EVIL CORPS out to get the good guys again – what else is new ? = UNE$CO, TW!TTER, EUR0PEAN C0MMI$$I0N and the W0RLD JEWI$H C0NGRE$$ start campaign to “Help stop the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories” – Aug 02 2022 – UPDATED – LYING MURDERING SCUM will get what is COMING to them. The FAKE JEWS [pretending to be benevolent] own the news, the 6 corporations from HELL T.V and Radio stations = that LIE to YOU and the McDONALD’S corp that kills humans and FEED them to humanity..,

I had a rather quiet few days at home as I needed rest. WHEN the BENEVOLENT ENERGIES come in they hit US – ASCENDED MASTERS and THE GOD-HEAD FIRST because WE hold the most light, so it makes us TIRED and sometimes lethargic as WE intergrate these energies. The ANGELICS – the ANGELS and the STARSEEDS on the planet can hold a tonne of LIGHT as well. Humanity gets them as well and IF you are feeling tired, this is why.

THE evil ones FEAR US = REAL DIVINE ROYALTY finding out about WHO WE ARE and WERE from past lives.

I found out through MEDITATION that I was a MALE NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEF and SATAN sent in his demonic WEREWOLVES to take me out because HE didn’t like what I was doing. I thought I was female because I saw MY BRAIDS/braid in those last few minutes. NO I was NOT GERONIMO or TECUMSEH and I prefer to keep this to myself as I am still dealing with 3D negative EGO’s and those that love to unjustly judge me. NO being on earth is allowed to JUDGE me as GOD created me as divine authority and JUSTICE of Heaven. So stop the lies and the bs already or you will be judged yourselves as NO SOUL in any Court on Earth the has the RIGHT to Judge me or touch me – or arrest me as I am TRUE DIVINE ROYALTY and nothing will ever change that..,

Anyway, I now know – another reason WHY I am nicknamed CHIEF in HEAVEN.

Funny thing happened on the weekend as I decided to crack open a few encylopedias. THE evil ones ROBBED me so badly on purpose so I can’t afford many things on purpose like – the internet at home. Anyway I was really pissed when I noticed that there is NO mention of a “HIGH PREISTESS” which I am in the average dictionary, nay – but it had HIGH-PREISTS – Jewish of course.

WHY am I saying this ?

Because when I was QUEEN NEFERTITI, I had 6 DAUGHTERS, so the NEGATIVE REPTILIANS came in and murdered me. As I am an entire branch on “THE TREE of LIFE in HEAVEN” either as a MATRIARCHY and/or I have a MATRIARCHY limb on my BRANCH.? The REPTILIANS wanted a PATRIARCHY on this planet. Many high priestesses of the LIGHT were sacrificed to push a PATRIARCHY in religions. And the evil ones have been trying to DESTROY and/or control my matriarchy ever since.

Then I put together some info of when the REPTILIANS first invaded US on earth they were all male. I guess they used CERN and STARGATES to bring in the female reptiles like Queen ELIZARDBETH II who was an evil BEAST from hell who laid eggs under the Castles.

They have been against FEMALES in church as leaders for a long time on earth. It is only recent that the females have become church leaders. THE evil ones wanted to totally destroy the REAL divine feminine, the TRUE divine females of heaven as in the MATRIARCHIES and other GOD-HEAD divine royalty beings.

THOSE FAKES that “PREACH just for the FEAST” = JUST FOR OUR MONEY WILL be found out, = mark my words

I had a dream yesterday, well I had a few. I was getting ready for a massive feast and someone placed a dead crooked snake at the table. I grabbed it and whipped it outside across the forest. That must be Mary Magdalene’s feast that they were talking about in Patricia Cota Robles video. Must mean no snakes and fakes allowed ? And there are many FAKE preachers MALE and FEMALE that LIKE to trash US real true divine ones because WE are REAL and DIVINE and NOT on SATAN”S T.V.

