Part 13 : Eaters of Children The Pedocracy Exposed …The Boys Town Cover-Up … Muddy Waters In Arkansas – July 13 2022

Part 13 : Eaters of Children The Pedocracy Exposed …The Boys Town Cover-Up … Muddy Waters In Arkansas

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Date: Wednesday, 13-Jul-2022 12:14:55

Good morning, we continue with Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed by Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci. He makes a good point about the “Franklin Coverup”,and why Washington went at King in the manner they did…..A Federal Credit Union is a government-subsidized bank with a target clientele, usually minorities or government employees.On the surface, such a bank appears to be giving “the disadvantaged” a “helping hand” but the true purpose is to endear large populations to socialized governmental control.In 1979, Lawrence King was made Chief Executive Officer of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, ostensibly to rescue it. At the time, he was a Democrat, but by the inauguration of the Reagan / Bush administration, King had switched parties.As a Republican black businessman, he was highly prized and sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican national conventions.King was also a child sex slave trafficker and vicious sadist who had likely been earmarked for his role from the beginning.The scandal would later be called “the Franklin Cover-up” based off the 1992 book of the same name. In ultimate “learning against learning” fashion, the title is, itself, a cover-up designed to distract from the epicenter of the scandal. That was the Roman Catholic orphanage known as “Boys Town”. The focus was deflected to be placed on scapegoat Lawrence King and the Franklin Federal Credit Union.
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