The Globalists, the Wealthy Elite and the Coup Government of the US – Are a Concord of Evil Against All Free People – July 31 2022

The Globalists, the Wealthy Elite and the Coup Government of the US – Are a Concord of Evil Against All Free People

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Sunday, 31-Jul-2022 06:02:44

The Globalists, the Wealthy Elite and the Coup Government of the US – Are a Concord of Evil Against All Free PeopleThe situation of Ukraine, Russia and the separatists of Donbas could not be clearer, and the lines could not be more defined.
A stand against Russia and the defenders of freedom is a stand against what is right.A stand for Ukraine is a stand with the globalists, the wealthy elite, and for a socialist one world government.This is a choice between right and wrong, good and evil – and good ethics against the law of the jungle.Our founding fathers fought, bled and died to establish a nation of liberty and justice. And, for over two centuries Americans of valor have given their lives to defend the values we stand for today. We cannot dishonor their sacrifice by joining the same forces that tried to destroy this nation.Every fiber of our being and every breath we take should be dedicated to the defense of what is right and honorable. We owe those that stood for the Constitution and the defense of this nation, to continue that stand against the evil forces that rule by guile, deceit and the false idol of the god of forces. Might does not make right. The end does not justify the means. And, joining forces with the rich and powerful for expediency and wealth, is not the American way.To stand with the wealthy elite globalists against the Donbas and Russia is to revert back to the days of serving and defending tyrannical monarchs.To stand for the separatists of Ukraine and Russia is to defend the cultural and national values this nation was founded on. And to make that stand for liberty, honor and justice we should use every ounce of our strength, so help us God.What this current coup government is doing is 100% against the US Constitution. And make no mistake, we lost all three branches of government in the illegitimate 2020 election.At the present time the US government apparatus is illegitimate in every respect and has aligned itself with the globalist rulers that seek power above all else. This is diametrically opposed to the values our founding fathers stood for to give us an inheritance of freedom. If we do not expose this evil, we are accepting the darkness. If we do not stand for the divine values of honor and justice, we are joining forces with deceit and tyranny.There can be no compromise with the dark lords of power who are committed to the enslavement of mankind. There can be no compact with deceitful leaders that join forces with globalists that are determined to stamp out wholesome values and murder innocent people to fulfil their depopulation agenda.An individual and a nation are known by their fruits. The Russians defended the Ukrainian separatists against a bloody government overthrow, orchestrated by the wealthy elite and deceitful agents.
The Russians came to the defense of Syria against the murderous acts of terrorists that were beheading Christians. Which of these good fruits do we condemn the Russians to be destroyed by nuclear fire?History and common sense tell us the Russians have already been through the fire and suffered the loss of millions of deaths – of innocent people.The Russians have no quarrel with the Ukrainians, Europe or NATO. All they ask is that other nations honor their treaties and not place their armies and weapons of war on Russian borders.
However, these simple requests are being ignored and dishonored by deceitful politicians that are marching their war machine ever closer to the Russian borders. This is political treachery of the highest order. This is a blatant grab for power and resources reminiscent of Genghis Kahn and the communist slaughter of millions in past generations.The socialist leaders of the European Union, the wealthy elite globalists and the illegal coup government of the United States have joined forces to make war on democratic Russia.This evil concord of nations is a syndicate made in hell. They are being led by deceitful rulers that are determined to destroy free nations and free people by any means possible.
It is our responsibility and duty to stand against this evil alliance, or be found complicit in their crimes against humanity. George Eaton

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