August 9, 2022: Is the UnThinkable On the Horizon?

August 9, 2022: Is the UnThinkable On the Horizon?

August 9, 2022


I’m certain I don’t need to fill you in on what transpired on the afternoon of August 8th at Donald Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, Florida. This is quite a movie, isn’t it?

There have been substantial Google and Twitter outages reported since and the blogosphere is a-buzz with the astonishing cojones of the control freaks who sicced their federal agents on a former President of the United States without grounds; only a bogus warrant signed off by a judge formerly employed by pedo-monster Jeffrey Epstein.

Today, there are a LOT of Trump fans and patriots collected at Mar-a-Lago again in support of their fearless leader. We hear there will be/is an impromptu rally of some sort.

The world is watching. This travel advisory originated with Romana Didulo in Canada. Link to Telegram.

Urgent and Important – Travel Advisory

To the Attention of The We People of the Kingdom of Canada,

Due to most recent developments in the US…

Please, read above repost of post by @USAFCC.

Unless emergency I strongly recommend you please postpone your travels into the US until further notice.

Thank you all.

And so it is.

Yes, the deep state sent their alphabet agency thugs to Donald Trump’s home in a raid but the FBI don’t like the term so don’t call it a ‘raid’. They call it “executing a search warrant”. The interesting thing about the search warrant is that Governor Ron DeSantis wasn’t involved, did not sign off, and found out after the fact. And, they did NOT arrest Donald Trump. It was more typical deep state thuggery, and no doubt distracted a lot of people from other important developments.

Supposedly the feds were looking for documents they were told the President removed from the White House when he vacated the position. I hope you’re not falling for that one, but what do the dirty cops on TV do? They plant evidence.

I think we can see the dominoes being set up for international travel to be restricted and more due to strained diplomatic relations world wide in an already volatile, simulated, potential world war scenario we are lead to believe will be used to awaken the nearly dead; those living in a trance or zombie-like state and mostly unaware of the true situation on the planet.

Of course the Speaker of the House had to weigh in. Listen to what this 82 year-old piece of reclaimed wood had to say—if you can stomach her: Link to Telegram video.

Of course this evil witch denies knowing about it, but listen to what she says at the 33 second mark….

“No one is above the law, not even a president or former president of the United States”

I’m telling you, the precedent is being set.

The thing is, it’s not only because of what just happened in America. While this three ring circus holds everyone enthralled, thousands of troops are being deployed around the world, setting the stage for the biggie. The takedown. We assume it’s about the mass arrests because we know the Earth Alliance comprises many nations all working together who want to set their people free and embrace NESARA/GESARA to launch us into our Golden Age.

In the mean time, we have “the show”. Show-and-tell for the normies so they can see for themselves what befell their America the Beautiful while they slept.

The Deep State will never have anything on Donald Trump. He is squeakie clean because he knew what was coming and would never give the enemy grist for their mill. That is why they have to concoct shameless stories built on lies; imaginary crimes they cannot prove or litigate without the army of corrupt, bribed and blackmailed cronies who support their system of tyranny. He has forced their hand and enticed them through the labyrinth to the guillotine all along with irresistable bits of cheese; Trump being the cheese.


Dec 17, 2019 5:03:45 PM EST

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538264 

First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
FIRST ARREST will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].

We have long pondered the possible meaning of the Q Team’s statements [two days in a row] that the first arrest will shock the world, and many speculated it could be Trump. That line of thinking has re-emerged after yesterday’s outrageous fiasco at the hands of the FBI. Rest assured, however, this will boomerang like every other stunt they pulled and it will further the agenda of the Earth Alliance.

Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

This Q post appeared on David Nino Rodriquez Telegram and makes a good point. Trump and the White Hats set it up. It’s a trap; an invitation. Why didn’t Trump eviscerate his entire staff. Why didn’t he remove all the Obama-era hold-overs? Why did he allow so many to stay? Because it was a trap. He wanted them to show the People what they have been doing and continue to do so they can see it for themselves.


Did ‘Impeachment’ provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?


Did ‘Impeachment’ harm or help POTUS [public]?

How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?

Why didn’t POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?

Do you really believe that POTUS & team trusted [Hussein] holdovers to remain within the admin and work to enact POTUS’ agenda w/o bias or confrontation?

How do you ‘awaken’ the ‘induced coma’ public [FAKE NEWS control] from their long sleep? Sometimes allowing your enemies to [openly] attack……. Logical thinking.


Did you happen to see Dan Scavino’s posts about Q+? Yes, Trump is Q+ and signs off that way on Q drops.

Would Trump sacrifice himself for the cause? He already has—countless times. He will continue to roll out the Great Awakening and do anything necessary to ensure its success. In this epic and final battle between good and evil, we will experience things we never thought possible. The scope of this operation has to reach deep inside every man, woman and child to leave an indelible mark on their psyche so they never forget, and this is never allowed to happen again.

