(Reader: Stefan) Intentional Cognitive Dissonance

Reader Post | By Stefan

JULY 30 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

This report in the German newspaper “DIE WELT” some days ago has moved some channels to think about what really happened here in Germany in the last decades:

And everyone has looked the other way all these years….

In the diocese of Münster, at least 196 clerics have inflicted sexual violence on boys and girls for years and abused them.

The true extent could be even greater, according to a new report.“

Some time ago, I learned from a subscriber that she and her husband were able to successfully defend themselves with all their might against the Youth Welfare Office and their henchmen (judges, lawyers, police) for years and that the children are now safe. What has happened there, under the guise of the best interests of the child, over decades? And this is not an isolated case. The corrupt, fraudulent, satanic FRG system has not only stolen money from everyone for decades and stuffed their own pockets, no, they have also fed children, young people, probably also women and men to an exploitation “industry” that I do not want to imagine. It makes me sick to my stomach. That we don’t have a constitution in Germany, and thus no Second Amendment, is a huge stroke of luck for these non-humans, I would shoot them all if I could. Sorry, the thought came up briefly. I know that the Alliance has all the evidence and that this massive outpouring of such reports only serves to open the eyes of the last sleepers and prepare them for the tribunals that will soon come. Even if my compatriots have all looked the other way and done nothing, we cannot wait until they all get the courage to finally open their mouths. I admit that I too have been so caught up in the system that I too have not looked. At some point, however, the point comes where you have to look.

On a friend’s German channel (Kate Bono and I did a book project together) a topic was covered that I would like to share with you. It has a lot to do with Germany. While I think it is or was like that in every country, as far as Germany is concerned, it (unfortunately always) has a special “flavor”. Kate writes the following (I only wrote out a few passages):

“Sometimes the whole village knew!”

THIS is one of the biggest problems people have, in my opinion also a big factor in Intentional Cognitive Dissonance – because if all that we say is true, so many people were watching, many of us can tell you a thing or two about it – either because it happened to us at our own suffering or because we were helpless in helping others. I have gotten into a lot of trouble for not looking the other way, but I would and will do it again and again!

Born in the village, it was always said: “They all have “pointy heads” there in the place XY ” – what does this saying mean? It sounds funny, but as a child was already normalized that in this village all incest!!! The uncle is the father of the child of his own daughter, etc..

I found that already frightening and we grew up with it that it was said: “Yes, the uncle so-and-so also abuses his daughter” – nobody intervened! Everyone talked about it, but it was hushed up.

EVERYONE KNEW and nobody helped. The whole village talked about it, but nobody thought of stopping it. I had no place to go, everyone sent me back home. And that’s how many work – they are powerful, they scare, they threaten, and the little people shut up and cave in. This involves children, sometimes women being beaten or worse.

The GUILT sits deep in the Germans – I cannot speak of other countries – I speak of what I KNOW. And this guilt can’t be simply forgotten, there can’t be FORGIVENESS by the victims if the perpetrators don’t realize that they are GUILTY.

RESPONSIBILITY is the magic word. Many Germans have a problem with the word guilt. Many, even in the spiritual scene, immediately throw themselves at this word instead of admitting that there is something here that needs to be HEALED and not fought against. GUILT exists until people themselves take RESPONSIBILITY. Without the responsibility, guilt cannot be healed. I have often said, “What is your problem with GUILT?” – I think it’s because they don’t want to feel it, because they know full well that if they let it happen, then they MUST take RESPONSIBILITY.

What I am saying with this is that GUILT will continue to permeate people and turn them into monsters if they continue to hide it, if they pretend nothing happened and wait for it to resolve itself.

Humans must admit that THEY ALLOWED it, that THEY WATCHED that injustice happened. Whether it was done by humans or aliens or demons. Everyone has free will and everyone has a conscience, somewhere deep in the basement of their subconscious.

And when I see how much GUILT people have added to themselves in the last two and a half years by discriminating against, insulting and ostracizing the unvaccinated and people who have a different opinion, I know WHAT needs to happen here:


What is described here by villages, I have not experienced myself, but in other areas. I have often heard that certain men in higher positions from local councils, banks and larger companies have flown very gladly and very often to Thailand “on vacation”. Apart from cheating in the village environment, that was probably “part of the good tone”. Of course less the women, they were directly “sluts”. My wife was also in our house bank (!!!) and at various village festivals target of desires of some men. I could still clarify that, but also only because I opened my mouth. Since then, I have, thank the Lord, my peace. Can you imagine that some villagers have reproached me that what these gentlemen do is none of my business? What this village community thought before and what they think of me now is PERFECTLY none of my business. I used to think a lot about my position in a community and tried to behave in a way that everyone liked me. Knowing what I know today though, I let that go a long time ago because it’s impossible to please everyone. One tears oneself apart.

