Getting Trudeau FIRED = KEEP going – July 30 2020

Getting Trudeau FIRED = KEEP going

Getting Trudeau FIRED

21,093 views May 25, 2022 EMOTIONAL DAMAGE MERCH – PayPal Me –…

WE don’t want a civil war but the demons do. The Light forces have had enough of this IDIOT !!!

Hopefully this is this last negative reptilian assholes clone # 6 !!!

21,093 views May 25, 2022 EMOTIONAL DAMAGE MERCH – PayPal Me –… Getting Trudeau FIRED

HEY DEMONIC SCUMBAGS – YOU touch these GUYS or my or their videos = GETS YOU ARRESTED !!! WE are sick and tired of you harrassing humanity to protect evil pervy politicians.


Freedom George Pulled Over * Trucker’s Freedom Convoy 2022

1,180 views Jul 23, 2022 #freedomconvoy#patking#truckersfreedomconvoy2022 Backup Channel In Case Things Go Wrong: Support us monthly:… Donation Links Below or Use The Join Button For Monthly Support: Anonymous PayPal (Please Do NOT Leave Any Comments When Sending Money VIA Paypal Otherwise It Will Be Flagged!): BTC Wallet: 32g6kyyNWoD1aKYQwp3PsxQwVuYzyyoB4C BNB Wallet (bep20): 0x609a2f02e6ba0b2ef0dcf89c40757071b887d90d ADA Wallet (Cardano): DdzFFzCqrht96vwCGTx9c6Ymxxq8F8aR4VMMjtw6bkTzTiEtz2S8A1Rs3Ma5bBcAFhZFZ56ng4qYCbZnTjSAFoj94MqyS1s4w7Rrq6Wm Watch this video, like and subscribe for updates. Also please keep your Youtube notifications on so you can watch it as soon as it comes out. Please SHARE, SHARE and SHARE! WE WANT FREEDOM!! ************************************************************************** There is Freedom in Jesus Christ! Who is Jesus? God is perfect and holy and just, and He requires nothing less than His own perfection. Because we do human things like lie, cheat, and steal, there is a judgment upon us, as we have broken the Law of God. This judgment is eternal damnation: hell. Romans 3:23 — for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 6:23 — For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. However, God doesn’t want to condemn us, but to give us life. John 3:17 — For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. God the Father loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our wrong-doings. John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jesus then physically rose from the dead three days later, as He is perfect and death could not hold Him. Romans 6:9 — For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him. If we believe that Jesus died on the cross for us, rose from the dead, and turn away from our wrong-doings in complete obedience to Him, we receive eternal salvation: the new Heavens and Earth, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 1:13 — And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, If you’d like to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, pray this as a first step: “Father God, I have broken your laws and my sins (wrong-doings) have separated me from You. I am deeply sorry, and I desire to turn away from my past life of sin and live for You. Please forgive me, Father, and help me to avoid sinning again. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins, resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. Jesus, I invite You to become the Lord of my life; to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send Your Holy Spirit into me right now, to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name—Amen.” You’ve made the first step, but it does not stop there. Jesus wants you to be baptized. Be sure to tell others about your new faith in Christ. Following Christ is a relationship, so regularly talking with Him and reading His Word are imperative for intimacy. Spend time with Him each day, even if for a short while. Develop the daily habit of praying to Him (just talk—He hears you when you obey Him!) and reading His Word. Begin with the New Testament. Specifically, the book of John is a good place to start. Seek fellowship with other followers of Jesus. Community and friendship with believers is very important. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, maintained, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Patrick King or any of his subsidiaries or his affiliates. We have no relationship or affiliation with the truckers / protestors / freedom convoy organizers, fct token, etc. This channel is simply to give users updates on what is going on. Pat mentioned publicly to share his videos on every platform so that is what we are doing (you can see the video that’s on the home page of this channel). We will always abide by the law and respectfully be peaceful to everyone. Jesus is Lord and may God Bless Everyone! The official Patrick King Instagram can be found at….Show less


George speaking LIVE from the Alberta Legislature * Trucker’s Freedom Convoy 2022

411 views Jul 26, 2022 #freedomconvoy#patking#truckersfreedomconvoy2022 Backup Channel In Case Things Go Wrong:

Pat King granted bail after 150 days behind bars on ‘Freedom Convoy’ charges

15,724 views Jul 18, 2022 While on bail the 44-year-old must return to Alberta, live under a curfew, and is banned from social media, organizing convoy-related demonstrations, and contacting fellow leaders of the “freedom” protests in Ottawa this winter. More details:…


Is Pierre Poilievre a FRAUD?!