Commentary from Good Dog: Link to Telegram.

Not sure of date – but, if we use the Ukrainian phone call/sham impeachment as a ‘guide’ – POTUS will be arrested ( sometime in December. Since the evidence will be manufactured (according to reports – POTUS’ Safe was empty) – and the Corrupt FBI/DOJ will shop the case to an Obama Judge.

The whole world will watch this case. Most foreign leaders (and US Allies) who are also on “the take” will publicly proclaim the shame of the trial – but, gleefully support any sham conviction. Domestic leaders will poo-poo claims that the 2022 election was stolen – even as they seat their ill-gotten electoral gains – and align the show trial for maximum psychological impact. Their objective is to destroy the United States – to be sure they get away with their many thefts.

This will be our darkest hour. We must watch China and Russia movements – and proxy attacks (NK, ANTIFA, BLM, ISIS, MS13) at this time.

But, have faith. God Will Redeem Us. And God Will Save Trump.

The enemy always makes the prideful mistake of believing his own rhetoric. And God’s Winning Move will be absolutely spectacular. All the precedents these fellers are setting right now (thinking they cannot lose) will come back to bite them in the most horrendous ways. These wicked ones – and all from their families to the tenth generation – will be a cautionary byword – a curse and slander against the family of man. Their heirs will try to change their names – but, this will not be allowed.

God’s Judgement Is Perfect. It is coming.

What other than the arrest of President Donald Trump could have the impact of the most sensational story that would be the shot heard ’round the world? What else could have the amperage to jolt the somnambulant public out of their hypnotic trance?

Alternatively, some are saying that TODAY is the day for Trump to announce he is running for the office of POTUS. Supposedly that would offer him some protection from these lawless psychopaths. It’s what the American people want; to re-elect their champion.

Many were wondering why the FBI would raid the former President’s home. The answer is the same as always; to find something they can use to render him unfit for office so he can never be elected again. They will do whatever they can to disqualify him, but they don’t seem to understand who they’re dealing with.

It involves criminal law 18 – 2071. Link to Telegram.

Of course the MSM is turning it into a circus of lies. Forgive Twitter for having a mal. It’s tough to deal with all the nonsense these days.

In the Great White Gulag, the problem is this:

This gentleman below points out the blind justification in his short video about globalist Stephen Harper, former PM. People believe what they want to believe and won’t look at facts, evidence to the contrary—even logic. They are locked into the liberal – conservative party system and can’t escape the confines of their minds.

On to another favourite topic; as with most days, we have news of another bloodsucker testing positive.

This bears repeating. For those who think we’re all conspiracy theorists and Covid was a killer virus gone viral and we needed to stop it—read this article below and know that most of us who survived that monstrous hoax have been snatched from the brink of extinction and personal persecution.

For those of you who took the swabs [fake Covid tests], your DNA could be your undoing. Me, I’m very glad I’m in the control group and won’t allow anyone in the medical industrial complex to touch me in any way.

THEY are the plague. The globalist/New World Order/Illuminati really believe they are tasked and qualified to control the population of this planet; to decide who will procreate, and who will live and who will die. It’s their whimsical decision to expedite the death of the elderly, unproductive segment of society, to exterminate races they want removed, and to reduce the overall population to a number they feel is manageable.

‘You can take someone’s DNA and design a weapon that can kill them’: House intelligence committee member warns people not to share health data with sites like 23andMe because it can be used to program new bio-weapons to target them

What have we been saying for years?

Donald Trump is just one man. They know they can deal with him but they have to get through him to get to us. He has spent the last five or more years educating the brainwashed across the planet as to who has been running the world and why things get worse instead of better and how we’ve been utterly deceived and betrayed by those who claim to care about us. Now, it it US; We, the People these murderers fear. Link to Telegram.

Just a couple days ago @TrueGenFlynn reminded us of the unchecked power of the 4th branch of government… the weaponized intel community.

Today America sees this 4th branch of government desperately still trying to “get Trump”, by raiding his home looking for a TECHNICALITY… some document they can claim was classified, even though Trump had absolute power to declassify whatever he wanted.

All a set up to claim Trump is no longer eligible to run.
It’s YOU they fear.

They DO fear us. That’s why they have umpteen schemes to eliminate us. How do they kill us? Let me count the ways. This whistleblower has astonishing revelations about chemtrails; the aerosols and “lingering contrails” we see in our skies. He says the NSA filled him in on a few details and he tells us that 95% of the pilots spraying this toxic fog over our heads believe they are spraying to reflect the sun’s radiation and heat to prevent global warming. The fact that they need treatment from this doctor speaking because of their hazardous job supports that statement.