Maybe that’s why I found another way to express myself. Via the channel. If I used to be afraid or apprehensive about speaking my mind or acting when necessary, I have less of that today. Now I just have to make sure my fuse stays longer so I don’t freak out. And remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Written, no matter the relationship or the nature, has quite a bit of power. Why do you think in many advices about wishes and orders to the universe the written form is recommended? It is not only the thought written down, I also put energy into written things through formulations, through writing itself, through proofreading. That is the reason why we should write down something important. Especially with things that we want to have manifested. It’s still a tool, but a very powerful one.

Whether intentional cognitive dissonance really exists, I can’t say or claim. I always “excuse” my fellow Germans by a massive indoctrination that lasts much longer and is much more insidious than in any other country. You Americans they have manipulatively taught to eat pencakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast or to smoke as a woman, we Germans they have manipulatively taught to live a life with our heads bowed in guilt. In addition, all the poisoning by fluorine and other materials in food, beverages, care products, soil, water and air. And finally the permanent exposure to low frequencies and manipulative or stultifying broadcasts via TV. And recently also with radio waves via the much-loved smartphones. Well, bravo!

This has broken our backs and made us what we are today. We hunch up and kick down. That’s why I’m always careful before speaking or writing about dumb, sleepy, unintelligent, idiots. It may happen that it slips out of my mouth, but I always mean the indoctrinated. The flesh has been made willing and the spirit has been made weak. It will take some time until we are again the people of poets and thinkers, I put my money FULLY and WHOLE on the youth here. With the youth it will be much easier to undo all the indoctrination crap. The children themselves will help with this. We just have to let them do it and not force them back into the next (new) school systems, no matter how great they sound.

We were and are blind, deaf and dumb. Not just when it comes to child abuse, but everything else. Our state, which is none, our officials, which are none, our legal system, which is none, our social system, which is none, our politicians and parties, which are tyrants, our communities, which in reality are none and our families, which have been successively divided and destroyed (there are, thank the Lord, exceptions, I have experienced them myself!). In many movies they have shown us what they do to us. Think of “The Magnificent Seven”, no matter in which version. A few tyrannize many, dictating what they must and must not do. And that only works through fear and intimidation. Any resistance or rebellion by a brave few is immediately contained by violence and brutality. In the movies, where a whole city is tyrannized by a few, the brave ones who want to stand up against a superior force die first. And the rest don’t even realize how much power they actually have. The fear of losing one’s life prevails. In my eyes, it is not a deliberate cognitive dissonance, but a protective mechanism based on a primal instinct. They want their peace of mind and adapt “their lives” to the new circumstances.

In our time it is added that we can also put ourselves above others, no matter if by having a job, by having more money, by having a better education, there is always someone who is worse off. That builds others up and reassures them. We have seen that in the last two years through vaccinations. Those who may have had doubts still took the vaccinations because it allowed them to put themselves above others, after all, “freedoms” were promised. It has nothing to do with cognitive dissonance, it is the temptation to do something for oneself to be better than others. The acquired elbow thinking of our “society”. And now, slowly and steadily through the change in the media, comes the realization that they bet on the wrong horse.

I believe that the alliance will take advantage of this rising anger and this fear of having something in the body that harms. It all leads to the realization that our state systems, that is, the Deep State had only our destruction in mind. So now when a military government takes over and confirms the suspicions that soon every vaccinated person will have, the willingness to follow that interim government will be many times greater. And it will be the same with child abuse, trafficking in women and human beings, and all the other crimes against humanity.

I believe that Cognitive Dissonance is an invented “disease” just like ADD (Attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and that is why there can be no intentional Cognitive Dissonance. Rather, it is the result of indoctrination, mass hypnosis, purposeful dumbing down and corresponding supporting poisoning. From this becomes ignorance, disinterest, fear, anxiety, laziness, convenience, stupidity, insensitivity to a community. And if I always obey obediently, I am better off than others. This has all been cleverly set up by the Khazarian mafia, and they are probably the most patient I have met. It has been built up over decades, step by step. Without haste, without hurry. So very different from what the alliance’s script now dictates. Now everything is done in a hurry and that makes it exposable. And very soon we will experience our liberation, because there are not many levels left to be cleared. The upper and middle levels are gone, the lower levels will come in the next days and weeks. At the same time the new systems are being prepared and perfected, in places you can see test runs if you look closely. The old world is being destroyed, the new world is in the throes of birth.

Let’s look forward to it and hold out a little longer. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!

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