July… something… Take Cover: Truth Bombs Exploding Daily in the Biggest War You Never Heard Of

July… something… Take Cover: Truth Bombs Exploding Daily in the Biggest War You Never Heard Of

July 26, 2022


Whether it’s improprieties in the courts, parliament, medical research, the White House, the race track, elections, food chain, the church, high finance, law enforcement, the entertainment world, Big Ag, Big Pharma, or big media—they are being exposed for what they are. It’s them against Humanity. No quarter. En garde!

I’ve been watching and waiting for this decision.

What about reparations for Ms. Lich for wrongful imprisonment and supreme miscarriage of justice in the Great White Gulag?

But holy crap—what’s this in the Vancouver Times??? The fairy Ghebreyesus in custody???!!! Caught trying to escape to Africa with money and jewels! For real? Please don’t consult Snopes. There are many reports of this if you do a search. It sounds legit. They say he’s just the first WHO psychopath to be apprehended. Bet he’ll sing a pretty song.

The crew will probably let us know if they find anything else interesting about this. No doubt they will try to spin it, deny it, call it a conspiracy theory… or simply ignore it.

WHO director arrested for crimes against humanity, the WEF may be next

Election developments are sensational and at the same time, appalling.

BREAKING: Rep. Chuck Wichgers Becomes THIRD WISCONSIN Lawmaker to Sign on to Decertify 2020 Wisconsin Election Results — The Fraud Was Too Great


Sens. Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski have tested positive for COVID-19

Seems to me Trump told his Alaska crowd at the rally recently that they had to get rid of Lisa Murkowski. That was a clue.

Another bitter pill to swallow for the late arisers will be the fact that sports is rigged, just like elections. Everything’s rigged. Betting is big. Numbers are important. Dollar signs dictate outcomes. Don’t believe your fave quarterback would throw a game? Think again. And we won’t even get into the satanic Human sacrifices that take place at some of the larger events.

When it comes to the track, when the crew chief and mechanics work on NASCAR autos, they could do things… make alterations that the drivers are unaware of so we don’t want to say the drivers were in on the cheating but, it’s unfortunate for the fans that this type of thing goes on in professional sports, whether it’s auto racing, football, whatever.

There are very strict aerodynamic criteria for NASCAR vehicles, measured to the millimeter. There are templates the crews use to measure how wide or how high or low a spoiler can be, the angle of it, everything is scientifically determined and if they stray from those guidelines, let a little more air into the the engine, fiddle with the restrictor plate… bad news. It’s usually discovered and penalized. They’re not exactly street cars but they are stock cars and they need to be uniform.

It’s not only about competitiveness, but also safety.

Cheating in spectator sports is another form of betrayal. Where is the thrill and satisfaction of a win if you broke the rules to achieve it? What is the point of a qualifying run if you manipulated your car to beat your opponents? And are the car owners implicated at all? People pay a lot of money to sit in those stands for the better part of a day, often in extreme heat or cold and rain. They may use a lot of gas to get there, and need overnight accommodation for a couple of nights. What a slap in the face to cheat them out of an honest competition. What disrespect to fellow competitors, their teams, and their families who depend on the paycheques.

A similar situation arises when men identifying as women are in competition with biological women in sporting events. It’s just not fair when opponents are not relatively equal biologically. Men have an edge, physically, for many reasons when competing with women. It’s so obvious.

Where has morality gone in our world? It’s difficult to find, and the White Hats are trying to set a good example in all ways for Humanity to emulate if they have forgotten the honourable way to conduct oneself.

As if NASCAR hasn’t had enough bad press with the “noose” they claim was found in the Bubba Wallace garage…

What we know about why Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch were DQ’d after 1-2 finish in NASCAR’s Pocono race

And speaking of honour, it seems a heavy hitter has called out Phil G. for a misdeed and has allowed one day for him to come clean. An interesting beginning to my day.

Phamous Phil may get even more phamous. This will be interesting. Will Phil ultimately be a phamous phail or an epic success? TruthHammer elaborates on his post from True the Vote‘s phearless Gregg Phillips. Link to Telegram.

In Phil Godlewski’s video last night, he claimed that he was invited to the Pit, and at one point claimed he had already [gone] to it.

Gregg Phillips had some words for Phil on Truth Social this morning.

I think Gregg Phillips must be the most diplomatic person in social media.

It seems the phakers are being called out left and right; banned on Gab, and now other platforms need to take action. See the video that the real Lt. Gen. McInerney [Ret] made when he learned of opportunists and imposters using his identity on social media. Link to Telegram.

Please share this video everywhere!