There was more about the dream and what I did NOT mention was that I was helping set-up this FEAST And HEAVEN, MOTHER and FATHER GOD showed me by THE SNAKES and the FAKES [THOSE TRYING TO SWITCH MY DESTINY] – SATANIC IDIOTS = pretending to be me/us THE TRUE LIGHT = are going down.

The VATICAN REPTILIAN and DEMONIC POPES and the QUEEN E II used to get the SATANISTS to cage the HUMAN CHILDREN so they could, torture, rape, sodomize and bloodlet our human children and then they would DRINK their blood and EAT their flesh and glands because they are demonic PSYCHOPATHS from hell posing as FAKES to KILL and LIE and STEAL to parasite our money and children etc. The VATICAN/QUEEN and other LIARS = STOLE AND SOLD OUR CHILDREN/HUMANS FOR MEAT FOR THE CANNIBALS AND CHILDREN FOR adrenochrome.

The Catholic church of old also pushed male preist hoods as it was invaded by snakes and reptilians and EVIL ONES as = well as creating so many different religions hoping that humanity would fight over them.

There have been many, many LAWSUITS against the FAKES of the CATHOLIC church , mainly the VATICAN. DID the CATHOLIC church apologize for SEX and PEDOPHILIA charges they have been hiding against humanity – YES And they secretly paid off many to NOT tell the TRUTH about them !

I just love the way that the HEAVENS and Mother and FATHER GOD – speaks to us so many different ways.

THE FAKE JEWS are the ones that LIE and KILL and STEAL, and pretend to be the good guys, yes earth had them too. There were fake catholics posing as Christians at the Vatican…, TOTAL lies AS THE demons LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH like SATAN DOES.


UNE$CO, TW!TTER, EUR0PEAN C0MMI$$I0N and the W0RLD JEWI$H C0NGRE$$ start campaign to “Help stop the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories”

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Tuesday, 2-Aug-2022 12:47:27

In Response To: CGI’s IamShado: UN Declares WAR On ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Revealed Their Sinister Plans (RumorMail)

They don’t want critical thinkers, only obedient sheeple. And who is more likely to be harmed by the publication of these theories? The cabal or the public-at-large?
-NW Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist “Help stop the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories”

Conspiracy theories cause real harm to people, to their health, and also to their physical safety. They amplify and legitimize misconceptions about the pandemic, and reinforce stereotypes which can fuel violence and violent extremist ideologies.

A new campaign helps you learn how to identify, debunk, react to and report on conspiracy theories to prevent their spread. Check out the infographics and social media pack below and help spread the word that facts matter and no one is to blame. Thinking critically and being informed about conspiracy theories is key to challenging them.

This UNESCO campaign is implemented jointly with the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress.”

SEE THE LAST LINE: THE CAMPAIGN IS IMPLEMENTED BY THE WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, gosh, that must mean it is a JEWISH CONSPIRACY which certainly would not be a conspiracy to THEM!!! Fox “guards” henhouse.

This is so stupid on the face of it that it is laughable, of course the Jews are not going to declare a conspiracy over their own conspiracies, SEE THIS.


CGI’s IamShado: UN Declares WAR On ‘Dangerous Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Revealed Their Sinister Plans

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Tuesday, 2-Aug-2022 12:02:12

In Response To: CGI’s IamShado: New York Times Gloats That Alex Jones Trial Will DESTROY Independent Media And Will Be Used To ‘Go After 2020 Election Deniers (RumorMail)

A post submitted by CGI member IamShado. CGI is RMN’s reader’s forum. ***************************** The United Nations has declared war on their biggest rival; the truth. The rise of ”conspiracy theories” has been labeled “worrying and dangerous” by the UN, which has also given the public a toolkit to “prebunk” and “debunk” anyone who dares to assert that global governments are anything other than wholly honest, upstanding, and transparent. Read more… https://en-volve.com/2022/08/02/un-declares-war-on-dangerous-conspiracy-theorists-who-revealed-their-sinister-plans/


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