The Spirit of ’76 – July 04 2022

Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 4, 2022

At 3 critical dates this year (February 22, July 11, and December 28) We return for the first time in history (Pluto-nically speaking) to the exact energetics of the United States of America when the Declaration of Independence was signed– the symbolic birth date of the Country.

This Declaration was a revolutionary act, not the least of which was due to the fact that the authors and signers of that parchment declared that all human rights originate from the Creator, not from monarchies or any government. Governments are instituted to serve those rights, but they are not their source.

By no rational or logical assessment of reality should the United States and its Continental Army have won the Revolutionary War. It was a ludicrous proposition from every angle, and yet this rag-tag band prevailed against all historical odds. Their principal leader and the driving force of their quest, George Washington, underlined for his entire life that it was only by Divine Providence that they could have succeeded, because everything else was against them.

The rights which many of us take for granted today were not in any way an historical given. Entrenched forces with the weight of the material world behind them were determined that these rights would never be instituted. And yet, through an impossible victory, they were.

And now in 2022, We the People are returning, symbolically and energetically, to that period of revolution and rebellion which brought the Country we now know as the USA into being.

We can debate about the Darkness and the Light within the Story that is the United States. Naturally, the Story of Native America and the First Americans figures strongly into that. However, I doubt any one of us would wish to give back those rights declared in the founding documents and codified in the US Constitution and take our chances in a world in which those early Patriots lost in their revolutionary quest to institute the rights of humankind as God-given, and above and beyond anything which a government or banking empire might be capable of delivering.

I look forward to the second half of this year and expect that it may well contain many revolutionary surprises which will direct our course in the years which follow it.

Hold onto your hats, Patriots, because the Best is Yet to Come!


Parting the Washington Sea: A Guide to the Great Awakening

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