CGI’s TKON: ETINT: Hitler Conceived By Incest.. Zelensky Drugs His Soldiers’ Food – Passing this onto the MILITARIES….,

CGI’s TKON: ETINT: Hitler Conceived By Incest.. Zelensky Drugs His Soldiers’ Food

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Tuesday, 26-Jul-2022 01:31:37

A post submitted by CGI member TKON. ************************* excerpts from the 813th Contact Report,
Thursday, 14th July 2022, 8:23 hrs
preliminary translation, may contain errors …

As far as America is concerned, its official leadership, led by the senile Biden, as well as the dark power in the background, in cooperation with the Ukrainian leadership, i.e. with Zelensky, have orchestrated a worldwide conspiracy against Russia. Many state leaders as well as large parts of the population of many states have fallen for this conspiracy, which was fundamentally and systematically caused and brought about by the USA. America and its dark leadership working in the background have brought about everything against Russia in such a mendacious way that a large part of the entire population of the world is biased on the side of America and Zelensky and does not perceive what really is and what the whole thing is really about. The one-sided and American-directed war coverage conveys to the world population the half-value of what is really happening in this war in Ukraine. We also overheard and recorded conversations in which the Americans made this Zelensky believe that all of Europe’s freedom depended on Ukraine winning the war, which is why all means had to be used against Russia and thus against Putin, so that the war would be effectively won in Ukraine’s favour. In order to achieve the goal, America would supply all the heavy weapons necessary, regardless of how the whole thing would financially drive up the national debt. Zelensky, as an evil power-hungry warmonger, was and is of course in bondage to this deceitful promise, so sooner or later he will also make this mendacious claim public in order to keep the leaders and populations of other states, who can be influenced by lies, on his side. This will only be a question of time, because many state leaders and many of the populations of various states, above all the completely irresponsible, partisan German Foreign Minister Baerbock, who is suffering from blind megalomania, as well as the person Ursula von der Leyen in the European Union, as you mentioned these two persons in your speech, are only now starting with their hate propaganda against Russia and thus against Putin. Moreover, the one-sided war reporting directed by America conveys to the world population the half-truth of what is really happening in this war in Ukraine, which is why they will also list a number of Russian dead military personnel, which on the one hand does not correspond to the truth and on the other hand conceals what is happening in this respect on the Ukrainian side. The fact that Americans are taking part in the war is also being concealed; this is to be kept secret at all costs. Zelensky is an evil power-hungry and war-monger, as are also many leaders of various states, first and foremost of whom is the completely irresponsible German Foreign Minister Baerbock, who is suffering from blind megalomania, and in the European Union the personality Ursula von der Leyen, the two persons you often cite in your speeches. But this is not all, because also far away, especially in Europe, many politicians and also large parts of the population do not realise what is really going on in the war in Ukraine. This, for example, that mainly through the greed for power and war of the megalomaniac Zelensky everything is being aligned and juggled according to America’s plans and hopes, and for this purpose the trust of all those state leaders and sections of the population who are friendly to him is being abused. By supplying weapons to Ukraine, the war can continue unabated for a long time and cause many deaths and destruction, on the one hand for the benefit of the war-mongering Zelensky, but on the other hand also for the benefit of the USA, which is extremely addicted to world domination. The current world war was also triggered by their negative and underhanded efforts, because with the start of the arms deliveries to Ukraine, the whole thing became a global concern. Even though it is currently a global economic war, but it can continue to become dangerous – how shall I put it – and escalate, it is still … … … Billy: But we shouldn’t … Ptaah: … of course not, consequently, you should not do it while retrieving the ges… Billy: … that is obvious. Ptaah: Good. – All of the supporters also fail to see and recognise that through the underhand machinations of America – which has long had its own soldiers in the war in Ukraine, along with mercenaries from all over the world, even from Switzerland – the war continues. If it were not for the USA, which wants to destroy Russia with all its dirty intrigues and means, as well as integrate it into its delusions of world domination, the war would have ended long ago and all disputes would be over. However, nothing of the sort is in the interests of the USA, which is why the one-sided war reporting only absolutely admits the destruction and atrocities of the Russian military, while the same practices of the Ukrainian military are concealed, which even rapes and murders its own compatriots, as well as causing destruction, in order to then portray everything as Russian war crimes, as we often find. We have observed this several times during the long war period and have also noticed that Zelensky is not willing to care about this, because the only thing that is important to him is that he can keep his power, play warlord and present himself as such worldwide through public TV organs in his pathological megalomania. However, the whole of this and all other truth is recognised even in his own ranks, which is why, after all, you have been written to and asked for advice by persons in his immediate circle and even by the secret service, to … Billy: … stop, because I don’t really want to talk about that any more, because it’s all pointless anyway and I know that those people will sooner or later fall into the clutches of Zelensky who don’t agree with his machinations. As I know from my time with Sfath, he will persecute many, and thus also those from the secret service, and will also charge them with treason and