(Reader: Reda) Fourth of July Blessings



 -Monday, 4 July 2022, 11:46 A

Reader Post | By Reda

Dear Readers! We all are waiting for this blessings! 

DJT -> BENJAMIN FULFORD: THE RETURN OF “D. J. TRUMP ” OPERATION END GAME PROTOCOLS, ACTIVATED! As the USA & Canada, approach their day’s of independence to celebrate, the Whitehats prepare to celebrate on the new date marking their brand new day of the liberation of humanity. The REAL DONALD J. TRUMP is back, as another massive swath of DEEPSTATE leaders has been targeted and systematically destroyed or removed by the Trump whitehat operation. TRUMP’S return has triggered and ACTIVATED THE END-GAME PROTOCOLS, IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! TRUMP also promises a RESTORATION of DEMOCRACY for NORTH AMERICA. THE CLEAN-UP OPERATION IS IN IT’S FINAL STAGES.

Today the whole world celebrates the independence of the United States of America, on this day the forethfathers wrote the Declaration of Independence for the well being of America and the entire world.

We all know that things have not gone the way they expected, many bad things have been happening to “We The People” ever since the Deep State took control of things, this bad things have affected us badly and worst lately.

I’m coming once again to ask for your donations to help me bare with the bad times. I’m still homeless, living with relatives who have asked me to leave my room and find somewhere else to go soon. 

I’m still hanging on hope that our blessings will come someday soon, and when it happens all this suffering will end that day.

I ask you to give biggly and expect miracles in return, we are the Chosen Ones and God is watching everyone of us. 

“If you feel the call in your heart to help me please do so at http://paypal.me/7cooking. If you have a job opportunity or want to help, send me an email to 7cooking.rhc@gmail.com” 



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