He also speaks of Morgellons and the fact that it is intelligent and did not originate on this planet. It’s a fascinating 2 minutes to learn why they have been spraying us like bugs for decades.

I came upon an interesting photo today. Qincidence?

This is Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson from Vancouver with a recording of a father on the phone with a pharmacist, ripping them a new one because his wife took their seven year old son to the pharmacy for a Covid shot and the boy is now in hospital with myocarditis; a prognosis of probably death in 5 years or so. The pharmacy did not inform the mother that myocarditis is a side-effect because as the pharmacist on the phone relates, they don’t want to scare parents into not getting their children jabbed. The father is beside himself and says the recorded conversation is now going to an attorney.

Other items of note: another grocery store in flames; this one in Montevideo, Uruquay, owned by the dark fleet. Link to Telegram.

@ToreSays this shopping in Uruguay (Punta del Este) is on fire. The Grocery store where the fire allegedly started is owned by Goldman Sachs –

Watch the water? What is it with so many corpses coming out of lakes? I know you’re thinking it, so I’ll just say it: Is the COD Arkancide?

Arkansas Judge Found Dead, Suspected Cause of Death Is Accidental Drowning

Goodness me, it’s almost 4 o’clock. Time to go poolside with my pup.

Back later.  ~ BP

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August 8, 2022: Lion’s Gate Energies Soothing the Savage Beast [videos]

August 8, 2022


It’s the Lion’s G[eight] and the energies are going to reflect that. It’s getting really crazy out there.

Laura Walker has numerous new astrological uploads on The Oracle Report, including one for today entitled, “Voices and Sun-Chiron” that may assist in your innerstanding of the current energies and how they might affect our civilization. I haven’t listened to the two previous yet. 5 minutes.

Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ, who did not, unfortunately, get elected on August 2nd in Arizona, reminds us that the current administration on both sides of the aisle keep trying to slide by their corrupt legislation. They always stick to their plan and name their bills the opposite of what they are designed to do. Heaven help us if this crap gets passed and implemented.

This time, the story is a little different: Link to Telegram.

No Republican lawmakers signed onto the bill, though Democrats were able to pass it via a simple majority through the budget reconciliation process.

Link to Telegram.

The “inflation reduction act” will do the exact opposite and increase inflation a lot.

It will be the catalyst that sends us spiraling into a great recession.

Hope you have been preparing your family’s supplies.

The days ahead are about to get rough.

Tracy Beanz comments on the bill and provides the PDF so you can read it for yourself: Link to Telegram.

The spending bill is 725 pages long. I’ll be reading it today. No bill should be this long. It’s impossible to read it before you vote.

I’ll never forget the video of Nancy Pelosi telling our [s]elected officials that they would have to sign a bill to find out what’s in it. Almost none of those policy makers ever read a bill. They got paid regardless and never cared about us or America. Only a few like Dr. Ron Paul did their job.

This is your must-listen video for today. It’s everything you need to know about Covid-19 and the experimental vaccines from one of the best and highest-credentialed specialists out there, Dr. Richard M. Fleming. This deposition [under oath] is for the purposes of litigation around the Covid-19 bioweapon. It’s not terribly technical or scientific for the most part, it’s easy to understand, and will leave no questions in the mind about whether this deep state agenda was planned, and done with malice to harm large numbers of people. “Knowingly”. Crimes against Humanity. 1 hour.

Dr. Richard Fleming swear under oath vaccines is a bioweapon

If that doesn’t work, watch it here, before it disappears.

And if you did NOT read this shocking intelligence when I shared it the other day, I’m sharing again so it’s a strong nudge to do that—and pass it on.

Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!

Gee, a lot of diplomat and statesmen deaths these days. Link to The

U Myo Thant Pe was the fourth ambassador to die in China in the past year. Myanmar’s ambassador to China died suddenly on Sunday in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, according to an obituary in Myanmar state media and diplomatic sources in Beijing.

Dave’s recent X22 Spotlight featured Peter Navarro and it’s worth a listen because Peter has been around the White House for a long time and held nothing back. It’s disgusting what the deep state did to him, [similar to Roger Stone] and as he points out, if the deep state can do it to him, they can do it to any one of us. They are lawless bullies with paid thugs. His book sounds very good and just what we need to move forward and take control.

“Therapy” is a benign term they like to apply to killer cocktails like the ones they use to treat/feed cancer, but there are negative side-effects to everything the Big Pharma psychopaths push. Who will protect the children? Isn’t it bad enough we have criminals posing as surgeons who castrate and perform double mastectomies on children too young to make informed decisions? Add the chemical kool-aid known as puberty-blockers into the mix and you have a devastating scenario for our future generations. Synthetic hormones are not equal to natural hormones and can have horrible consequences. Tulsi Gabbard has championed this aspect of the satanic agenda.

