Part 17 of 17 Eaters of Children the Pedocracy Exposed … Child Predator Services … Pedd State …“#PizzaGate”

FAKE Christians THAT POSE AS THE good guys, THAT WOULD be recent Popes etc.


Part 17 of 17 Eaters of Children the Pedocracy Exposed … Child Predator Services … Pedd State …“#PizzaGate”

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 28-Jul-2022 14:24:09

Good day everyone, this morning we wrap up Johnny Cirucci’s awesome bit of work ‘Eaters of Children the Pedocracy Exposed’. For myself, I have to say this is one of my all time favorite books for bringing confirmation on a subject. I can speak from experience on the subject of the Catholic Church, because I was exposed to it as a child and was in fact baptized and confirmed in it before I even knew what it meant. I never felt comfortable in the church, mostly from just watching the reactions of the adults to it and it’s rites and sermons. I decided at age 14, that I was not going to be a part of that church any longer. It did cause some friction until I left home at 17. I look back now and I wonder about my two older brothers, as they were exposed to it much longer and deeper then I and my younger siblings. They both were altar boys, and given how their adult lives turned out(both have passed) I now wonder if they too were not abused by people they should have been able to trust. As I have researched secular life since 1978, I have always tried to keep an open mind when attempting to assign blame. Because of the influence of religion in peoples lives, and how the PTB use it to influence thought process, the gap between secular and religion has narrowed very much. A good example to demonstrate my point is for perhaps the first 10-15 years, a ‘key’ word for the manipulators was the word Arab. Somewhere in the 90’s the ‘key’ morphed into Muslim. The manipulators have done the same with the Catholic Church and the word Christian, as if they are one and the same. The author of this book and I although our paths were very different have come to the same conclusion…The Catholic Church is the Head of the Snake, that seeks to control every aspect of your life here, and the one to come. Stop trying to blame the Jewish people for the worlds problems, the blame belongs on the Institution in Rome and the damned Jesuits in FACT. The Catholic Church is the most corrupt institution on the planet, and it is not even close, I suggest that Catholic’s worldwide take the time to sit down and actually peruse The Word of God, no where in it will you find a poser calling himself the Vicar of Christ, We call all of those with ears to leave the harlot behind you….so be it. …o… …26 March 2010: Former Georgia State Senator and child advocate Nancy Schaefer is found dead in her home along with her husband, Bruce. Both were shot. Police would later tell media it was a “murder / suicide”. Because of the control the Pedocracy has, government agencies sworn to protect children are actually the very places they are trafficked through for horrible abuse… … 5 November 2011: Penn State Football Assistant Coach Gerald Arthur “Jerry” Sandusky is arrested and charged with seven counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, eight counts of corruption of minors, eight counts of endangering the welfare of a child, seven counts of indecent assault, and other offenses. Sandusky was born into a Polish / Irish, Catholic family. The work his father did with the charity sports “Brownson House” in Washington, Pennsylvania inclined him toward a similar future. It is not known if Arthur Sandusky was also a pedophile. Given the commonality of generational abuse amongst predators, it is a prudent question to ask… ..Once the Jesuits created Communism via their Reduction settlements in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, it was insinuated at every level of American life. The infiltration was so bad it needed cover. That cover was provided via the outrageous antics of a corrupt Irish Catholic Senator named Joseph McCarthy. But the idea wasn’t his, it was the brainchild of Father Edmund Walsh, SJ [1014] — the man whom the Georgetown School of Foreign Service is named after. Georgetown SFS is a prerequisite for anyone who expects to serve in power because they will ultimately serve Rome. The list of alumni is too vast to show but it includes names like… ..Rightly is the Jesuit school for intrigue in “Foreign Service” named after Edmund Walsh. If the Vatican and Jesuits are not up to their eyeballs in provoking wars and creating general chaos worldwide, then why did Georgetown Jesuit priest, Edmund A. Walsh, handpick and place mass murderer Joseph Stalin into power? If Walsh wasn’t a kingpin in the New World Order, how could he have the power to use American money to fund Russian communism? How could he have had the power to handpick FDR and Eisenhower to push a phony, controlled World War II onto the American people? How could Walsh, the creator of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, have had the power to act as chief consultant to the Nuremberg trial judges in order to keep the Jesuits and Vatican connection to the Nazis out of the public record as well as ensuring some prominent Nazis were never convicted? If Walsh was only a harmless school teacher as depicted by the Jesuits, how come he was instrumental in establishing diplomatic relations for the U.S. Government in Baghdad way back in 1931? How come he personally assisted Plutarco Elías Calles in the formation of the National Revolutionary Party (PNR), ensuring the security and primacy of the Catholic Church in Mexican politics and the party—an alliance that remains unbroken to this day? Of course, all these important questions have never been answered by U.S. leaders and the Vatican. Why? Because it would show, beyond a reasonable doubt, the two entities are working together to destroy America from within and have been doing it for a very, very long time. ~ Szymanski [1015] more here

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