I told you all last week that I would get a video early this week directly from General McInerney in regards to his imposter social media accounts like the fake, scam Telegram channel @GeneralMcInerney

That channel and their other fraudulent account @TheLastGeneral should be reported and unfollowed immediately.

They are falsely impersonating a respected General against his wishes, stealing REAL content straight from LEGIT channels like @DailyRealTimeNews AND scamming people via “Trump Bucks” and other schemes. I have went into more detail on this in previous posts.

Stolen valor.

Stolen content.

Stolen money.

Please share this post and report these channels until Telegram is forced to remove them or at least label them as “fake” to help prevent others from being scammed.

Who should I expose next?

As I said, folks… any channels with ads for Trump bucks, checks, credit cards, etc. are most probably scammers. The exception might be someone taken in by their claims and leaving the ads on their channel but that would be rare indeed. We need to use our utmost discernment as the enemy never stops trying to take advantage or impersonate others.

That means, Ezra Cohen [who recently instructed followers to join the Gen. McInerney channel and whom Phil G regularly reposts], Edward Snowden [who flogs Trump bucks] and several others are all fakes.

German MEP Christine Anderson is one person who tells the truth—very clearly, loudly, and succinctly.

We need good people on our side because it can be exhausting striving to be on top of our game all the time, reading fine print, determining intent, zeroing in on pitfalls and sneak attacks in bills sent to the legislature. Kerry Lake explains in this cautionary note. The enemy is adept at making things that are bad for Humanity sound good.

I came across another Chinese scam today when out of curiosity I investigated some appealing ads and claims clothing was most assuredly all hand-made, found shockingly low prices, couldn’t find anything much on their website, and went to the Better Business Bureau website to see what kind of reviews were there. I knew what I would find.

Reviews were nearly all the same and complaints numbered high. They said the photos were beautiful and misleading, when the clothing arrived it was cheap, colour was different, fit was inaccurate, and while they had the impression they were getting cotton it was actually revealed in a hidden tag within the garment that it was cheap polyester [like you would use for a kite, one said] which doesn’t work in Arizona, as a customer pointed out.

All the respondents said if they tried to return the garments, they got the run-around from Customer Disservice, and they first learned the country of origin was China—something they don’t reveal on the website. The Better Business Bureau says the business address is in the UK but the one quoted is Chicago, IL.

If they chose to return the purchases customers had to pay the postage to return them to China so they offered the customers 15% of the price of the garment instead. This is exactly the same business model I found when I wanted to return a mosquito trap that most certainly didn’t live up to their claims and failed to work. They never responded to my second email or answered my questions and I could tell it was an automated reply system. No Human involved. Total scam and a waste of money to return to China even if they did respond. Lesson learned.

Misleading business practices are A-OK with some of those Chinese companies so be wary and find time for due diligence.

We’ve missed out again on decent rain that was in the vicinity but there are thunderstorms in the forecast for Friday and Saturday. Perhaps the non-soons will be soon-soons. Fingers crossed.

Until next time… remain vigilant and positive.  ~ BP

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July 25, 2022: Wading Through the Cow Pies and Lies Toward Freedom

July 25, 2022


This is your war correspondent still reporting from deep within the padded walls of the asylum; the loonie bin known as “Earth” or Terra, where everything is reversed, upside-down, and makes no sense. Earth—where doctors kill people, police commit crimes and protect other criminals, scientists teach junk science and the world believes it, and people think their friends are the enemy while their real enemies are invisible. Pretty messed up, eh?

Every country has its own drama currently, and the Canadian cabal—the domestic terrorists—decided to kick off the week with mass shooter events in Langley, British Columbia early this morning. Sounds like the EBS woke a few people up. Something has to.

In what kind of a world are the most defenseless people targeted? Sick, sick, sick. Ethnic cleansing… class cleansing. Next—the middle class! And while they’re at it, they work on their gun confiscation agenda.

O Canada—you have broken millions of hearts but awoken millions of minds. The tragedy of the arrest of Tamara Lich, imprisoned 48 days so far for peacefully protesting in the nation’s capital with hundreds of thousands of others is finally coming into the light. The criminals terrorizing innocent, peaceful people trying to save their nation once again turned unlawful arrests into a circus without due process. If you wish to follow this cluster f**k, hook up with Sheila Gunn Reid’s feed on Twitter. She is following it all closely and “translating” for us.

There appears to be some forward momentum in the Nova Scotia mass shooting of 2020. Who did what is being hashed over and fingers are pointing to assign blame. This could go on for another two years.

This is old news now, from a couple of days ago, but important to note. It is another in a series of traps and will come back to haunt them.

