters… divine.

There is something big going on at Yellowstone National Park and I am wondering if it involves the Army Corps of Engineers flooding DUMBs/tunnels. Authorities evacuated the entire park, closed all four entrances, and the water rushing through there is something else.

Damaging Yellowstone flooding forces out 10,000 visitors, keeps park closed

We have known for some time that evil things happen in National Parks i.e. a lot of people disappear. I am wondering if this doesn’t involve the Earth Alliance dealing with that problem and ending it once and for all—or at least taking advantage of this “unprecedented” weather situation.

Gene Decode/CoSensei has told us that the military use the most efficient means to fill in or destroy the tunnels so they can never be used again. If there’s a volcano nearby they divert lava, if there’s water, they flood them, if there’s no other way, they blow them up.

Yellowstone [or Jellystone if you’re Yogi the Bear] is a wondrous park with abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery and I’ve been several times. Yellowstone Lake is huge, the Yellowstone River and Snake River go through the park, and there are a couple of smaller lakes as well. No shortage of water. That’s my two cents worth but Gene will be back from his break after June 20 and perhaps he will be able to provide more information.

I forgot to mention that “they” are going to rename the Monkey Pox. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with. It will be tongue-in-cheek or something ridiculous, I’ll bet. It’s such a corny movie.

WHO to Rename Monkeypox After Scientists Call Out ‘Discriminatory’ and ‘Stigmatizing’ Name

Fires, floods, pestilence, heat of Hades… sounds biblical, doesn’t it? The damage and loss of life is regrettable but there’s nothing we can do about it.

As for the cattle deaths, was it cows, steers, bulls, any pigs, chickens, deer? We have seen mass deaths of caribou in the past and were told it was lightning that killed an entire herd [really?] and mass deaths of birds falling from the sky, mass fish die-offs, and now cattle. Nature at work? I doubt it. A tremendous number of suspicious things keep happening and we rarely get a straight answer on why or who dunnit.

Is this their answer to the imaginary methane problem? Is it to fabricate the false narrative about climate change? It has many people questioning the claims about heat being the culprit. They’re just not buying it. It’s too selective.

I am only able to find images of “thousands” of dead cattle from the ONE video we shared yesterday. There are no additional shots of the carnage online. This one below is from that video. The media love to stun us with blood, gore, shock and awe, and gut-wrenching emotional fear porn so where are all the other videos and images of ten thousand dead cattle? It’s not like cattle have never died before so there are photos from Australia, etc. but not from this past weekend in the US Midwest.

If you’re interested, Ezra Cohen showed the same video in a Telegram post with the caption…

Intentionally done

Yeah, we know. And most recently he said, “There will be blood”. Link to Telegram.

I felt something was going on with those three military plane crashes last week and the crew tells us RealRawNews.com has an article on one of the crashes in California. It sounds so dramatic and… well… movie-like. [The Empire Strikes Back] Empathy is a little lacking for the serious casualties of war discussed when people in service lost their lives.

The Deep State Strikes Back

Mr. Cohen posted the following on Telegram on Wednesday:

Today was a big BOOM.

The calm before the storm.

Walls have ears.
Doors have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the man
You think you know.



Telegram (https://t.me/MrPool1127_311)
Mr Pool
Follow the Loop

We’re so fortunate to have all this entertainment while we wait. Are you following Mr. Pool/Loop? Phil G. had a “Pool” in his past identities. Qincidence?

Later, Ezra Cohen posted this:

Good riddance Fauchi

So we have officially been notified, it seems, of the execution of the evil sorcerer Anthony Fauci so his tribunal must be complete and final. What a relief. Farewell Fauci. May your soul never rest, but lie mouldering and rotting in hell for eternity. Do not pass GO, do not go to the Great Central Sun. That is justice.

This one-minute video is probably the most informative cartography lesson I’ve seen. It’s the map that is downloaded into every airliner’s autopilot computer and the commentary is succinct and clear, as is the map. He’s correct. The only “proof” [if you can call it that] of the globe Earth model is NASA; an agency hijacked to deceive the public. Link to Telegram.

Did you like that? Got 35 seconds? Check this out. Fascinating. Link to Telegram. I love bubbles, don’t you?

CNN covered the quote below in 2016 before Trump was elected. Musk was still playing his neutral role. How things change! The point is, if anyone tells us the truth, it’s Trump. He didn’t need to say this, so why did he? He stated all kinds of truths over the years out of the blue and caught audiences and the media unawares. That’s how you get the truth out. Never let them see it coming—and then it’s too late.

What else did Trump say? According to that article, concerning the space programme… ‘The presidential hopeful replied that such a future is “nonsense,” adding that “the round earth people, and you know who they are, these people have an agenda.”’

Trump was infiltrating the cabal for a long time. He knows.

If flat Earth is just a conspiracy theory, why do they put so much time, energy, and money into trying to convince people it’s round? Why bother changing links on forums so that instead of going to that CNN article, they go elsewhere?

They don’t want us to know who we are, where we are, why we’re here, or where we’re going—but we’re going anyway. “Nothing can stop what is coming.” We are part of a much bigger plan and the devil can no longer throw a cog into things.

If you’d be interested in reading about the Psychology of Totalitarianism and the ability to tell people what to think… and therefore, how to act…

There was another fire at a food processing plant; this one in Wisconsin. Cheese? you ask. Pizza! Qincidence?

I knew there were several incidents in the past couple of years but had no idea there were this many. Check out the list in this article.

Another Blow to the US Food Market: Fire Breaks Out at a Food Processing Plant West of Waupaca County in Wisconsin

How low would they go? Twitter will stoop to any depth to manipulate the truth and block free speech.

Twitter Deletes Dr. Zelenko’s Account While On His Deathbed

Gotta run. Thanks to the crew for all the updates and feedback. Talk soon.  ~ BP

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