possibly have them executed if they finally turn out to be collaborators in their distress of conscience. I also know that he secretly … in the food of his army …. Ptaah: You shouldn’t mention that openly. Billy: It’s good, but Hitler did the same thing with Pervitin, just in a different way. Mankind, however, knows nothing about it, because everything is concealed from it, also what and who Hitler, whose real name was Hiedler, really was, that was and still is stubbornly concealed. Ptaah: That is indeed the case. He was not only a medication addict and a drug addict, but really a nobody by origin, who was also incestuously conceived by his father with his own daughter, who was Hitler’s sister. Moreover, he was not only mentally ill since childhood, but also suffered from episodic schizophrenia. But talking about it is of no use, because very many of the earthly politicians and state leaders who would be responsible for such things being submitted and explained to the public are so corrupt that everything is kept quiet. As we know very well, a great deal is negotiated and decided by many of the leaders in all the states of the Earth, which, however, remains secret from the peoples and consequently does not reach the public. Such a thing is not possible with us Plejaren and, moreover, would not be permitted according to our directives, for every member of our Federation and planetary humanity is entitled to know explicitly everything that is discussed and decided by state leaders. Furthermore, it is handled in such a way that every negotiation of state duties, as well as other duties that arise, etc., is carried out reciprocally by other persons, thus never the same persons carry out a meeting, deliberation and decision, consequently different persons are involved each time. Furthermore, all meetings, deliberations, decisions, etc., are broadcast planet-wide, so that every single person of the populations of all the planets of our vast Federation and of our planet can interfere or intervene if he or she feels it is necessary. However, this happens so rarely that it is not really worth mentioning. But if I now return to what is happening on Earth, then it is to be said that we Plejaren do not take sides with the belligerents in Ukraine, on both sides, i.e. neither with Ukraine nor with Russia, nor in any other way with other states in any other matters, but remain neutral throughout. This is consistently our Plejaren general behaviour, which was created by our early ancestors more than 52,000 years ago as a general rule of that and has ensured us ever since that we can deal peacefully with each other privately, politically and in every other way and thus preserve peace, freedom and humanity. Also, all behaviour of power, hatred, theft, murder and the like, as well as strife etc., is foreign to us and therefore not our own, consequently we must strictly guard against it here on Earth and not come into direct contact with Earth-humans. Although we are not very susceptible to all the evil behaviour that is unfortunately common among Earth-humans, our directives nevertheless forbid any direct or indirect contact with human beings of Earth. Only in the form of indirect mediation would this have been possible, but this is now out of date because of the grave unteachability and evil of the bulk of Earth-humans through the directives. Therefore, if Sfath and Semjase were still able to visit various Earth-humans together with you and make contact with them, this is now no longer possible, for the behaviour of the Earth-humans has since deteriorated to such an extent that all our really extensive security measures can no longer give any guarantee.
… ….However, as far as the state leaders and a large part of the population of various Earth states are concerned, they are allowing themselves to be beguiled and misled by the two-part state leadership of America and by the Ukrainian warmonger Zelensky, as well as by his feigned anxious pleading – which, as a trained actor, he has more than mastered. This is clearly because all those who support him are, for their part, non-thinkers and thus stupid, unable to make up their own minds. In their non-thinking they are will-less slaves of Zelensky and let him decide how they should align themselves in their opinion and partisanship, thoughtlessly in his and America’s favour, by having him direct their actions according to his and the USA’s will. This is without them being able to realise in their non-thinking, i.e. in their stupidity, that they are ensnared by Zelensky and are absolutely slavishly in bondage to him and America and are being misled by a widely spread false propaganda that Russia and China are the bad guys who are trying to dominate the world with all their might. This corresponds to an unparalleled lie that is being spread worldwide by America and is captivating all believers and supporters of the USA. This is the case with the simplest human beings of the majority of the population, as well as with the leaders of the various states, including Ukraine, who are not capable of thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, but are subjugated by Zelensky, who embodies nothing other than a puppet of America. He is surreptitiously controlled by the powerful of America’s state leadership, who in turn – sometimes knowingly, but usually unknowingly – direct their actions according to the powerful of the dark state leadership who secretly influence them. Thus Zelensky, in his stupidity and greed for power as well as in his pathological megalomania, is rightly controlled by the dark forces of America, as is also the official state leadership of America, whose supreme power, according to our findings, has so far succumbed to a still mild form of senility. The fact is, however, that America’s entire leadership, as well as the Ukrainian President Zelensky, are nothing more than puppets of the American dark forces, which control the entire economy of every sector, as well as all the political machinations of the USA abroad, respectively everywhere on Earth, where America and its secret services have their dirty fingers in the pie, as you like to say. The fact that America is usurping world domination and has been doing so for a long time is truly no secret to those human beings who are still capable of thinking for themselves.
… Full contact report
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