The temperature of the masses is rising in righteous indignation and the language follows. A shift is required on many levels, not the least of which is tolerance for ‘victimless crimes’ so the emotions and action can be directed where they are needed.

The citizen journalists are not the stuffed shirts, actors, talking heads, or bubble-headed boobies of the formerly entertaining and distracting Main Stream Media. We, the digital soldiers, are authentic, unapologetic, realists. We’re not putting on a show or pretending to be people we are not.

We share what is really happening, to real people, at the hands of liars and psychopaths who want us dead. The expression of the crimes and the emotions that go along with that will come out in a real way, and it may be raw. The wounds are raw. They ooze the blood of innocents.

We were stoic, quiet, and calm for many years, but now we have reached the crescendo when the masses are realizing we were at the brink of extinction. You bet we’re angry, and we will express it—strongly.

Those who cannot assimilate the truth from us and prefer the liars in expensive suits who are really silver-tongued devils are not going to make the shift easily. Why not focus on what matters?

I haven’t been looking for it, but I keep seeing posts about Phil G and I have to say I’m concerned about him. More and more solid, well-known truthers are talking about Phil and his behaviour. I originally thought he was a nice guy and didn’t really want to learn otherwise but something is happening to him. He is calling out Dave at the X22 Report now. It seems like Phil is coming unravelled and may need psychological help. If so, I hope he gets it before someone gets hurt.

It seems that true colours are showing now; possibly because, as I said, it is impossible for the enemy to go any further without showing themselves for who they truly are. Case in point; the Jetson White rapture event video that is so bizarre I didn’t even want to watch it. This is two people reading a script, not having a conversation.

A few of the things Jetson has said recently did not resonate—and the part about our pets going West is one of them. Our pets are going with us. The crew has commented on some of Jetson’s claims and I hope people are using their discernment even more these days because the dark is going to do everything they can to derail and distract us.

This was a time-sensitive video because of the Lunar calendar date of August 8, which Jetson explains is Sept. 3 on the Gregorian calendar. What do you think? It’s 20 min. at the link below.


There is a new search engine you might want to try. It’s You can download an app for gadgets. We will have to compare the results returned on this one as opposed to the Goog monster and see if they return un-algorithmed data that the cabal’s technology won’t show us, or just the same old-same old.

Is this another example of back-handed disclosure?

Conspiracy theory about ‘new world order’ won’t save Vancouver home from foreclosure, judge rules

Canuck readers should know what this means by now.

It is looking like Lake Mead is a favourite dumping ground for the mob, or something. This is what happens when you drain the swamp. I don’t think I’d be swimming in Lake Mead regardless of how hot it got. I’d need a shower afterward. When sunken boats are on high ground, that’s a serious water shortage. What else is down there? Do we want to know?

Fourth set of human remains discovered at Lake Mead since May

A crew member asked me to share news of this Humanitarian effort of theirs in Spain, so here you go. You may assist if you feel so guided.

We have moved to Spain and want to built a community for both animals and humans that is self sufficient.

We are helping dogs and cats that are dumped down here as well.

Could you pls share this? It’s rather urgent.

Hugs Oliver

Before we part ways for today, I have a question: What is going on here? For Telegram readers, Richard Citizen Journalist has a Trump bucks ad on his channel, and at the bottom it says, “This is an advertisement. ~ RCJ”  Is Richard allowing this, or can they stick ads on channels without the approval of the channel owner? I’d really like to know.

This just now published on Telegram. It’s a 2 minute excerpt and it’s some scary shit. Link to Telegram.

This video has had more than 54,000 views and almost 2,000 shares on Twitter in less than 36 hours. This is telling us in 2 minutes that radical science has taken over medicine, it is extremely disturbing but explains so much. I have the full 1 hr presentation and some supporting documentation to go with it. It’s going to take a little time to open this one up and there will be nightmares but I think we can already see the convergence of “tech & medicine” and it does not bode well for humanity.

That is all I have for today. Off I go to attend to life and try to stay positive. I hear that the doctor’s prognosis for our dear friend is “terminal”, as I suspected. I asked if they got second and third opinions and her husband said he hasn’t spoken to the oncologist yet. He was having difficulty talking to any doctors. What kind of oncologist prescribes chemo for a patient who is supposedly terminal, sends them home to die with a load of morphine to manage the pain and after a couple of months hasn’t even spoken to the spouse? It’s unfathomable and makes me so angry. They’re killing people in so many ways, and making them suffer as long as possible while they take their money.

Stay savvy and strong, everyone. This war is not over.  ~ BP

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August 6, 2022: A Torrent of Truth is Raging Across the Planet Plus an Update for Hawai’i [videos]

August 6, 2022


I’m tacking the Hawai’i update right here: Link to Telegram.

Military family member reports Hawai’i just placed on high alert.

