Your Sunday Digest for July 10, 2022: The World In an Uproar to Wake the Dead – Wakey wakey peoples…,

Your Sunday Digest for July 10, 2022: The World In an Uproar to Wake the Dead

July 10, 2022


If you can hear yourself think above the din of the protests, demonstrations, and demands for justice and freedom, congratulations. We can hear them from here [Arizona] to Nebraska.

I hope you have your popcorn ready. Extra butter… Himalayan salt… cheesy sprinkles…

The farmers are uniting in many nations. India has joined now.

Heads up, Canada! This would be delicious. Link to Telegram.

A little bird just informed me that what happened in Sri Lanka will happen in Canada.

Justin Trudeau will be dragged out of office and humiliated in front of the world stage.


Soon that haughty sneer will have vanished from Turdeau’s face.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

In Sri Lanka they didn’t stop with the President. They’re going after the banksters. This needs to happen in every country.

Thousands of protestors in Sri Lanka have broken through the front gate at the Central Bank. Looks like the people have finally figured whose to blame for inflation soaring at 110%/yr. Take a

— Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke) July 10, 2022

Even in Switzerland they are protesting the insane mandates.

In Nebraska, they’re fed up with the leadership. Link to Telegram.

Did you hear what happened today at the Nebraska GOP Convention???
They blocked some delegates from entering, even having one arrested. Then the patriots rose up and voted the chairman out and elected a patriot as chair! The entire corrupt establishment executive committee quit!!! Soooo proud of them!

We don’t know who is running the Telegram accounts with recognizable names like Princess Diana, JFK Jr., John McAfee, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, Julian Assange, etc. but we are given information and the savvy ones know. When you know, you know. The Edward Snowden Telegram account has a lot of good information. They posted the following last night and then this morning so we have a good idea of what’s coming.

Hackers have successfully entered Hunter Biden’s iCloud account, downloaded 450gigabytes of his data, have shared it via torrent, and are now currently combing through the data and sharing what they find on the various image boards.

The data on the iCloud account is bad… real bad.

I also saw a Telegram post telling people not to download any dark material from 8Chan to their devices which would incriminate them. No one wants the authorities flagging them for porn, pedophilia, snuff films, etc.

We don’t know who is really posting this information but it is worth reading to flesh out your innerstanding about the underground world of pedophilia and pedovoria. Link to Telegram for more details.

By using covert communications and symbolism – it kept the deep dark pedophile rings hidden from the light.


We all have a responsibility to protect our global children


Jovenel Moïse, former Haitian President assassinated July 2021

I forgot to share this last week.

Haiti Did Not Vaccinate Its Citizens, The Current Vax Rate is 1.4% — Yet Country Has One of Lowest COVID Death Rates in the World — Weird, Huh?

And that reminded me of the assassination of their President and I found this press statement from Tony Blinken.

Statement on the Anniversary of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s Assassination

Apparently the world leaders who refused to go along with the globalists’ plan to vaxx the world, lock them down, etc. were eliminated if they could find a way to do it. We know of five, which is pathetic when you consider how many took the money offered, lied to the populace, stripped them of their rights, and followed the torture agenda of invasive testing for a non-existent pathogen, isolation, and possibly mandated poisonous experimental injections under threat of losing employment, travel freedom, education, and even shopping for necessities.

Those greedy, psychotic thugs should be dragged from their castles and mansions and lynched for the public to see. Prison is too good for them. They need a taste of their own barbarism. Perhaps public hangings will dissuade others from going down the same path.

Rather than a flowery verse of reverence for their headstone, they should have the following:

I was hanged by the American People for treason, sedition, pedovoria, etc., whatever fits the crimes.

There is a lengthy update on Telegram about some portions of “the deep state plan” to destabilize the planet and bring their New World Order. Link to Telegram.

Japan Crime minister Abe Shinzo ( assassination or avatar killed)/// > the back story of Shinzo<<

_After the Mass killings of Japanese through the Fukushima planned EVENT…
False flag OPERATIONS of the Jesuits/ ROTHSCHILDs to take full control of Japan economy resources and people….. This major event was to take half of Japans population ( over 50 million) and scare them into MASS MIGRATION…. The scenario would include UN forces to help evacuate the country and cause mass hysteria with Controlled mainstream media covering the details…

This deep state plan was designed by the DAVOS GROUP
/Bush admin/Jesuits society/ROTHSCHILDs and much of the DEEP STATE regimen….. The goal of the plan was for breaking China into smaller countries and by first creating a false flag event of Fukushima.

At the same time 8 trillion$$$$
Would be stolen from the Japans economy and system…
And the event started by banks stealing hundreds of BILLIONS in pension funds from citizens and companies…. Then Deep State run Military black ops set up three simultaneously attacks on Fukushima Nuclear power plant >first tectonic weapons were used to trigger an earthquake > second 2 underground nuclear bombs were exploded under the ocean of the coast >third thermite incendiary bombs were placed directly at Fukushima power plant.

_The [DS] plan was to mass migrate Japan to North Korea
( Korea would militarize the Japanese and attack china from the south)
_U.S. Would use Japan as a staging ground for attacks from the East
_Russia would come in from the north against china
_Taiwan would head staging grounds of the coast of china and hit Southern China
_All G7 countries were expected to join the fight ( Invasion) against china

The planned failed after INDIA, Russia and Taiwan rejected the invasion…. As did the Pentagon.

