Part 15 Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed … Grove Ritual … River’s End

Part 15 Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed … Grove Ritual … River’s End

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Date: Wednesday, 20-Jul-2022 20:49:05

Good evening, continuing with Eaters of Children : The Pedocracy Exposed by Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci…..The “official story” of what happened to Polly Hannah Klaas is immediately suspicious.Twelve-year-old Polly Hannah Klaas was having a slumber party when a strange man holding a knife entered her bedroom, tied up all the girls and put pillow cases over their heads. The intruder then took a sobbing Polly off into the night.Her friends stood back-to-back trying to untie themselves. When that didn’t work, one girl was able to bring her hands under her feet to free herself. The girls then awakened Polly’s mother, who immediately called the police…. A stranger had invaded a private home in Petaluma, CA and snatched an innocent child from her very own bedroom. There were witnesses to tell the story. People in her home town and throughout the world helped search for her. ~ The Polly Klaas Foundation [862]A home invasion by a stranger who specifically targets only the child who lives there during a “slumber party” filled with other girls her age? …..31 October 1993, “Halloween”: 22 year-old “River Phoenix” (born River Jude Bottom)dies from a simultaneous ingestion of heroin, cocaine and Valium.How the drugs got into the system of the vegetarian health enthusiast should have been more questioned than it was.By now, the parameters of the Devil’s Simulation have become more familiar to us.* A “Faustian bargain”…a “deal with the Devil”.
* Is the subject willing to use or be used by others?
* What is the subject willing to do to advance themselves?
* Sexual deviancy?
* Homosexuality? Gender confusion (either from trauma or
willfully striven for) is indicative.
* Rape? Inappropriate seduction qualifies, especially when
aided by narcotics, hypnosis, etc.
* Abuse of a child?
* Abuse a child so young they are completely unaware of
sex and have no sexual appeal? (to normal human beings)
* Kill an animal? (particularly one that is helpless)
* Murder a human being?
* Torture something innocent and defenseless?As we see the same names in popular culture rotating before us it is made clear: they have participated to some degree in the Devil’s Simulation — even if a reliable-source accusation isn’t readily available.Few venues make this more illustrative than “entertainment”; particularly television and film (but also music).River Jude Bottom didn’t skyrocket through child acting from obscurity. He was victimized by the Children of God cult;

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