JUAN O SAVIN – THEY KNOW this THING is coming at them like a FREIGHT TRAIN! – July 27 2022

JUAN O SAVIN – THEY KNOW this THING is coming at them like a FREIGHT TRAIN!

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Wednesday, 27-Jul-2022 09:32:57

Beginning of inteview has a 6 second recording:Dr. Deborah Birx “KNEW THESE VACCINES WERE NOT GOING TO PROTECT AGAINST INFECTION”_________________________________________________________________Juanito comes in around 25:00.Everybody needs to get their mind in the right spot!The democrats and the people over at the house ESPECIALLY… are very very keenly aware of the fact that things are coming to a head quickly!THEY KNOW this thing is coming at them like a freight train!like the song:
I CAN FEEL IT COMING IN THE NIGHT!_____________________________________________________________JUAN O SAVIN Interview with Spaceshothttps://rumble.com/embed/v1b2rpj/?pub=4https://rumble.com/v1doxmr-spaceshot76-wjuan-o-savin.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=5DliveAlso you can get a free coin and
Show Pride For The 2nd Amendmenthttp://www.supportthe2nd.com


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