All the military reports and analysis reported the same out come of world scale NUCLEAR fallout as China would unleash it’s arsenal and cause a blackout of the northern hemisphere and the over 80% of humans would die

After the Fukushima EVENT and the attempted 8 Trillion$$$ heist of Japans economy. GDP and gold by the ROTHSCHILDS the Chinese Elders and dragon clans came together to protect Japan and caused Hundreds of earthquakes through Chinas platonic weapons against Atlantic Island of La Palma ….
After these Earthquakes the United States military came to agreements with the Chinese clans and families ( that are part of white HATS OPERATIONS in CCP to end communism)

THE DEEP state was in great fear of China coming to the BRINK of creating their own digital currency and bringing Asia into their system That was part of the reason Bush/Obama/VATICAN/Jesuits/ DAVOS GROUP/ CABAL wanted to invade CHINA……. ( But now Chinas new digital currency/ gold back trading system is in play as half of the world has currently switched over their system .. With the BRICS countries and more applying for membership)

After Fukushima the DAVOS GROUP installed a Fake President in Japan > Abe Shinzo

This President learned and knew all the corruption and evil WAR MONGERING the Deep State was controlling and creating and SHINZO knew of all the dead bodies ( intelligence CLASSIFIED information/ DEEP STATE OPERATIONS/ ALL AGENDAS CONNECTED TO THE KILLINGS OF INNOCENT JAPANESE CITIZENS AND POLITICIANS… All for control by the world DEEP STAR CABAL)//
MILITARY INTEL WIRES; Say Shinzo became a turn coat ( much like George H.W Bush before his death and have all details to White HATS military before his death..> hence Clintons… Jeffrey Epstein EXPOSURE…..///

>RUSSIAN/China/Iran forces to start military drills , exercises and plans in south America
>Japan prime minister assassinated

Seth Keshel/Captain K has let some real zingers go throughout his election number crunching process. Last week he told us what happened in Honolulu, Hawai’i. See how easy it is to throw an election? This was just one city. Between the dead people voting, rigged machines, Sharpie pens, ballot harvesting, truckloads of fake ballots, mail-in ballots, absentee voting, people from outside the county voting, non-citizens voting—it was a piece of cake. Link to Telegram.

Very interesting how the 80,000 “deadwood” voters in Honolulu’s DIRTY voter rolls that the City Clerk just admitted to in this video aligns very well with the in-depth analysis of @RealSKeshel who estimates that we had 90,000 imaginary votes in Honolulu’s 2020 election. But “that’s typical of Hawaii” the City Clerk tells everybody… 🙄

Follow and volunteer with @AuditTheVoteHI if you want to do something about this and assist in the local grassroots efforts for free and fair elections

The mob that has been ruling the planet for hundreds of years have been exposed and their regime is over. The Dominion voting machines are a tool not for democracy but for tyranny. Link to Telegram for more info.

The machines have been rigged all over the WORLD!

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

As per an estimate; 31 countries used or studied the EVMs, only 4 used it nationwide, 11 used EVMs in some parts or small elections. There are 5 countries using it on a pilot basis, 3 nations have discontinued it and 11 that used it on a pilot basis decided to stop its use.

Electronic Voting Machines are used in some of the world’s largest democracies, including Brazil, India and the Philippines. Some other countries are:
1. Belgium
2. Estonia
3. Venezuela
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Jordan
6. Maldives
7. Namibia
8. Egypt
9. Bhutan
10. Nepal

In October 2006, the Netherlands banned the use of EVMs. In the year 2009, the Republic of Ireland banned its use which is followed by Italy in the same year.

There’s so much going on I didn’t even watch the Trump rally in Alaska last night. It was a big hit and POTUS had a lot to say, some of which we didn’t expect. There is an RSBN video link in the article below.

MASSIVE Line Forms At Trump’s FIRST Rally Ever In Alaska

That’s going to do it for today. I’ll be back as I can. ~ BP

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July 9, 2022: The Dominoes Are Toppling in Multiple Directions [videos]

July 9, 2022


It’s happening. The flurry of activity we have been anticipating for so long is finally beginning to unroll. The fuses lit by the Earth Alliance are beginning to reach their detonation points and let’s not forget about the land mines they pulled the pins on long ago. It’s all coming together in countries all over the world.

The Great Awakening is spurring action from People who never before got involved in what was happening in their countries. They are riled and ready for combat.

One way or another, the incumbent regime is having the rug pulled out from under them. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked to resign by a large portion of his cabinet.

In the United States, the election audits in 46 of 50 states, last I heard, stated it was clear that election fraud made it appear Joe Biden won when he did not and Trump is in the wings ready for the next step. Most hope he will return to the White House sooner rather than later.

In Sri Lanka, the people stormed the Presidential grounds and their fearless leader fled. Holy cow; look at the people.

We have heard that he was allegedly seen escaping on a Navy ship. Link to Telegram.


Footage emerges said to be of President Rajapakse fleeing Sri Lanka aboard a Navy Vessel.

Ladies and Gentleman this is what a people’s UPRISING looks like!

In Canada, protestors accosted Prime Minister Trudeau and told him what they think of him.

