AMAZING POLLY: Healthy young doctors are “dying suddenly” in Canada, and a US House Intelligence member sounds alarm over DNA-specific weapons [26 min video] – July 31 2022 & Message to LIGHTWORKER’S and LIGHT WARRIORS !

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS = My guides told me on the weekend that I am at 468 DEATH attempts, and that does NOT include the other CRAP the have been throwing my way.

I Am still bait for the EVIL ones = which is why I had 4 black magic attacks on the weekend. WHAT is is like being BAIT ? Well, the demonics, karmics and satanists are idiots because I can FEEL every attack on me in my AWAKE state. Sometimes it is really creepy but I know that I am safe and protected.

Sometimes it is draining when they energy harvest me , it used to be confusing but NOT anymore after a year and a half it gets very annoying when THEY don’t listen to the CREATORS telling them to stop. Especially the IDIOTS who stole from me. They will go to prison with the other idiots for STEALING and LYING and claiming to divine when they are NOT. REAL divine beings LIKE myself – WE do not attack people in anyway shape or form but I will bitch them out for REFUSING to go back to GOD .i WARNED THEM many YEARS AGO – TO GO BACK TO THE light = SURRENDER Or DIE. I TRIED EVERYTHING and they REFUSED. SOME did surrender though. All they had to do was apologize to the MOST HIGH and they would have gone to the Grand central SUN for soul reconstruction. But many decided to continue to KILL US and LIE to HUMANITY and STEAL our funds etc. THEY do NOT listen and most are unteachable period. The negative militaries were stealing our TRUST funds and That has to stop IF it hasn’t already.

It is against DIVINE LAW to claim to be a divine being and LIE about it = can get YOU arrested.

God , Mother and Father GOD KNOW who YOU ARE AND THEY KNOW WHO IS FULL OF IT. THERE ARE STILL SOME KARMICS/DEMONICS AND SATANISTS WHOM ARE CLAIMING to be of the LIGHT and they are NOT so they can steal the divine ones blessings. WHAT is for a divine being = WILL go back to them.

If YOU FEEL that YOU are getting ENERGY harvested – then say out loud 3 x 3 I pull my energy all the back. Cut your cords and bindings daily and throw them into the LAKE of fire to be permanently destroyed never to be attached again, DO THIS DAILY !

WE are still left with some pockets of EVIL ONES that are NOT allowed in the HIGHER dimensional realms of Heave etc. NO demons are allowed in Heaven period. It’s GO”S way or the highway.

Never underestimate the power of the divine CREATORS they can give the BREATH of LIFE and they can take it away. The CREATORS of all that is, can also put you to sleep and make you wake-up on another planet. Which is what is happening to those that DO not listen and continue on their Black Majik hocus pocus bs. Refusing God’s instructions can make you loose in more ways than one and they were WARNED many times by myself and others to stop attacking us over the years. But they – the fallen Angels and the negative reptilians [amongst others] DO not listen and are highly jealous of humanity finally ascending and getting to be immortal. Way to go HUMANITY – WE are so proud of you taking back your power and holding more light inside you !

a MESSAGE TO ALL LIGHT WARRIORS and LIGHT WORKERS, watch out for black majik witchcraft spells that – switch your energies and moods. I am 99 % happy go lucky normally and I noticed them trying to steal my peace and happiness = with depression and suicidil thoughts as that is what the evil ones project onto others as that is what is inside them. WE know their tricks and I set them up to see IF the evil ones still SPY on me at the library as I push my energy into my food before I eat it. They tried to take that POWER away from me but I requested in back from GOD. They have tried to poison us divine ones so IF this happens talk to MOTHER and FATHER GOD about it and request your power back to push light etc.

HAVE been very tired as many more LIGHT energies have been pounding our planet. Last week I was so tired anyway , the pop,pop, pop. POOF GONE thing I talked about 9 years ago is THE energies coming from the galactic central sun and the Heavens




AMAZING POLLY: Healthy young doctors are “dying suddenly” in Canada, and a US House Intelligence member sounds alarm over DNA-specific weapons [26 min video]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Sunday, 31-Jul-2022 22:50:33

And not a peep from the mainstream media…
Amazing Polly
July 31, 2022 young doctors are “dying suddenly” in Canada, and a US House Intelligence member sounds alarm over DNA-specific weapons.

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