We hope that nonsense dissolves before it coagulates into reality for Steve Bannon but I think he’s up for it. It seems a very intentional situation which suggested it will come into play in the near future as one of those “boomerang” jobs. The much-anticipated John Durham subpoenas will doubtless come into it and we’ll see the shoe on the other foot as the discordant double standards of justice reverberate throughout Washington.

Fox News personalities like Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters are doing fantastic work for the White Hats. Just as the media’s talking heads set the stage and controlled minds for decades to secure control for the cabal, now the reverse is happening. The truth is coming out for those who love to watch Fox. Once again, these news men will tell the People what to think—in a good way. They’ve changed the narrative and flipped it so the listeners know who the criminals are and that justice must follow.

They just never stop trying to shoot up everyone with their poison. The shameless media crows fear, death and destruction 24/7 to cow people into getting “innoculated”.

Maybe it’s time for a review of the past two plus years and the conspiracies of the globalists to destroy Humanity. Link to Telegram.

We started off with a fake Covid-19 that never existed. All the governors, mayors, and politicians all played along with it. 2 weeks to slow the curve was the hook. Everyone bit. Instead of calling to isolate the virus, they continued the lie narrative. The cares act was a systematic funding of genocide that perpetuated the lie even further and lead to the vaccines. Their real plan. The ventilators, the remdemsivir push, the pcr tests, all who were involved are guilty. Yet people are still talking about republicans vs democrats, stolen elections, and midterms.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


Kind of makes you wonder why the election in America is Republican vs Democrat.

The prognosis… from Ezra Cohen channel on Telegram.

Will be a HOT August
Followed by a DEEP September
And to conclude with a RED October

Sounds intriguing, yes?

Unfortunately, we see signs of that “hot August” already in play as we wind up the month of July this week.

What’s going on in Oshkosh? By gosh it looks big, whatever it is. Election-rigging-related, perhaps?

It continues today…

Astonishing news came out of Michigan this weekend. The election that hasn’t happened yet was reported as final by two media sources who weren’t shy about declaring the winner. What?! We thought calling the election half way through election night was bad. This is preposterous—but will the People object? Will we get a rise out of the snoozers?

UPDATE: Serious Questions Remain After Michigan News Channel and AP Publish Election Results One Week Before Actual Election

I almost typed “Governor” Kari Lake—but that’s premature, too. However, that little fireball got a rousing welcome at Trump’s Save America rally in Arizona on Friday. This is her stand on election fraud—and she said “when”, not “if”. Kari will probably be Arizona’s Ron DeSantis.

Arizona’s next Governor has a stern warning for anyone trying to steal the election: “You’re gonna get caught. We’ve got eyes, we’ve got ears, and we have lawyers all over. And our law enforcement is on top of it. And know this: this next election, if you’re caught cheating, when I’m Governor, there’s not gonna be a slap on the wrist. We’re going after people who stole our vote…. we’re watching you, you are being watched, and there will be hell to pay.”

Unfortunately I was unable to watch this particular Trump rally but I hear Kari also stated that “Superman will be back soon.”

Many are deeply programmed and have to be pulled out of it. Information like this might provide some triggers. Video below.

Sue Ford (Aka Brice Taylor) – MK Ultra, Mind Control Victim

Brice Taylor is a valiant survivor of trauma-based mind control, having endured a lifetime of high-tech slavery. Her extraordinary book, Thanks For The Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled sex slave, is an autobiography that documents her abuse at the hands of celebrity perpetrators and government officials.

Sue Ford (Aka Brice Taylor) – MK Ultra, Mind Control Victim

The pedophiles, pedovores, and sick, greedy bastards from all walks of life will be addressed. Justice will be served. Link to Telegram.

Make sure to save and share this link… We are now over 1800 pages of SEIZED ASSETS since President Trump signed the Executive Order in December 2017 that if anyone was involved in Human Trafficking or Corruption, their ASSETS WOULD BE SEIZED.

Sometimes justice takes a circuitous route. Angry yet?

I find it very interesting that the New York Times published a piece on cannibalism, don’t you? Twatter told me James Woods’ Tweet couldn’t be found, but someone saved it.

Elon Musk recently Tweeted these interesting statements. Oh—and Starlink is available in 36 countries now, if I recall accurately.

Have you seen the bizarre cloud formations et al posted on social media from various places? This one in the UK is most unnatural. If you’re on Telegram, have a look. We hear that our friends upstairs will be putting on eye-catching displays to get the attention of the sheep and show them we are not alone.

We don’t even know if Earth is round, flat, pear-shaped, a toroid… So many lies. So we joke about it. Stew Peters on Telegram.