Justin Trudeau accosted by protesters: ‘free our political prisoners’

Our most recent intel drop this afternoon from Ezra Cohen on Telegram said…

Trudeau [OUT]

Ezra seems to know what the White Hats are going to do in advance and it certainly seems like the Canucks are ripe for a revolt. Social media reports stated that Canadian banks were shut down recently and from an Ottawa crew member we hear that Rogers communications were shut down as well. Stuff is finally coming to a head in the Great White Gulag.

In Rome we have a breaking report of a massive explosion and fire. Link to Telegram.

Huge explosion & fire Rome @mgshowchannel

I think I forgot to post about the obelisk in the Philippines that was hit by “lightning” on July 7. Intel suggests it was NOT lightning. Wink-wink. It certainly appears that surgical precision is in play with these monuments.

Lightning HAS played a role in the past, however. Was it controlled? Probably, from what we’re told about the technology now in use. It seems that where evil hides, we can expect the war to break out in some form. It’s subtle and the average person wouldn’t question.

Phil G. was asked about the EBS announcement and he thinks it will look as I imagined it would, with military leadership explaining some of what has happened, what has been done about it, what the legal status of the ‘resident’ and President in Exile are, and what we can expect in the near future according to the Constitution, Devolution, and Rule of Law, to return to the Republic the United States is, rather than a ‘democracy’ as the left claims.

Will it extend to other countries at that time? We’ll have to wait and see. It would be quite a task to address everything that has happened in every major country. It seems that the US must come first, but that’s just my logic. The People don’t seem to be able to handle much at one time and that would be a lot to chew.

On a global basis, I don’t think the People are going to be happy when they learn that certain foreign material detrimental to long term health and damaging to their DNA and immune systems was injected into them when they got their quackcines. Is it permanent and irreversible? We don’t know, because this ‘movie’ is very realistic and so many doctors, researchers, and scientists have stated the jabs were potentially deadly—if not immediately then possibly one or two years down the road. Link to Telegram for a video that shows what was detected in dark field and bright field microscopy in all four injections; Pfizer, ModeRNA, Janssen/Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

I saw a notification something about Trump and “make the death penalty great again” and then I saw this post suggesting that there are currently operations ongoing in the Black Forest in Germany with respect to the Human hunting parties held there by the El-ites, and that trains have been shut down in the stated corridors [ie. Zurich to Stuttgart] as a result of the investigations. Link to Telegram for more information.

Trump had remarks about the death penalty in his address in Las Vegas last night, which I have not had time to watch yet. Link to Telegram for a clip.

Phil Godlewski stated that there would probably be a “suicide weekend” coming soon; meaning that many pedophiles and criminals would be taking the cowardly way out and making an excuse for their deaths. It’s easier for the remaining family that way. Link to Telegram to read more on the excerpt below.

Nicole Kidman’s father, Dr. Antony Kidman, died after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse & murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. He was a member of the 9th Circle. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian police & Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual & physical assaults on her throughout childhood.

When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology & Royal North Shore Hospital — to Singapore until his unnatural death.

There will be very bad news coming in the near future about the activities of the ruling class. Many members of the public will be in denial and refuse to believe it. Very difficult and dangerous situations have been addressed in the shadows so as not to interfere or derail the operations going on in the public eye. It was important to keep the masses calm and not cause panic—or tip off the criminals.

Classified operations by several militaries and law enforcement groups working in tandem have accomplished a great deal in the fight against Human Trafficking.

This next video provides some insight into the appalling things the leadership on this planet has done while pretending to care about the populace and that they have been acting in our best interests.

You will need to pause the video at times to read the material presented as evidence in what seems like it must be a horror movie but represents the factual situation on the planet until the Earth Alliance began taking steps to address it.


The lunatic left is often synonymous with evil, hence the “demonrats” moniker, but the good people who have chosen to support the Democrat Party because they were brainwashed into simply hating Trump and his movement will have to come to terms with what has happened and will hopefully see the Light.

The latest on Musk and Twitter… from Santa Surfing on Telegram.

On 4/27/2022 Jack Posobiec tells us Elon purchased evidence of criminal activity!

Trump posted wait til the liberals finds out their favorite President invested in Twitter as an investor. 🥳

Yesterday (7/8/2022), news broke Twitter execs will be criminally charged!!! 🔥💣

It’s late afternoon and Eli is waiting. Have a great weekend and maintain situational awareness wherever you are.  ~ BP

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July 8, 2022: A Juggling Act of Untold Operations [videos]

July 8, 2022


Great triumphs are often followed by grave setbacks. Such is the climate of war. Cosmic highs and devastating lows. Thank goodness for the lighter side like Kash Patel’s punisher socks.

At 8:30 Pacific on Thursday night the news of the assassination attempt on the life of former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe came through; first that he was unresponsive, probably in heart failure, and then that he had succumbed to his wounds; shooter in custody. Yes, the shooter didn’t try to get away. Odd, that.

As we can see, it may be an information war but it is also rife with risk and danger on many fronts; be it political, financial, or any other.

It’s not great news as Abe seemed to be a loyal ally of Trump. I believe he was golfing with POTUS and in a curious Twitter message told us that the son would come out after the storm, or something to that effect. We knew what he meant, and Phil G. believes that JFK Jr aka JR will be “coming out” before long and playing a major role in the restructuring of our planet and her Peoples.

