(Reader: TIGER) Direct Descendants

(Reader: TIGER) Direct Descendants

Reader Post | By TIGER

Donald J Trump, JFK, JFK Jr, Elvis, Joseph & Julian Assange are all cousins and direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln.”

Concern with bloodlines is entirely counter-productive and needs to be stopped. It undeniably asserts that a person is superior to someone else because of his bloodline. This is a type of discrimination and it is the basis of royal elitism. I have written a book on reforms needed (attached) and without a doubt we need to stop thinking we should empower and trust “experts” or “elites”. Leadership should speak for itself and not be empowered by bloodline. Self-government means The People need to participate in government, not delegate this to an elite, the only caveat being they must understand what is constructive and what is destructive government and are not empowered by birthright to vote themselves other people’s money.

A bullet like the above should be deemed unworthy of the best intel report on Earth.




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