Stew Peters ✝️🇺🇸, [7/24/2022 11:18 AM]
[ Photo ]
This is so frustrating! I’m trying to get home, but because the “round globe” is spinning at 1080 mph, and this aircraft only travels at about 500 mph – we just keep slipping to the “other side”. 😂

What we DO know is that it is a closed system, hacked by an advanced predatory species long ago and taken over by AI; and we are soon to make our jail-break and escape from this asylum-prison. It’s going to be spectacular.

I’ve had four days off because I was just too busy, and too tired to do any posts. I’ve not had a true vacation in probably 15 years or more and nursing a sick dog and raising a puppy are tough so it’s been a challenging year. I have a number of unfinished projects hanging over my head and it’s been a period of breakdowns and maintenance issues around here the past week, when it all seems to happen at once. In addition, the sheer volume of news and the frenetic activity in the asylum withers my enthusiasm for covering it at all—but I shall—as I am able.

After that break punctuated by a float in the pool, a tasty sous-vide dinner and an end to the oppressive heat, my outlook is better and energy higher today. They’re forecasting only 99 degrees and clouds every day for the next ten days—but no promise of precipitation to end the non-soons. It seems regardless of where I live in the valley, it’s in a dry hole where the rain goes all around and avoids me like I’m rain-repellant.

Here are more insinuations about ‘nuclear war’—and good reason for Trump’s banning of Huawei in America. Trump knows stuff; people should listen.

FBI found Huawei equipment in Midwest could disrupt US nuclear communications: CNN

All in all, though… no need to worry. It’s under control and if we play our parts we can relax and know we did our best.

Here’s something quick, easy, and free. You can help “STOP THE W.H.O.” and sign the petition.

What the WHO…?


We need to hone our discernment, and there are ample tests for that. Sheep no more! Gullible people will fall prey to the deceivers.

How gullible are we?

Look Ma, no scarf! Fox continues to inform their viewership of the truth. I don’t believe this looks like Deborah Birx, but that’s probably because scarf lady got what she had coming to her and the White Hats are letting us know. Her message is important, but the other message on the screen with the number in it speaks volumes. “WH: 17 Close contacts after Biden positive test”.  Seventeen. 5:5

I’ve barely scratched the surface of current events but must leave you now. By this point you doubtless have ample resources for staying informed if that is your desire. Thanks to the dutiful crew for sharing valuable updates in the comments section.

Over and out.  ~ BP

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July 21, 2022: Regime Change on the Horizon

July 21, 2022


As we maintain cruising altitude in low Earth orbit monitoring the big picture, we can see the writing on the wall.

It’s obvious from the latest updates on the ‘resident’ that his days are numbered and he is about to be removed from the script. First they tell us he admitted to having cancer, but folks aren’t sure if that’s true or he’s delusional, and now they tell us he has the plague.

Ezra Cohen’s response… Link to Telegram.

Biden removed in private.

Next step is to remove him from the public.

In keeping with the others who walked that path or shared this script from the White Hats… we’re getting plenty of confirmations.

And there’s this…

BREAKING: Arizona GOP Offers $50,000 DOLLAR REWARD For Evidence Of Vote Buying In the 2022 Arizona Primary Election

Unless people are blind, deaf, and stupid [and some are], they can’t NOT have heard about the 46 or more states who declared election integrity was an issue and found it necessary to audit the results. Two states have declared their results should be overturned. All it takes is one to go through the process and the entire election must be nullified, according to what we’re told.

What else might take down the Biden crime family? Link to Telegram.

All of Hunter Biden’s laptop text messages can be found compiled in a searchable format on the website of Marco Polo.


It’s all coming to a head.

The lies have it? ‘Russia collusion’ case takes abrupt turn

The changing of the guard is definitely happening already.

It’s all over Twitter—Draghi did it. He actually resigned, which is wonderful news for Italy.

If the dual nature of the news we get is confusing and you can’t make heads nor tails of it, you may benefit from listening to this update from Patriot Underground. He knows the White Hats are in control. The confusion arises because our inside information is very different from the “movie” created to awaken the millions in a trance who just don’t understand their government was hijacked and that Humans are prey. It’s very complex and carefully scripted and you have to know which audience you belong to when you parse the news. Are you awake and aware—or are you in denial and sleepwalking?

Patriot Underground Episode 233

For example, we already know many of the worst traitors have already been tried and executed. We know it’s not the real Biden we’re seeing. Others, too, are merely actors on the stage. They have to get the attention of people who have no clue what’s going on, and get them to understand what the evil cabal has done, and that appropriate consequences are necessary. The satanic bloodline families who have been running the world and their pedophilic minions are going to get their just desserts.

In the mean time, we keep our sense of humour whenever possible.


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