Some folks are questioning… and we know nothing is what it seems. Link to Telegram.

Upon reviewing the brief video and still shots of Abe’s “assassination”, somethings just seem off 🧐 Just after the first blast Abe looks back and does NOT seem to be shot 🧐 Then during second blast Abe’s right side of his shirt appears to blow outward but there is NO blood 😳 The photo of Abe shows a small amount of blood on the left side of his shirt 🧐 Yet doctors said “He bled to death from two deep wounds, one on the right side of his neck” 😳 WHY is Abe doing a speech on the street behind a guardrail that seems to lack “Security” 🧐 Also, the “Gunman” is directly behind Abe with a bag strapped over his shoulder 🧐 “Security” is in the line of fire of the 2nd blast but miraculously does NOT get shot 😳 and than the “Security” guy raises his “briefcase” like it’s a “shield” 😳 other “Security” do NOT drop their “briefcases” 🧐 @philgodlewski Could it be White Hats are protecting Abe from a real Assassination?

So… I am wondering… is this how the Earth Alliance counters the gun confiscation agenda? Do they prove that even the most austere gun control laws don’t stop wackos from killing people? How can Ezra Cohen predict a foreign assassination? Did it take seventeen seconds for the security detail to respond? These dedicated, selfless crusaders for the Light like Abe seem like the kind of people who would go underground for the cause. Just a thought from the theatre of the mind.

Ezra Cohen Watnick’s post on Telegram shortly thereafter reminded us of his “international assassination” prediction back in May. He is also reminding us that he made another regarding a “9/11 type event” that we’re still waitin’ on, unfortunately.

You probably saw this coming a mile away, as did I. Musk didn’t have to buy Twitter to expose it or take it down.

Elon Musk terminates attempt to buy Twitter, citing ‘multiple’ problems

I was out today and therefore am short on time so I’m going to push the button as is with this parting note about Phil’s intel Q&A last night. Very interesting stuff, as always. The enemy doesn’t want us listening to him but too many people are onto him now as a great resource.

PG.LIVE Private Telegram Q&A – July 7th, 2022

My other half bought me a new [old] Jamie Cullum CD and when I heard the lyrics for this spunky song I thought of Phil G.

“When I get famous, the world’s gonna see, whoa-ho-ho-ho, you never really knew me.”

LOL. Almost written for Phil. Of course with 4 million people tuning in to his live shows and updates, never mind those who watch the videos after the fact, he’s kind of famous already, wouldn’t you say? I had to laugh when he announced his “vindication collection” going live. We all want to be vindicated in at least some small way. If you don’t, then you must be some kind of martyr.

This is a fantastic live performance from my all-time favourite, super-energetic pop/jazz artist.

Jamie Cullum sur TSFJAZZ – When I get Famous

Signing off for now. Take care, all.  ~ BP

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July 7, 2022: And Down They Go [videos]

July 7, 2022


There was plenty of humour surrounding the fall of the cabal’s guidestones. Some joked that Trump did it. Others… well, you know. Russia did it.

The liars will never stop lying.

What we also learned later on the 6th was that the Guidestones were toppled on George W. Bush’s birthday. I think that tells us who dunnit, don’t it? Not the cabal. Not Kandiss Taylor. It also underscores that dates are very important to the Earth Alliance. They like to send pointed messages to the El-ites.

Later in the day, Phil G. did a podcast which was very good except that he was cut off again just before he dropped his verified intel, and the fact that he was under the weather as so many have been recently, for whatever reasons. Despite that, he did a follow-up video to deliver the intended intel in part 2. Good stuff.

Phil says it was DEWs that took out the Georgia Guidestone column in the small hours of the morning. [directed energy weapons — which explains the accuracy]. He also says the television news from Australia saying the election was overturned, Biden is out and Trump is recognized as the valid President was true. Obviously, if that were announced it would be mayhem in America and probably violent and the Earth Alliance does not want that so it will be handled covertly with more charades. Sigh.

Phil reported today that a federal judge ordered the reopening of the Epstein files. Sounds like the X Files. Some will find the truth less believable than the X Files. Watch Phil’s updates at the links below.

Part 1 is here, and the conclusion is here.

I have another long airport run today so this will be short, but there’s so much happening.

Boris Johnson caved to pressure and officially resigned as PM in Britain but will remain in place until a replacement is elected. The 44 cabinet members who left may stay gone. We’ll see. Some are saying they want BoJo gone NOW, not in the autumn.

The Dutch farmers were inspired by the Canadian truckers and there was social media evidence the farmers towed away unwanted police cars!

Italy is up in arms on the streets, as are the Germans, Poles, and others. Link to Telegram. 

German farmers also rise up. Dutch, Italian, Polish and German, this is growing into a global movement.

The Biden circus isn’t even funny any more after he fastened a medal around someone’s neck backwards. Worst of all, there’s an image circulating of Nancy Pelosi with a Trump tattoo on her chest. You can’t unsee that. Yuck.

Suzanne Ward channeled a July 1 message from her son Matthew on the other side of the veil and it is one of the best general explanations of what has happened and IS happening, for those who need clarity. Thanks to the crew for pointing to this one. Use this link to read the update or

As for the pedophiles and pedovores…

Police arrest 130 suspected human traffickers in European crackdown

U.S. Military Destroys Child Trafficking Tunnels in South Carolina

A press release: See the website and more information here.