30K views20 hours ago9:11NOW PLAYING

Justin Trudeau’s ArriveCAN APP Is Clogging Up Pearson Airport

6K views22 hours ago10:40NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Has RUINED Toronto’s Pearson Airport

9.8K views1 day ago14:48NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Illegally Tampered With NS Shooting

9.5K views1 day ago14:30NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is In TROUBLE With FARMERS!!!

40K views1 day ago2:53NOW PLAYING

I’m Back!

8.3K views1 day ago8:59NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau’s Misinformation, Canada’s NATO Contribution

19K views2 weeks ago9:40NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Keeps Getting Heckled – Will It Ever Stop?

32K views2 weeks ago9:31NOW PLAYING

YUCK! The Government Has Us Eating Bugs

17K views2 weeks ago0:38NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Gets Heckled In Sudbury

59K views2 weeks ago13:47NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Resignation: This is how it will happen

27K views3 weeks agoNOW PLAYING

it’s coalition time #shorts

19K views3 weeks ago14:53NOW PLAYING

Police Fired At A Teenager..Farmers React

19K views3 weeks ago15:01NOW PLAYING

BREAKING: Boris Johnson resigns as U.K. Prime Minister

13K views3 weeks ago12:22NOW PLAYING

We Are Running Out Of Food…Faster Than Anybody Realized

24K views3 weeks ago11:18NOW PLAYING

Dutch Farmers Stand Up For Freedom To The Government

13K views3 weeks ago1:17:26NOW PLAYING

Freedom Convoy Is Global – What Will Happen Next?

18K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago23:26NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Plan To Fix The Planet..With TAXES

6.2K views3 weeks ago20:24NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Controversial Statement on Gun Violence

12K views3 weeks agoNOW PLAYING

Freeland says “This is Canada at its best”. #shorts

7.6K views3 weeks ago19:49NOW PLAYING

REVEAL Freeland Says “Canada is at it’s best”..

13K views3 weeks ago1:19:11NOW PLAYING

REVEALED Trudeau’s Plan To Make Canada 3rd World Country

17K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago15:43NOW PLAYING

Canadian Armed Bank Robbery Ends Badly..

20K views3 weeks ago14:21NOW PLAYING

Canada Changes The Definition Of “Fully Vaccinated”..

33K views3 weeks ago3:09NOW PLAYING

Candice Bergen Ends Trudeau

32K views3 weeks ago19:20NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is Making Things WAY Worse!

20K views3 weeks ago11:18NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Hires Overwhelming Amount Of Police On Canada Day

14K views3 weeks ago15:55NOW PLAYING

Chrystia Freeland’s Plan To End Inflation

21K views3 weeks ago8:04NOW PLAYING

Can Pierre Poilievre do better than Justin Trudeau?

13K views3 weeks ago15:38NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre Highlight Reel

22K views4 weeks ago9:42NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre Walks For Freedom With James Topp!

15K views4 weeks ago12:42NOW PLAYING

Justin Trudeau’s Disappearing Act

27K views4 weeks ago1:19:01NOW PLAYING

James Topp Arrives In Ottawa On Canada Day

23K viewsStreamed 4 weeks ago11:01NOW PLAYING

Candice Bergen Gives Hope To Canadians

98K views1 month ago9:54NOW PLAYING

Vaccine Injuries Are Being Recognized as a Public Health Problem

37K views1 month ago8:39NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Inhumane Decision to Raise Taxes for the Poor

17K views1 month ago13:17NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre – Putting Canada Back in the Driver’s Seat

28K views1 month ago14:35NOW PLAYING

Freedom Convoy Is Coming BACK To Ottawa

22K views1 month ago58:50NOW PLAYING

UPDATE: Is This The END Of Canada?