The headlines get stranger by the day and the tales of murder, intrigue and bizarre coincidence have not waned. Agatha Christie had nothing on this ‘movie’. Did you hear about this?

Head of Taiwan’s missile programme is found dead in hotel | Reuters (

Ou Yang Li-hsing, deputy director of Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, has been found dead in a hotel room in the south of the island.

The military man, who was in charge of the island territory’s missile developments programme, reportedly died of a heart attack, according to the Central Taiwan News Agency.

No evidence of trespassing or violence was found in the serviceman’s room. Family members of the deceased claimed he had heart problems.

At the time, Ou Yang was on a work trip in Pingtung County. He had taken up his post this year to oversee missile production projects, which have been gaining higher priority in Taiwan.

It appears it is time that the Human trafficking, pedophilia, pedovoria, and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice are addressed. In his Save America rally last night in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Trump went there. Watch on Telegram. He looks younger with this haircut.

Trump said tonight at his rally that two illegal alien MS13 members were convicted for raping and murdering a 15-year-old in a Satanic ritual. He’s preparing the public for what’s coming.

They all deny it. Who is telling the truth? We must push on.

Utah attorney is calling on a top county police officer to resign for reviving allegations that the lawyer had been involved in a cannibalistic sex trafficking ring that abused children decades ago.  Source

It’s a sick, sick world we live in, and the details continue to pour out to prove it. Every country is victimized. This is in Scotland.

11 Adults Arrested for Allegedly Operating Child Sex, Killing Dogs: ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Sexual Services’

Of course there are many ways to get information out. Sometimes we use the back door. Take a listen to this short Alex Jones clip from the Sandy Hoax trial. He went there, too. Humourous, and not. Link to Telegram.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton

How did we get to this point? We closed our eyes. We need very clear legislation, and to arrest sexual deviants and the enablers. How about a guard or monitor at the doors to women’s restrooms and change rooms?

80-Year-Old Woman Banned From Community Pool After Complaining Man Watching Little Girls Undress In Shower Room: Report

Who controls the media? Project Veritas shows us in this clip.

Sinclair Broadcasting National Desk Covers Bombshell #FBILeaks Across 30+ Stations

How about that Arizona election? Kari is killing it. It’s still in count mode in day four and Kari Lake’s votes are multiplying. Link to Telegram.

Did she ever think in those 20 years at Fox as a news anchor, much of it as half of Hook and Lake, that she would be running for Governor of the state?

Kari Lake’s lead in AZ continues to grow. Now +34,272 votes and the Republican vs. Democrat ballot count is + 220,100 Republican.

If you are on Telegram and have not seen 2000 Mules or would like to watch again, here is the full HD film with 1 hr. 26 min. of gobsmacking facts. Link to Telegram.

Another very sensitive topic yet to be addressed is 9/11 but I am hearing a lot about it in the blogosphere these days. Watch this brief video of George W. Bush after that event. Link to Telegram.

“The explosives went off at a high enough.. a point high enough to prevent people from above escaping.”

Wait, wut

@AmericanExceptionalism 🇺🇸

Below is the “plane” that hit the Pentagon that same day.

News flash: There were no planes, folks. Four buildings were attacked, and no planes were involved. The North Tower, the South Tower, Building 7, and the Pentagon. Zero planes. No one “saw” a plane, they only thought they did in their traumatized state after the media showed their CGI reruns of the fake planes hitting the towers, over and over and over and over and over.

This a missile painted to look like a plane. It’s so obvious. No wing damage to the structure, just a round hole. No airplane wreckage or debris at the site. Nada. No plane.


The People of Argentina are fed up, getting more desperate and willing to step outside their comfort zone. Watch the video on Telegram.

Q was so right when he said there would come a point when the cabal wouldn’t be able to walk down the street.

Argentinian Economic minister chased by the people in Buenos Aires.

Why did it take so long to get to this point in the takedown?

Watch this fascinating video below about social conformity and see how people respond to group action; how almost no one talks or rebels. I have rebelled in situations in my life where I got really ornery because it didn’t make sense to me so I wasn’t going to go along and I didn’t care what people thought of me. I care what EYE think of me. Watch how this applies to the whole mask, 6-feet, lockdown and vaxx scenario.

This was a benign situation but when people feel threatened, like from a phantom virus, they get angry when others don’t comply. I recall a video after 9/11 of travelers getting upset with people in an airline gate lounge when the thugs came in and demanded to test everyone’s water bottle that they had just purchased—for explosives.

Some spoke up and said no, that’s absurd, etc. and other people in the waiting area told them to shut up and give them their bottle because it was for the safety of everyone. Baaaaa!

Sound familiar? These control freaks running the world know exactly what to do, how to frame it, and how the masses will react. They have ways of dealing with those of us who think critically and respond appropriately. We’re “conspiracy theorists”.

