Saratoga Ocean: 5 THINGS you NEED TO KNOW to navigate the SPIRITUAL CHAOS on this planet! [30 min video]

Saratoga Ocean: 5 THINGS you NEED TO KNOW to navigate the SPIRITUAL CHAOS on this planet! [30 min video]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jul-2022 17:06:43

Navigating SPIRITUAL CHAOS! 🔥 | 5 Things you must know! | Ascension update 🌎
Saratoga Ocean
July 12, 2022 THINGS you need to know to navigate the spiritual chaos on this planet, plus an ascension update!


Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 15-Jul-2022 15:59:55

This message is from a mailing list.
-NW The worst kind of party crashers!
Saratoga Ocean How is your summer going? (Or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere) Things are mostly back to normal around here after the past 2+ years of horribleness. People have basically gone back to living their lives again. It’s good to see the beach vibrant and alive again with tourists and lots of events. A small percentage of people wear masks here and there, but for the most part the insanity is over. Let’s hope it lasts! But then we have the controllers sneaking around in the background, and brewing more of their diabolical plans. They are busy conjuring up all kinds of new potential illnesses for us to be afraid of! (At last count, I heard it was eleven forms of sickness we are supposed to be paranoid about.) I think it’s their new hobby. It’s as though they did not know that there are actually viruses on planet Earth. They also didn’t know that we all possess an immune system – one of those amazing, new-fangled ways that nature deals with viruses. I mean, who knew?? Here’s the funny thing about these crazy guys: They are always on the hunt for new and better ways to scare us into being terrified about death. Things like war, starvation, asteroids, guns, viruses (did I mention that?), and people who don’t think the way they are told to think. (They’re the worst!) And when all else fails, there is always the planet’s climate. I mean that is the scariest thing of all! Yikes! Here’s an interesting little factoid: I find it interesting that they always seem to be obsessed with telling us that we only have 10 to 12 years to live. But they’ve been saying this for over 30 years! I remember way back when we were all gonna die in exactly 12 years because of the ozone hole. They said that all of the algae on Earth would die, and then there wouldn’t be enough oxygen, so everything on Earth would drop dead. Because algae is at the base of the foodchain. Yep, that was one of their little mini-terror campaigns. I think they were practicing for what they’re about to unleash in today’s world. So if Earth was a party in paradise, these guys would be the worst kind of party crashers. It’s doom and gloom all the time! They are like a roving band of haunted house occupants, looking for their next mental waystation in all of our heads. Now here’s what I hope is happening. I hope that people are beginning to tune these monsters out. I suspect that they would lose an enormous amount of power if they lost all of those millions of listening ears. Because then it would be like they were just talking to themselves. And remember, they can’t manifest anything without our participation. So if we just tune them out as crazy people, then how do they cope with that? Now I’m not suggesting that this is a total solution. But I think it could substantially reduce their power to control us. There is really such a teeny, tiny percentage of these people who are actually running the show. It only seems like there are more of them because they have their media megaphones on full blast 24/7. Monsters with megaphones! Ha ha! Do you see how ridiculous they really are? So I propose that we all try an experiment, and just ignore them. We can be aware of them, and we probably should be. Just like you’d want to be aware of any crocodiles in the river behind your home. But being aware doesn’t mean that you jump in the water with them. Let’s focus our intention on where we each want to go. That’s how you let love be your guiding force, instead of the fear generated by these controllers. Now if you missed my newest YouTube video, it includes an ascension update, plus reflections on all of the spiritual chaos happening on our planet right now.
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