23K viewsStreamed 1 month ago14:50NOW PLAYING

Trudeau CANCELS Canada Day..sort of

27K views1 month ago12:22NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Liberal Government Interfered with NS Shooting

9.6K views1 month ago13:11NOW PLAYING

Freeland Lies To Save Her Job

32K views1 month ago10:17NOW PLAYING

Uh Oh! NDP Turning On Liberals

44K views1 month ago12:37NOW PLAYING

Breaking: Trudeau INTERFERED With NS Shooting

32K views1 month ago9:35NOW PLAYING

Conservative Leadership: Who Will Win?

19K views1 month ago1:46:55NOW PLAYING


26K viewsStreamed 1 month ago9:33NOW PLAYING

Jagmeet EXPLOITS His Child For Political Points

9.8K views1 month ago15:15NOW PLAYING

Jagmeet Singh Lies About Canadian Inflation

18K views1 month ago17:30NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Rules DON’T Apply To Him

15K views1 month ago1:17:53NOW PLAYING

Breaking: Liberals Falling Apart!

22K viewsStreamed 1 month ago10:12NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre Ends Trudeau

39K views1 month ago12:03NOW PLAYING

Interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen Address Inflation

16K views1 month ago16:21NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is Going To BANKRUPT Canada

13K views1 month ago19:50NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Will NOT Get Away With This

38K views1 month ago32:36NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Does NOT Want You To See This *MUST WATCH**

40K viewsStreamed 1 month ago1:00:41NOW PLAYING


40K viewsStreamed 1 month ago25:25NOW PLAYING

Freeland’s Career Is Coming To An End After This

89K views1 month ago15:06NOW PLAYING

Trudeaus Plan To Cancel Free Speech *must watch**

20K views1 month ago13:55NOW PLAYING

Emergency Act UPDATE

35K views1 month ago22:16NOW PLAYING

Bring Oil Back To CANADA!

33K views1 month ago10:12NOW PLAYING

Canada – The True North Strong And Free

15K views1 month ago3:37NOW PLAYING

mistersunshinebaby gender reveal

11K views1 month ago10:04NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Made Canada Unaffordable ..

29K views1 month ago23:38NOW PLAYING

Chrystia Freeland – The Face Of Evil

37K views1 month ago16:16NOW PLAYING

Candice Bergen Gives Beacon Of Hope To Canada

106K views1 month ago9:34NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s “Budget” is a Scam!!!

24K views1 month ago11:43NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is Turning CANADA Into CHINA

28K views1 month ago20:37NOW PLAYING

Jagmeet Singh’s Career Is Over – What Does This Mean for the NDP?

50K views1 month ago15:24NOW PLAYING

Freeland Is Doing WHAT With Our Tax Money?!!

36K views1 month ago9:36NOW PLAYING

Breaking News: Trudeau Can’t Answer A F*CKING QUESTION

23K views1 month ago9:02NOW PLAYING

Breaking News: Pierre Poilievre Takes on Trudeau Emergency Act

39K views1 month ago12:03NOW PLAYING


81K views1 month ago12:00NOW PLAYING

Chrystia Freeland Dodging Questions About Emergency Act

26K views1 month ago9:28NOW PLAYING

UH OH! Trudeau’s Health Minister Says “F*CK OFF”

72K views1 month ago8:59NOW PLAYING

Trudeaus BIGGEST FEAR: Pierre Poilievre

25K views1 month ago10:03NOW PLAYING

It’s Finally Happening! Emergency Act Big Trouble

40K views1 month ago0:59NOW PLAYING

mR sPeAkEr compilation

29K views1 month ago12:38NOW PLAYING

Breaking News: Trudeau LIED About Emergencies Act

41K views1 month ago9:59NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Emergency Act Was CRIMINAL!!

18K views1 month ago9:53NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Lies Must End!

