Aurora Ray: The 3D timeline is expiring. We are witnessing its total collapse – August 02 2022

WE are witnessing THE REAL 3D PANIC of those that choose SATAN…,

And THEY have committed “REAL CRIMES against Humanity” and they are scared…,



Aurora Ray: The 3D timeline is expiring. We are witnessing its total collapse

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Tuesday, 2-Aug-2022 13:59:21

Aurora Ray’s report is lengthy, so click the link below if you want to read her full article. The 3D timeline is expiring. We are witnessing its total collapse.
The Galactic Federation

We are responsible for our world and our evolution as a race. Nobody else is. Every being is responsible for their own.

Many on planet earth are responsible for severe crimes against humanity. They are guilty of unleashing Armageddon on the peoples of earth in form of a global mass genocide. This is the greatest holocaust and it has been well prepared, planned, and executed by the dark forces. Make no mistake, judgement day is coming. But in the meanwhile, the tragedy commences. These are testing times.

I find it shocking and sad that the “spiritually awakened” seem to be obsessed in finding out “who they are” and run from one pseudo psychic to another for answers that serve no one. Lo and behold they all always return as gods, goddesses, archangels, kings and queens. Let alone all those Jesus, divine mother or divine father incarnates.

There are so many made-up versions of The Galactic Federation it is mind blowing. And always followed by ridiculous and embarrassing claims that their made-up version is higher than all the others and the being they truly are is more powerful than anyone else. This decadence is disgusting, dumb, and a complete waste of everyone’s energy. It’s like being stuck in kindergarten forever. Instead of focusing at the task at hand people are stuck with trying to come up with some bla bla why this or that is not this or that way but their version of things is the final truth.

The new age is a new cage. A psychological operation master piece.

Meanwhile our relatives are getting the quackcine and therewith signing their own ascension exit verdict. Mothers are worried to shreds for their adult children who won’t listen to their advice. Spouses can’t convince their partners. Children are seeing their parents seal their destiny. All by taking the lethal injection.

It is OKAY to admit your heart is broken. It is OKAY to cry and feel overwhelming sadness and pain. It is OKAY to fear for your loved ones’ safety. You are human. You might also be a starseed but understand one thing, you have chosen to be human in this lifetime. This is the bottom line. Constantly trying to find out which star you’re from is escapism when true spirituality is about arriving in the now here moment, the only time and place where you exist.

Now is the time to allow these emotions to move through you. Acknowledge them and embrace them. They are there for a reason. Meditate to keep a sense of clarity and open your mind to divine guidance.

Now is the time to be strong. To be wise. To be patient. To be compassionate.

I have to emphasize the importance of meditation. Do not expect anything in your life to change for the better if you cannot sit in silence with nothing but your own presence for at least 20 minutes per day.

I wish that you will all finally understand that there’s no outside source to tell you who you are or what your mission is. This answer lies in the stillness of your heart. In the silence between your breaths. Here you will find your god power that is beyond any labels. Labels belong to the 3D matrix that is crumbling like a cheap house of cards. But it is not going down without a big bang.

Take a deep breath and know that it is your conscious awareness, your level of understanding and seeing the bigger picture is what this word desperately needs.

May the source be with you. A’HO
With love,
Aurora Ray
Lyran Commander & Ambassador of The Galactic Federation


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