July 7, 2022     Press Release CSPOA


CSPOA Strongly Encourages Sheriffs and Local Law Enforcement to Investigate Alleged Election Fraud in Their Jurisdictions


I think it’s clear that the dismantling of the cabal is in full swing. It’s in our faces and cannot be ignored.

Before I sign off, I want to caution people who may think about buying one of the “mosquito killing lamps” currently passed off as a viable solution in ads tacked on YouTube videos and probably other places. This is a total scam. The fine print on the package insert which is covered in Chinese says it’s suitable for indoor use only, while the website shows a family sitting in front of their tent.

Who has mosquitoes in their home? The video shows a cup brimming with thousands of mosquitoes caught in the trap after being sucked in by the fan and when you plug it in, you know from this pathetic fan it doesn’t have the power to suck in a gnat, never mind a mosquito. It has a USB cable, so that should be a clue, my other half tells me.

They have fake reviews on their website that are 97% favourable and all kinds of bullcrap about what wonderful quality it is and how well it works; some people report to have bought one for every room in their home and others use it on a ranch. BS. They wrote these reviews and posted them.

If you contact customer service, you get an automated reply from a machine, not a person, that doesn’t even reflect your comments or answer your questions. All it said was that it could be used indoors or out. A blatant lie. The marketing around this piece of crap is phenomenal and it’s completely misrepresented. They have the unmitigated gaul to tack this on the bottom of their email: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

I’m willing to bet that if I left a review as their website indicates, it wouldn’t see the light of day. They would delete it.

Their return centre is outside the US so in order to get the unit, try it, and return it within the specified 30 days would take too long and cost more than the value of it. They also charge a 20% processing fee for returns so it’s cheaper to throw it in the trash where it belongs and eat the cost of it. They don’t tell you it comes from China, but when there’s an extra fee for the exchange rate tacked on to the credit card charge, you know it’s from a foreign source. When I see “tiger” in the name I suspect it’s Chinese.

I have learned that no matter what you purchase, whether it’s eye glasses or furniture, these Chinese vendors have no ethics and will say anything to take your money. They will even pretend or suggest the products are made in America by “craftsmen”. Be sure to buy American. [or Canadian] Often it’s better to buy from a store where you know who you’re dealing with. End of sermon and rant.

The Chinese CCP is certainly well positioned to con the world about a fake pandemic. I am beyond fed up with lies, subterfuge, coverups, manipulation, imposters, con jobs, empty words and virtue-signalling, secret meetings and agendas, false advertising, CGI, selfish and greedy people, and predators of any kind. Trump speaks for me.

Gotta run. Tomorrow is another day. Catch up with you later.  ~ BP

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July 6, 2022: Not Just Another Hump Day—Georgia Guidestones GONE! [videos]

July 6, 2022


Guard your mind… because we’re about to march in and talk sense and facts to the doubters and the faithless.

I’m inserting this up-to-the-minute news flash about the Georgia Guidestones. They are now ALL DOWN. Video footage.  Link to Telegram.

It’s great that it happened this way so we can all watch their destruction.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Well, well, well… things are happening this hump day, there’s no denying it. Many of us got our wish at least in part this morning when a portion of the Georgia Guidestones crumbled from a suggested “earthquake”. Uh-huh. That was the first suspected cause from locals. Pretty targeted hit for an earthquake.

Will people be sad the monument is damaged?

We don’t know at this point if it was the English language column that fell but if the White Hats are that confident that they would attack this well-known monument of the evil controllers then we’re in pretty good shape at this point. If it wasn’t the White Hats, then someone brave enough to get caught and prosecuted stuck their neck out.

Or was it a Rod from God? Good video analysis might reveal that.

If it was a special ops kind of person, they might have the “invisible” technology so they don’t show up on video.

Others pointed to a Q drop that said they’re scared. What if they destroyed their own monument to cover their tracks? The first “commandment” is not vague.

Maintain the human population at 500,000,000.  Note “human”, because they are not. It has nothing to do with nature but their own personal control—which they have lost.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

This was the only coverage, below, that I found early this morning when I looked. Video at the link. Of course the police are all over it when it’s a cabal monument but it’s okay to deface and tear down statues of past US presidents and historical figures, etc.

Patriots have been wanting to see this evil trash destroyed for a long time. Sometimes wishes do come true. Symbolism will be their downfall, true, but their symbols will also fall down.

GBI investigating after parts of mysterious Georgia monument destroyed by explosive device

They call it a “mysterious” monument because no one saw anyone erect them, and no one lays claim to them—yet they are vociferously guarded and protected—or were. Now that I see the graffiti it seems they are not. What changed?

A newer Telegram has a drone shot.

Georgia Guidestones, the controversial monument with the inscription “maintain humanity under 500,000,000”, has been partially destroyed.

Here’s the Twitter version of the event.

If Kandiss Taylor was involved, more power to her. If not, someone took care of it and it was mandated by the People for a long time. Must watch video from Kandiss Taylor. Perhaps it will wake up a few people.

Maybe the cabal wants to implicate Kandiss Taylor while they themselves blew up the monument.

Their agenda to eliminate 90 per cent of the world’s Human population was literally carved in stone for years and few took any notice. “Just” a conspiracy theory. The monuments are “just” a curiosity. Some people can “just”-ify anything.

