Part 11 Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed …Who Took Johnny?..In The Heart Of The Beast … Milk Carton Kids – July 04 2022 & Monkey Werx SITREP – 7-4-22 . . . Freedom Fighting – Who Will Answer The Call? (Video)

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – we had Friday off in CANADA. DO NOT PANIC PEOPLE, I just have to “SIT OUT” for awhile = whilst the “MASS ARRESTS” are going on. It is galactic protocol as HUMANITY STANDS-UP and make the MASS ARRESTS against the SATANIC MASS-MURDERING SCUMBAGS. THIS IS HUMANITY’S TIME with HEAVEN and the GALACTICS TO CARRY OUT THE PLANS THAT the HUMAN MILITARIES LAID OUT etc. It is their TURN – O.K.

GOD is in CONTROL, it’s ALL GOOD. NOW that – THAT is out of the way – WHAT WEIRD WEATHER lately here in CANADA. IT is RAINING PANIC [PROBABLY] with the amount of SATANIC and INTER-GALACTIC CRIMINALS that was on this PLANET. USA, CANADA and all COUNTRIES were invaded by these SATANIC PARASITES. YET some are wondering who WILL DO THE ARRESTS. I do BELIEVE the MILITARIES have figured this out and will comply with Heaven.

Monkey Werx SITREP – 7-4-22 . . . Freedom Fighting – Who Will Answer The Call? (Video)

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Date: Monday, 4-Jul-2022 14:55:28

Here’s the Monkey’s report for Monday July 4th . . .


Part 11 Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed …Who Took Johnny?..In The Heart Of The Beast … Milk Carton Kids

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Date: Monday, 4-Jul-2022 13:53:30

As I was reading who took Johnny it occurred to me just how quickly we forget stuff that is right in our face. Two things are ringing in my ears right now ….The CIA and The Jesuits. It is the stuff of horror that the subject of child abuse and exploitation of these children are in the same sentence as the word CIA. It definitely ought not to be, but just look what is happening if we only see. Clearly EPSTEIN and MAXWELL, are the latest to get thrown under the bus for the benefit of the Devils Simulation. The Jesuits want you to believe , it is about the People, when it has always been Rome!!!…The three Jesuits who get called out are a dead giveaway as to who is running the simulation….In the last week of October, 2011, an Associated Press story under the headline, “Legion of Christ investigation: The cover-up continues”, the Italian cardinal appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to clean up the order, Velasio De Paolis, said this about the possibility of another enquiry into other alleged cover-ups within the Legion; “I don’t see what good would be served … rather, we would run the risk of finding ourselves in an intrigue with no end … because these are things that are too private for me to go investigating”. The implication of his statement is that there is more to be revealed about the secrets of the Legionaries of Christ, and they may well involve Pope John Paul II.Fr. Maciel was a member of the Vatican’s old boy’s club and part of an exclusive and charmed inner circle. He had the Holy See’s protection, tolerance, and shelter for his criminal actions, right up to, and including the current pope, Benedict XVI. In 2006, and as “punishment” for his perverse life, Benedict XVI ordered the disgraced Fr. Maciel to live a life of prayer and penance, and at the same time admitted that John Paul II had approved a “false prophet” in promoting Fr. Maciel, who in his dying days, had an exorcist in attendance at his bedside.The three recipients of the once-secret documents were surprised at the speed with which John Paul II was beatified, considering the pontiff was not only fully aware of Fr. Maciel’s criminal conduct, but abetted his crimes. For those unfamiliar with the story, there were numerous calls from Catholics groups and even some cardinals to halt the beatification process until a full review of his record as pope was assessed. However, in Vatican City on Sunday May 1st, 2011, Benedict XVI bestowed the status of “blessed” on his predecessor after the Vatican had determined that John Paul II had performed the necessary miracle for his elevation. In a ghoulish performance, his coffin was disinterred from its resting place of six years and placed on a platform beneath the main altar of St. Peter’s for pilgrims to pass in rituals, and express emotions that accompany the passing of a loved one. Amidst widespread opposition, he was beatified only six years after his death, and non-Catholics saw the ceremony as an obscene display of the worship of the dead similar to ancient Pagan tradition.That right there is some deep dark stuff…

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