Social Conformity – Brain Games

Yesterday was a difficult day and we got a lot of bad news and unpleasantness out of the way in 24 hours. As I watched a Yellow Rose for Texas video I caught at the very end a sad note. It read, “RIP Lisa Tully”. One of the crew asked recently if anyone had heard from Lisa. She always let us know as soon as a new Yellow Rose video was uploaded and commented from time to time but I noticed she hasn’t been around lately.

I was able to find her Twitter account and right at the top her post mentioned Starship Earth, and the last post was in 2021. Perhaps she has been ill for awhile but that was all that was required for the tears to flow because even though I didn’t know Lisa well, she was a loyal crew member for many years. Now we know Lisa is continuing her work on the other side, and there are no longer any questions in her mind. We will miss Lisa’s fiery, warrior spirit. RIP Lisa, with love from the crew.

This is Rose’s video to share information and dispel some she says is incorrect. Many people have been tricked into contracts with the El-ites. “Who are the Elohiem and what is ‘Accepting an Offer’.”

The Elohiem Are Not God

The Elohiem are NOT God 7-23-22 from YRFT on Vimeo.

Any idea what they’ll find here? It’s awfully round.

A large mysterious sinkhole, over 650 feet deep and 82 feet in diameter, appeared over the weekend in a mining area in the northern Chile and authorities have started investigating it

Have any of you figured it out?

Not wanting to remain down in the dumps I want to end on a high note, so here is a lighthearted and brief update from Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward wherein they address the rumours stemming from a satire from Clif High stating that Charlie is dead and Simon is at Gitmo. They also admit that they have put out disinfo from time to time to put off the enemy. You all have to know that by now. I’ve told you often enough and the crew is very savvy.

Everyone who is anyone puts out disinfo sometimes. That is the nature of an information war. Websites that say they are satire do the same. They are just protecting themselves and making it look like it’s nothing to go after them for because no one should take them seriously. C-Vine website was attacked and down for several hours yesterday so we all want to ensure we don’t get targeted by the control freaks. Watch the fun update on Simon’s blog at the link below—at least the first 5 minutes. 15 min.

Simon & Charlie 5th August 2022 Update Current News

Now that you’re wearing a smile, I will bid you adieu. I need to knock a few things off my “to do” list so will probably not do a post on Sunday. Do check out the comments for the great stuff the crew shares. Have a great weekend, all.  ~ BP

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August 3, 2022: The New Republican Party Sculpting a New America

August 3, 2022


What an exciting night Tuesday was. Out with the old and in with the new.

In case you missed it, Trump gave us the 5:5 last night. We needed it for that nail-biter here in Arizona—a key state in this election. Trump trained the patriots well, they did what needed to be done and we managed to secure a number of big wins which will stand us in good stead for the November big one.

The shenanigans were wide-spread, isolated in multiple counties but the biggie was the fact that both Pinal and Pima counties in Arizona for some odd reason ran out of Republican ballots just one hour into the voting. Imagine.

In Tempe a voter said election officials asked her if she would like to switch her party when she went in to cast her vote. Legally, one would have to do that outside of 29 days prior to an election. Other areas were pushing the Pentel felt-tip pens. The incidents reported on the Arizona  Informer channel on Telegram was full of stories people were telling of their experiences. Incident reports. They can be used for investigations—and probably will because Kari Lake is adamant about election reform.

When a flock of honking Canada geese drafting overhead early this morning on our walk was much larger than usual and in a perfect V formation, I took it as a sign. I thought, “There it is. They’re giving it to Kari.” Normally we see six or eight geese all willy-nilly. This was more like twenty and a clear message; Victory, and that was just prior to people posting on Telegram and Twitter that Kari Lake had been declared the winner in the gubernatorial race.

Kari has been effectively branded and is up to the task, and then some. As did Trump, I believe the new governor will be undoing much of the damage the traitors did over the years. When she is done with the McCain/Ducey, etc. business, it will be like they were never here.

In hindsight, Q dropped a remarkable post in 2018.


Nov 12, 2018 11:50:47 PM EST

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 466 

ARIZONA R Gov won by 328,000 votes.
D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes.
R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes.
D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes?
[350,000] vote swing to D Sen?

Something in the back of my mind, however, was wondering if we have heard this end of this. It was too easy, was it not? We KNOW they will not simply acquiesce and ride off into the stunning Arizona sunset.

There is this:

It was a hair-raising race in Arizona on some counts and the numbers had us wondering if they were going to cheat in our faces again because Kari Lake’s votes were late-comers. Kari, however, told everyone including the media at her party in Scottsdale that the system is “F’d” and when all the “legal” votes were counted, she and her team would win. It was mean to leave us hanging all night but I guess it was better than the three weeks the mob took in 2020 to finalize the steal. The White Hats have to get the normies to engage.