This post is putting itself together as I go and I want to speak to the ones who have no idea who is running the world and why the insane things that are happening are allowed to go on. If you’re in the dark, dazed and confused, you simply must watch the 13 minute video below. It explains everything and you’ll finally understand.

This isn’t a TV show or a movie. The threat is real. It has been for decades and no one wanted to pay attention or do anything about it except for a handful and many wound up dead, like Pres. John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.

The Plan to Save the World

Another interesting aspect might be that yesterday Ezra Cohen’s post on Telegram said, “major events to come”. I consider the above a big event, no question. It seems Ezra’s posts are maybe the most accurate of anyone’s, particularly with respect to “false flag events”. Link to Telegram.

How about this; is this MAJOR? Link to Telegram. Lots more where that came from. I can’t keep up.

And now… Link to Telegram.

BREAKING – Initial Reports now coming that British PM Boris Johnson is scheduled to meet or speak via call with the Queen this evening.

We also hear that Pussycat Johnson is going to meet with the Queen tonight. Yes, the one that isn’t real. What a public relations conundrum this is. Some of us know the truth, many don’t and we have two or more versions of the news. BoJo refuses to resign, we hear, and has been firing cabinet members. Who writes this stuff? Is it getting real enough for the doubters?

And just before press time I get this update. Telegram is chiming away like a symphony warming up. Link to Telegram.

🚨JUST IN🚨– Simon Hart
Secretary of State for Wales has resigned.

There is a lot of talk about CERN, as we mentioned yesterday. Will it be part of the workaround the Earth Alliance uses to free us from bondage? That would also be very important if they calibrated it successfully to create the energetic event necessary to activate our “antennae” and get us to “stand” and exit this prison planet. I ignore the fear porn and the intended “con-cern” they want us to have over this originally satanic [666] technology. It is no longer under the control of the psychopaths.

Jetson White puts together very interesting material about CERN and what is currently underway in the background concerning our escape from this artificial construct/prison. It reflects the way he connects dots, but he also has his own unique sources and mission he has spoken about before. Regardless of the bad press Juan O Savin gets, I find his information thought-provoking and Jetson ties it up neatly with a bow in his many videos. It’s a gift. It appears that things are getting more and more “biblical”.


Laura Walker has been cranking out her updates this past week and the older ones are already replaced. She is now speaking about CERN and the significance of that energetic tool. You can listen to her audio updates here to learn how the current events figure into the astrology of what is unfolding as she explains how we needn’t worry about what is happening now according to the information she gets from her guides and her astute observations about our situation. This first recording is 10 min. The newer one there is 6 min.

The Merry-Go-Round in Geneva

The crew tells us that Bo Polny has more for us on his dot connecting and prophecies about what is about to happen, and when. Some of his timing has been exact or very nearly exact to the day. I would leave the calendar open to avoid disappointment. David Nino Rodriguez hosts.

Canada’s deep state government is under the microscope these days now that things are going forward so quickly south of the 49th. This article exposes a method used to track Canadians in addition to the COVID testing app they used to spy on them. When they tell you something is for your own good or for your safety, you can bet it’s the opposite and this is the kind of language that has us conspiracy analysts howling with laughter.

“That is why the Government of Canada has developed an app that will keep Canadians safe,” the government said at the time.

Canadian Government Monitored Its People Through a Weather App

photo credit:

The Dutch and German people have unified to blockade the border between their nations in protest of the government edicts in the Netherlands that have farmers out in massive numbers on the roads, as well as the fishermen who recently joined in to blockade ports. It doesn’t look like anyone is backing down. Quite the opposite. You go, guys! Link to Telegram.

Climate change is bullshit and the farmers know it.

Dutch Government Launches Canadian-Style Crackdown On Farmer Protests

China in 2020 lockdown videos made to scare the rest of the world into submission

Remember the dramatic footage out of China in 2020 when the scamdemic was introduced?

Is this what they’re saying or is it about something else; a military operation? No idea. I just can’t believe people would fall for this again after more than two years of lies and unnecessary deaths due to the poisonous and misrepresented “vaxxx” that isn’t a vaccine and doesn’t prevent disease but kills your immune system, and worse.

Chinese City of 13 Million Shuts Down Again to Avoid COVID ‘Explosion’

It’s heart-breaking to see what the intentional injecting of innocent people has done. Our elderly friends got the jab and booster and I got an update a few minutes ago. One of them has cancer and is getting chemo treatments that are really hitting her hard. She is in bed virtually all day, no appetite and losing weight. When she stands she’s dizzy and fatigued. They BOTH got the Wu Flu regardless of having the “vaccine” and boosters.

The insanity has to stop. They’re murdering people with their doctors in white coats. Death by stethoscope. They’re also murdering our pets the same way. Drug pushers are killing us and we’re willing participants. Who is going to pay for this genocide—and when? Now is too late.

On a lighter note, the world is changing very quickly because People are changing quickly. Their thoughts, emotions, and therefore actions are changing. It’s time for good to win over evil. Enough is enough, and those in charge assure us the best is yet to come.

As one of our intel folks said recently, just watch what happens now.

