Daily News and Updates for July 29th 2022

Daily News and Updates for July 29th 2022


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Federal Judge Dismisses Nick Sandmann Defamation Lawsuits Against New York Times, Other Media Companies

Report: Leaked Emails Suggest CDC Coordinated With Twitter, Facebook And Google To Censor Social Media Users

Matt Gaetz Says It’s ‘Highly Unlikely’ DeSantis Will Run Against Trump

Canada’s former Agriculture Minister slams Trudeau’s nitrogen policy

Four Toronto doctors die within one week of COVID booster expansion

Jason Kenney says Alberta will fight Trudeau’s starvation policy

Ultrasound Patch “would communicate with your cellphone, where AI algorithms would analyze the images on demand”


Inflation To Get Much Worse — Courtesy of The “Inflation Reduction Act”


Anthocyanins in fruits like blueberries can boost brain and heart health


The WHO review: WHO’s COVID and monkeypox policies fail every one of the 10 public health principles


‘Greenhouse gas effect does not exist,’ a Swiss physicist challenges global warming climate orthodoxy


Steve Bannon with Sebastian Gorka: Joe Biden Will Be Impeached and the 2020 Election Results in Wisconsin and Arizona Will Be Decertified

WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson For Possibly Unreported Campaign Flights On Her Husband’s Private Jet

Twitter Admits to Increased Demand by Federal Government for Information on Journalists and News Outlets — US Government Tops the List

‘Greenhouse gas effect does not exist,’ a Swiss physicist challenges global warming climate orthodoxy


BOMBSHELL: DNA testing kits are a SCAM to develop ethnic-specific bioweapons


It’s looking more and more like monkeypox is a cover story for covid vaccine-induced shingles, autoimmune blisters and herpes


Video: Trump Blasts “Sickos Pushing Sexual Content In Kindergarten”

BREAKING: House Republicans Introduce Bill To Protect Crisis Pregnancy Centers

“Do You Guys Call Joe Biden ‘The Big Guy’ at the Department of Justice?” Matt Gaetz DESTROYS Senior DOJ Official For Covering Up Hunter Biden Corruption

LET THEM EAT CAKE: Biden Demands That Americans Suffering From His Recession Are Grateful For Stimulus Checks

How GOP Governors Are Fighting Back Against Globalist Elites Hell-Bent on Pushing Their Radical Agenda on America

CAN YOU SAY “Insider Trading?”…New FEC Filing Shows Nancy Pelosi’s Drunk Husband Sold Massive Number of Shares at A Huge Loss Only Days Before House Makes Decision To Spend Billions to Subsidize Industry

Judge Sentences Former Democrat Mayor To 6 Years In Prison For Corruption

GOP Threatens President Trump – If He Announces He’s Running in 2024 GOP Will Stop Paying Legal Fees

Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans For Dystopian “Linear” City That Will Cram 9 Million People Into a Giant 109-Mile-Long Mirrored Wall (VIDEO)

HORROR: 15-Year-Old Alaska Boy Fatally Shoots 3 Siblings Before Taking His Own Life

Texas Woman Shoots at Car with Toddler Inside in Road Rage Attack (VIDEO)

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