YIKES = WE LOVE KILLING BABIES [says the satanists and demons and pedovore’s, cannibals and….,- (0:33)  – July 11 2022

The vampires drink OUR HUMAN BLOOD and the PEDOVORES eat our human children..,The vampires drink OUR HUMAN BLOOD and the PEDOVORES eat our human children..,


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Date: Monday, 11-Jul-2022 04:24:31

Think if ever I knew that I’d grow up to be like this fine outstanding specimen or her/his/its/unspecified ilk holding on to the same view, I’d probably have aborted myself.By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLineWhen the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade, after 50 years of offering a federal “right” to kill the unborn in the womb, handing the issue back to the states and the people of the states, we saw more than just temper tantrums.In fact, we saw the mask ripped off pro-abortion supporters and protesters, to see the true faces and natures of liberals and democrats in America.While Americans have polled as being more concerned about inflation, the economy, high gas and food prices than they are abortion issues, the extreme reactions from the left on the overturning of Roe v Wade, are causing many moderate Americas to distance themselves from the entire abortion issue, even those that are what they call “pro-choice” meaning in favor of federally legalized abortion.Republicans actually gained a point after the Row ruling.A new YouGov/Economist poll of 776 likely voters from June 25 to June 28 showed 45% of voters would support their Republican congressional candidate, as opposed to 40% for the Democrat. Not only do Republicans retain their generic ballot lead (which in and of itself is a rarity because typically Democrats have a lead in most all election years) but they actually gained 1% from the poll conducted before SCOTUS reversed Roe.The complete meltdowns from the liberal media, pro-abortion groups, and democrat politicians, are actually costing them support, rather than garnering it for them.We saw the media pick up and carry the democrat abortion banned, insisting on calling abortion “reproductive” care or health, which as we have documented previously is an egregious misrepresentation of what abortion really is. It just sounds better than calling it baby-killing, so they run with it.Cont;https://allnewspipeline.com/Sickos_Scream_We_Love_Killing_Babies.phphttps://www.brighteon.com/embed/ffeead56-8c4c-49ff-b64d-603a4a903943https://www.brighteon.com/ffeead56-8c4c-49ff-b64d-603a4a903943Meanwhile…Floating abortion clinic proposed in Gulf to bypass bans.https://news.yahoo.com/floating-abortion-clinic-proposed-gulf-213715480.html———Fox.


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