Signing off for another day. Thanks to the crew for the heads up and current status on many things.  ~ BP

July 5, 2022: The Invisible War; Just a Hologram [videos]

July 5, 2022


We hope everyone had an enjoyable Independence Day or Kanata Day if you celebrate those. It was noisy here in the desert with people lighting off fireworks in the streets. I’ve never seen that before. It seems a great solution to the “it’s too dry” claims as the pavement would provide a wide open area with no combustible material nearby. I heard of lot of pops and whizz-bangs until after midnight but not one siren.

Of course there were warnings about false flag attacks and we saw a number of incidents in Denmark, Chicago Illinois, and the UK that might fit the bill.

The wack job that shot several people in Chicago at an Independence Day parade has shady connections to the feds. He’s seen wearing an FBI cap, a Pepe the frog shirt [very interesting], and the Epoch Times reports he was—wait for it—“known to authorities”. How many times have we heard that phrase about mass shooters? He reminds me of pedo Jimmy Saville.

Read more here from Sara Carter about his social media posts seeming to pre-plan the event.

And perhaps most damning of all…

7 killed at July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, heavily Jewish suburb of Chicago

The Denmark mall shooter was also 22 years old. Qincidence?

Denmark mall shooting: Suspect acted alone and incident was not terror-related, Copenhagen police say

The dark agenda is clear, and we have warned about it for years. The writing was on the wall but apparently they used invisible ink and only a few die-hard conspiracy analysts could see the future. The controllers continue to try to pull the wool over the sheeps’ eyes and they are successful in many cases. Poor sheep.

Got a Fitbit? Don’t fall for the con. Next they’ll want us all to download an app on our smart phones that will tell everyone they have the Wu Flu. Let’s not forget they gave us these technologies for their convenience, not ours.

UN World Health Organization Uses COVID as Excuse for ‘Enhanced Surveillance’

I can’t help but wonder as we progress through the complex stages of this war, this military operation, are we merely watching the “movie”… or are we making it? What if …

What if we, the awakened are the producers, directors, actors, script writers, extras, post-production editors, special effects engineers, public affairs and promotion, as well as the audience?

We are making history and it’s all recorded in several ways so… is it out of the question?

We have angels and demons, heroes and villains, antagonists and protagonists. We’ve had prequels and sequels to this seemingly never-ending production with twists and turns and false endings, anti-climaxes, and every day most of us throng the studio to see what will happen next in this epic serial adventure that seems so out of control because it’s painfully under the control of the positive military and other elements here to support us.

There can only be one outcome, and it will be spectacular and unforgettable but so many are impatient and therefore critical and losing faith in the process. We’ve been told a lot, but not everything and for that reason some are frustrated with having to navigate in the dark and/or under false pretenses. We know nothing is what it seems.

We are living in a make-believe world that is Satan’s fantasy; the culmination of many years of scheming, controlling, manipulating, and lying to deceive millions of people into accepting an unreasonable facsimile of the world we were meant to inhabit. It’s a cheap copy, laden with pitfalls, predators, and hired guns employed to keep us under control.

We are led to believe that Humanity itself is solving our problem, but the minutia we are now addressing is the flotsam and jetsam that remains after the really big war has already been fought—and won by the White Knights.

The military might involved for a few years in this war have done what they call the “heavy lifting”. They removed, largely by force, we understand, the worst of the forces and the biggest threats to our safety and existence. Based on the mop up operations we are now watching that should give people an idea of the magnitude of what has already been done.

The greatest threats were mighty indeed and when we hear how that initial phase was handled we might be shocked. The benevolent, sentient Beings in Creation do not embrace violence or the taking of lives, but as our Military Intelligence contact “Q” has said, it won’t always be clean.

Failure is not an option and in this last ditch effort to rescue our race, the powers in charge will do whatever is necessary with as little loss of life as possible. There was no death for the sake of death; no killing for the sake of killing. There may have been satisfaction with a victory but certainly little celebration. What would be celebrated is the steps toward a return to the ideal world once created for us.

Peace, freedom, abundance, service to others, and spiritual development are the goals. We were prevented from enjoying a life such as that and the God-given opportunity to advance spiritually. Now, that will all be ours to enjoy if and when we are ready.

We no longer accept our pathetic lot in life. We were cheated and betrayed, and now it is time we fought for our future as designed. We’ve been in school for the past several years and have learned a great deal. We learned that the physical world we experience is far from what was intended before we were hijacked by evil creatures who only served themselves.

While the situation for us is far from ideal at present, it is far and away an improvement over what it would have been had benevolent powers not stepped in. One day we will better understand everything that has happened, but for now we need to remain positive, do what we can to move the process along, inform others and promote understanding, while we try to enjoy the process. Timing is everything and we are not in charge of the timing where many factors play a role.

It’s not easy, but war is never easy and we understand that our lives will be so different, so enjoyable, so miraculously good that we will accept it was all worth it. Our intel has stated, “the best is yet to come” and I believe that. Those who have lost faith because it isn’t going according to their wishes will have to muddle along, regardless. We may as well make the best of it and remain positive and supportive of those who have sacrificed so much to get us to this point.

That’s my sermon for today. Most of our crew is very knowledgeable, faith-full, patient, engaged, and expect miracles. That’s how we cruise along as we do without getting upset, dejected, and resentful. We sympathize with those who are suffering in any way and can only remind them that help is on the way. As soon as possible, the situation will flip. Last time I checked we don’t have a genie but we can avoid disappointment by ignoring most of the dates we are given or are hinted at.