TruthHammer had this message for the corrupt cult—the outgoing establishment:

Maricopa County Supervisors,

Right now you sit on a block of votes you announced you’ll release at 7pm today. You are no doubt running the numbers and wondering if you dare “go for it”.

You are no longer “protected” behind a wall of senior officials who agreed to cover for you.

This would be a good time to retire… overseas.

Tick Tock

I am expecting a few more hot desert nights before this storm blows over, but this post from Brian Cates is very interesting and doesn’t surprise me in the least. Link to Telegram.

Maricopa is attempting to do what all corrupt counties do.

They are holding back most of the vote as they furiously try to flip the race.

But I’ve been told there are assets on the ground in AZ that have been there for months and the cheaters are in for a massive surprise.

Politics can be a deadly business and in Michigan the patriots had to back off for their safety.

What the hell is this? Alex Jones caved? And how the hell does he know—was he there? Did he do a forensic investigation? Was he in on it? More likely they greased his palm. How many times have we heard he’s a CIA asset? Controlled opposition?

What our patriot/citizen journalist investigations revealed: The Sandy Hook “massacre” was a theatrical hoax with shitty crisis actors. It was a staged “drill” they recorded and published as an actual event. No one died, and every family in the town was paid off. Their mortgages were zeroed out to buy their silence and the police and coroner were in on it.

The school they used wasn’t even open because it was slated to be demolished. A woman in the UK said they stole a photo of her living daughter that was posted online and used it for one of the so-called victims, reporting she was killed in the school shooting. If this court case is for real, Jones’ testimony is an outrage. Next they’ll be saying planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11.

There have been regime changes all over the planet. Here’s another.

Peru PM resigns as investigations target President Castillo

I can’t wait to hear what this was about. Of course he was “known to authorities” as they say. Check out the article at The Ottawa Citizen.

The crazies are out in Ottawa. The bus company says “Amphibus” in the photo but the papers are saying it’s actually amphibious. It does’t look amphibious to me but apparently they do tours on land and water. What is the significance of this, do you think? Is Turdeau still at the “cottage” or is he back in the mansion post-refurbishing? I think he’s about to move into his new place in Cuba.

Amphibious tour bus crashes into gates of PM’s residence at 24 Sussex, no injuries

A curious message came through on someone’s phone, I think in Canada, about the EBS and they posted on Telegram, asking if anyone else got one. Link to Telegram.

I also saw this reference to EBS on a private Telegram channel:

MULTIPLE REPORTS: EBS alert systems being updated throughout the Pacific Northwest. Watch for new utility poles going up in random locations.

I mentioned the new cylindrical tower they installed a few blocks from us a couple of months ago. I believe it’s part of the infrastructure to be able to take Humanity to the next step in the Plan.

Regardless of crimes committed, this vigilantism in Brazil is scary. I couldn’t do it. Will it put a permanent end to the crimes? Link to Telegram for video.

After the Brazilian government permitted the killing of motor cycle riders who rob & kill citizens – in order to put an end to this menace, this is what the citizens there are doing!!!
When Law Enforcement do not do their job, citizens will…

The horrific worldwide Human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse are big truths that the snoozers still need to face. They will never expect the level of betrayal they will discover when they can finally see it for what it is.

The most lauded and decorated sickos are honoured by their deep state cronies and hide behind badges, long robes, and credentials of designation after their names. You gotta love a good sting op.

More news we don’t enjoy reporting… Santa Surfing included a couple of posts on Telegram.

JUST IN – U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, a Republican from Indiana, killed in car crash this afternoon.

Two others in the vehicle and the driver of the other vehicle have reportedly also died.

The US elections ain’t over—not by a long shot. Here’s the plan for mail-in ballots later this year. How many in America believe their government is honest and above-board? Just watch what happens between now and the November elections. Americans are going to have their eyes opened, but other countries along with it.

US Postal Service Makes Announcement on Mail-In Ballots Ahead of Midterm Elections

The afternoon is all but over so I will close here with the latest astrological interpretation from Laura Walker in her August 3 Oracle Report recording of “When angels cry.”

Prepare for the Lion’s Gate energies coming in around August 8.  ~ BP

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August 2, 2022: Election Integrity—To Be or Not To Be?

August 2, 2022


If you are still here, surfing the WWW to see how this movie script is going to go, congratulations. It’s like a train wreck; we don’t know where to look and just watching it is painful, but it seems most eyes are on the primary elections currently underway, and, of course—Taiwan where the next train wreck will undoubtedly take place. They are certainly building it up.

The control freaks really, really, really want war.

LATEST: Sources suggest U.S. has killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.


“He was such a villain that they had to kill him twice”

You can’t make this up. Talk about recycled news. How can anyone trust anything the lamestream media says?