43K views1 month ago8:24NOW PLAYING


78K views1 month ago10:38NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s NEW TAX Will Destroy Canadians

48K views1 month ago10:08NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Government TURNING AGAINST HIM

71K views1 month ago9:29NOW PLAYING


26K views1 month ago10:10NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Dangerous Agenda With Canada

24K views1 month ago9:16NOW PLAYING


63K views1 month ago9:26NOW PLAYING


25K views1 month ago10:08NOW PLAYING


84K views1 month ago12:33NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s DESPERATE Attempt For Political Points

44K views1 month agoNOW PLAYING

Trudeau WOOOOORRDSSSS #shorts

21K views1 month ago11:44NOW PLAYING

Trudeaus GAS PRICES Is Ruining Canada

21K views1 month ago8:34NOW PLAYING

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!! Trudeau’s Emergency Act

61K views1 month ago14:21NOW PLAYING


93K views1 month ago8:27NOW PLAYING


82K views1 month ago12:46NOW PLAYING

The REAL Reason For Trudeau’s Power Grab

73K views1 month ago9:34NOW PLAYING

Breaking News: Trudeau Gets HUMILIATED Publicly

65K views1 month ago10:28NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s SCARIEST Speech! (Hail Trudeau?)

48K views1 month ago9:05NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Doesn’t Follow HIS OWN RULES!!!!

12K views1 month ago8:59NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Blames CANADIANS For Mandates!

58K views1 month ago8:33NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Impression HILARIOUS! *WATCH THIS*

97K views1 month ago9:00NOW PLAYING

Calgary Protestors Call Out Trudeau

61K views1 month ago8:53NOW PLAYING

Lady TRASHES Trudeau On Live TV

105K views1 month ago14:17NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is Turning Canada Into CHINA!

28K views1 month ago1:33NOW PLAYING

the end of trudeau

27K views1 month ago9:27NOW PLAYING

Important News: Pierre Poilievre Sets NEW RECORD!

58K views1 month ago16:36NOW PLAYING

Breaking News: Trudeau KICKS OUT MP In House Of Commons

180K views1 month ago16:05NOW PLAYING

The End Of Trudeau’s Mandates

59K views1 month ago8:40NOW PLAYING

Pierre takes on Trudeau in public debates

40K views1 month ago9:03NOW PLAYING

🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 Pierre Poilievre files Bill to END MANDATES

60K views1 month ago10:16NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Obsession With Mandates And Power

11K views1 month ago1:27NOW PLAYING

the end of trudeau

105K views1 month ago11:52NOW PLAYING

Trudeau is Under Attack!!

20K views1 month ago12:47NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Will Face Criminal Charges For This

32K views1 month ago9:55NOW PLAYING

West Jet to the Rescue – Finally Some Good News!

180K views1 month ago10:34NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Made Flying ILLEGAL In Canada

25K views1 month ago9:14NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is a Lying POS

25K views1 month ago9:23NOW PLAYING

Trudeau BANS Guns In Canada..WTF

6.8K views1 month ago6:11NOW PLAYING

Pierre Poilievre is Under Attack!

173K views1 month ago10:40NOW PLAYING

Trudeau’s Liberal Tax Is Destroying Canada

5.4K views1 month ago10:07NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Forcing Millions Of Canadian’s As Prisoners

45K views1 month ago6:36NOW PLAYING

Bill Gates CAN’T Be Trusted

8.7K views1 month ago10:08NOW PLAYING

Jagmeet Disliked By His Own People (Heckled)

32K views1 month ago1:38NOW PLAYING

the end of jagmeet

36K views1 month ago2:56NOW PLAYING

Oops! WEF Is Getting Angry, And It Shows

42K views1 month ago3:42NOW PLAYING

The Elites Are Delusional

8K views2 months ago58:55NOW PLAYING

The Future Of Canada! Trudeau Sucks, Politics, Live Chat

11K viewsStreamed 2 months ago2:20NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Is Gaslighting Canadians

14K views2 months ago4:49NOW PLAYING

Canada’s New Beginning – The People’s Country

23K views2 months ago2:09NOW PLAYING

Ignorance Is Bliss

6.9K views2 months ago1:43NOW PLAYING

the world hates trudeau

21K views2 months ago6:46NOW PLAYING

WEF is Evil, and It’s Time for Them to Go

21K views2 months agoNOW PLAYING

the end of trudeau #shorts

25K views2 months ago3:24NOW PLAYING

Trudeau is DANGEROUS

10K views2 months ago3:22NOW PLAYING

The reason Trudeau CANT be trusted

12K views2 months ago1:09NOW PLAYING

the fall of trudeau

20K views2 months ago1:01NOW PLAYING

the end of trudeau

350K views2 months ago1:23:21NOW PLAYING


28K viewsStreamed 2 months ago1:03NOW PLAYING

trudeau is delusional

13K views2 months ago3:09NOW PLAYING

Climate Change Activist SPEECHLESS

27K views2 months ago3:00NOW PLAYING

Getting Trudeau FIRED

21K views2 months ago1:51:36NOW PLAYING

🚨BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Canada is DONE with Trudeau