This is an information war, as you’ve no doubt heard. How do you fight that kind of a war? With information, misinformation, disinformation, and lies. If you expect and respect none of that you will be disappointed and frustrated.

We have to accept that meticulous attention to detail is mandatory for this unprecedented Operation to succeed.

If you need to have faith in something or someone, have faith in your self. We volunteered to be here, regardless of what we remember or consciously accept. We can be an extra in the movie or play a larger role. It’s up to us. We choose.

I’m hearing a lot about CERN these past few days. My take is, anything that was highly dangerous to us was dealt with some time ago, including 5G. I don’t listen to the fear porn. We’re fine. If the Patriots are using CERN for their own purposes, then whatever happens we’ll be fine. No biggie. Let them experiment. Perhaps it’s for our distinct BENEFIT. Does anyone consider that? Perhaps it’s part of “The Plan” to raise our frequency or help us make the ascension leap.

A number of people have reported being extremely tired the past few days since the recent CERN work began, or feeling spacey or off, in some way, or being awake all night. If we’re not used to the frequencies generated, we might feel a little discombobulated. It should pass.

Eli has been “off”, too. After three days of abnormal functions, I took him to the vet on July 4th after a visit to the dog park and he was there all day, charming the pants of everyone until the one doctor on duty could check him out. They didn’t find anything wrong and he wound up having a spectacular Independence Day at the “spa” with lots of attention and perhaps it’s just what he needed. Today he is normal again, so far.

If you’re experiencing challenges, rather than feeling the victim you may want to consider the following:

The Earth is Forcing you to Evolve

Some are saying there isn’t much happening but I see so much happening I can’t cover it all. Much of the activity is behind the scenes and compartmentalized. Specialists are doing their jobs. Attorneys are helping to litigate the criminals but it isn’t splashed all over the news sites and journals. Innocent until proven guilty, right? So until someone is convicted and incarcerated or executed we probably won’t hear anything. If the convict isn’t a household name, then what will it mean to us to find out they were found guilty and they’re off the street?

Law Enforcement in many cases is stepping up to embrace their rights and duties and addressing the crimes, like in Texas. Link to Telegram.


TEXAS: Judges, Sheriffs and local politicians just held a press conference about the Biden border invasion.

“These individuals being brought to us… they are not free to go. They are the property of the cartels…

It is an invasion that is being pushed by the cartels into our country and it must come to a stop.

This may be hard for some people to swallow, cause you think slavery ended a long time ago, but it did not. It’s taking place in modern America – right now.”

It’s time for LEOs to step up and exercize their constitutional rights. Link to Telegram.

Catherine Engelbrecht outlines the wide range of authority that the Constitution gives to sheriffs.

Sheriffs can do everything from doing investigations and making arrests, to calling grand juries, to even arresting federal agents in their own jurisdictions.

That’s why is putting together a “sheriff toolkit” to help protect elections moving forward

Dutch farmers’ blockade July 4, 2022

There is certainly a lot going on in the Netherlands. Wow. Just wow. What an astonishing turnout. Kudos to our Dutch friends who are making the People’s wishes known to their government and they’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer. This is the food supply at stake.

Dutch Farmers Turn up the Heat on the Government: Fishermen Allies Join the Cause

That’s fighting back. This is being proactive. Mississippi says doctors will lose their license to practice if they prescribe medications to terminate pregnancies/abort fetuses.

Maybe you took the relaxed stance and lack of Phil podcasts these past few days as a hint that things are going very well and the intel people have been asked to lay low and remain quiet for now. That’s how I took it, however…

It seems some of the Phil Phamily Phollowers needed a pep talk so Phil G gave them one, in a series of pointed remarks in the Chat channel. Good for you, Phil. No apologies necessary. Some folks just need to grow up and understand how an information war is fought.

Phil gives us good intel when he can, and we understand those who bring it have constraints. Link to Telegram.

Finally, we have some good news for California. Keep going!

Judge Strikes Down L.A. School’s Vaccine Mandate as Illegal, Blocks It from Segregating Kids into Independent Study

People are getting too relaxed. If folks aren’t spooked enough, now the OMICRON variant has a SUB-variant we should all be afraid of. It’s the next “boogey man” and  no doubt next pathetic reason to get a killer jab.

New omicron subvariant BA.5 now a majority of US COVID-19 cases

And those lucky people in Florida, now they have a challenge to deal with, in case life was getting too enjoyable. Good grief. Does it ever stop? CNN reporting/fabricating.

A Florida county is quarantining after discovery of invasive Giant African land snail

If you’re sick of the fear porn and trying to decode intel, you may enjoy hearing the testimony of a survivor. At some point the world has to accept the scale of the lies and coverups and adjust to the real world. See video below which you must watch on YouTube.

Soul Mission (Aug 20/2021) Dulce & Diego Garcia survivor Mark Domizio
Mark was taken into dark programs to Diego Garcia Base in the Indian ocean, then in Dulce for experimentation on his soul.

Soul Mission (Aug 20/2021) Dulce & Diego Garcia survivor Mark Domizio

Time’s up. Gotta run. Check in with you later. Thank you to the crew for adding their two cents worth of the weekend news and updates since I was relaxed [tired] and enjoying time off.  ~ BP

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