The train wreck waiting to happen.

While the “scare event” will be scary for the snoozers, for us it will probably be like a thunderstorm that brings relief from the buildup of heat, the raindrops replacing the beads of sweat as we wait, and wait, and wait…

The election taking place in Arizona today will be very telling. We have heard that in various places in America where voting has already taken place that election fraud and improprieties have been reported. We also hear that not enough has been done to prevent a similar scenario to the 2020 steal from happening again in some counties but I would think that enough has been done, and the awareness has increased sufficiently to prevent a runaway election of that scale. TruthHammer reminds us… Link to Telegram.

AZ Governor, Sec of State, Attorney General, Maricopa Supervisors, Maricopa Election Supervisor… they all know what the natural vote is going to show today.

Do you expect they will quietly yield power and let new officials like #KariLake begin sweeping them out of office?

What’s going to happen over the next few hours?

The enemy is pulling stunts like this one in Racine, Wisconsin. [Twitter thinks we need to be protected from this “potentially sensitive” material. That’s how they prevent the truth from easily being shared. Pathetic, isn’t it?]

The election fraud that took place in 2020, when exposed fully, will have a bearing on the future and some feel there will not be a November election at all. For those reasons these primaries are going to be very interesting.

We expect challenges and monkey business. TruthHammer on Truth Social stated:

Everybody saw the Colorado Sec of State election get rigged, and a recount is inbound. Every time the uniparty globalists are forced to take such an obvious risk they raise the temperature of a giant powder keg that is already on the verge of blowing into mass public action.

Right now they are debating how far to push it in stopping @KariLake. Pray for her safety, and pray the enemy is exposed when they try to rig the election for Karrin Robson.

The rats are cornered.

Colorado is as corrupt as they come. This, we knew. The video below at the Telegram channel gets into an update from Tina Peters. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING NEWS!! From Recounts to Lawsuits: An Update from Tina Peters on the Absolute Clown Show and Corruption Happening in CO…Watch full here

Other countries are not immune. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING 🚨 Voting for the next UK prime minister has been delayed after GCHQ warned that cyber hackers could change people’s ballots – The Telegraph

Humanity needs to see justice and at Guantanamo Bay, at least, the wheels have ground to an almost complete halt in the 9/11 military tribunals as the reporting from C-Vine’s Linda Forsythe reveals in her video, below. Linda has been following the proceedings for a long time and reads a report she wrote where you can scan along with her as she narrates. It’s disappointing, but not really surprising. The dark side continues to throw up roadblocks to prevent the proceedings from moving forward. Link to Telegram. Linda says…

I just released this short, and to the point video about the 911 trials. How is the crime of the century being swept under the rug? You may want to watch how it is being conducted and put away all the diversions for a mere 15 minutes. Why? Because THIS is the reason FOR all the diversions.

GTMO OPINION: 9/11 Plea Deal Burying Crimes Without Tribunal~Getting Away With Crime of the Century!

Stuff like the following is frustrating to intelligent, thinking people.

Meanwhile, we hear San Franciscans are waiting in line for hours to get the Monkeypox jab.

That’s all for now. I will be watching the election results later today and hoping that the steal doesn’t come back in a rerun. It’s obvious who the People of Arizona want, but the devil has other ideas. The New York Times reports that Kari Lake failed to expand her base. What?

In the Republican primary, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed former local television news star, emerged as the early front-runner, but polls show she hasn’t expanded her base.

Link to Telegram.

Arizona’s Kari Lake has 885,000 followers on social media.

The Swamp’s Karrin has 13,000 followers on social media.

How is this even a race without election fraud❓

Truth ( | @KanekoaTheGreat

Captain K/ Seth Keshel is one to watch for truth in reporting. Link to Telegram.

Over and out.  ~ BP

GTMO OPINION: 9/11 Plea Deal Burying Crimes Without Tribunal~Getting Away With Crime of the Century!

Stuff like the following is frustrating to intelligent, thinking people.

Meanwhile, we hear San Franciscans are waiting in line for hours to get the Monkeypox jab.

That’s all for now. I will be watching the election results later today and hoping that the steal doesn’t come back in a rerun. It’s obvious who the People of Arizona want, but the devil has other ideas. The New York Times reports that Kari Lake failed to expand her base. What?

In the Republican primary, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed former local television news star, emerged as the early front-runner, but polls show she hasn’t expanded her base.

Link to Telegram.

Arizona’s Kari Lake has 885,000 followers on social media.

The Swamp’s Karrin has 13,000 followers on social media.

How is this even a race without election fraud❓

Truth ( | @KanekoaTheGreat

Captain K/ Seth Keshel is one to watch for truth in reporting. Link to Telegram.

Over and out.  ~ BP

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