25K viewsStreamed 2 months ago4:26NOW PLAYING

Canada is DONE with Trudeau

9.7K viewsStreamed 2 months ago4:45NOW PLAYING

The fall of trudeau

11K views2 months ago4:04NOW PLAYING


9K views2 months ago3:11NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Heckled “You’re Not Welcome Here”

22K views2 months ago11:33NOW PLAYING

Police ARREST Rebel News!!! WEF DAVOS

56K views2 months ago1:17:10NOW PLAYING


18K viewsStreamed 2 months ago1:43NOW PLAYING

We have SO much to talk about…

27K views2 months ago1:08NOW PLAYING

trudeau for treason

46K views2 months ago1:24NOW PLAYING

trudeau’s emergency alert

32K views2 months agoNOW PLAYING

trudeau’s monkey brain #shorts

26K views2 months ago1:33NOW PLAYING

trudeau ended his career

130K views2 months ago2:01NOW PLAYING


29K views2 months ago1:17NOW PLAYING

the end of trudeau

57K views2 months ago1:16NOW PLAYING

the day has come for trudeau

63K views2 months ago1:06NOW PLAYING

how did we let this happen

12K views2 months ago5:46NOW PLAYING

vAcCiNeS sAvE LiVeS

11K views2 months ago1:12NOW PLAYING

It’s time to leave

14K views2 months ago2:33NOW PLAYING

No More Chinese Phones In Canada

40K views2 months ago2:43NOW PLAYING

What Is Monkey Pox?

9.7K views2 months ago10:34NOW PLAYING

Trudeau – Compulsive LIAR With Emergency Act

14K views2 months ago0:40NOW PLAYING

OOPS! He meant Ukraine

2.1K views2 months ago6:15NOW PLAYING

fOlLoW tHe sCiEnCe

32K views2 months ago5:28NOW PLAYING

Who is responsible for the EMERGENCY ACT?

10K views2 months ago5:05NOW PLAYING


62K views2 months ago3:52NOW PLAYING


20K views2 months ago2:16NOW PLAYING

This Is How We REMOVE Trudeau

25K views2 months ago1:15NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Falls Down Stairs

11K views2 months ago4:59NOW PLAYING

Candice SMACKS Trudeau With Facts On Canadian Housing Crisis

18K views2 months ago3:10NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Wants To HURT Putin

9.1K views2 months ago3:42NOW PLAYING

Pierre Cares About Canada

5.7K views2 months ago1:35NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Drops F Bomb

16K views2 months ago4:12NOW PLAYING


30K views2 months ago2:00NOW PLAYING


84K views2 months ago5:23NOW PLAYING


4.8K views2 months ago1:47NOW PLAYING

Canada’s Has Gone Backwards to 1950’s

26K views2 months ago4:48NOW PLAYING


38K views2 months ago3:22NOW PLAYING

Trudeau ACTUALLY THINKS Canadians Like Him…😂😂

17K views2 months ago2:22NOW PLAYING

Jordan Peterson Asks Pierre The Tough Questions *MUST WATCH*

12K views2 months ago6:24NOW PLAYING

Trudeau Doesn’t Want Canadian’s To Leave The Country

48K views2 months agoNOW PLAYING

Humans, Bots, MY CAT #shorts

4.9K views2 months agoNOW PLAYING

Johnny Depp Almost Goes JACK SPARROW #shorts

6.6K views2 months ago1:09NOW PLAYING

Johnny Depp’s lawyer points right at Amber Heard and yells the truth

3.1K views2 months agoNOW PLAYING


3.9K views2 months ago9:06NOW PLAYING

Late Night Visit from James Franco 😱



1.4K views2 months ago

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