Daily News and Updates for August 11th 2022: “U.S. NEWS“Biden Knew”: Trump Says FBI Raid Was “Coordinated Attack”

Never Underestimate the Value of Off-Grid Entertainment

Kash on Newsmax TV: “It’s a Two-Tiered System of Justice on Full Display”


Army Wants “tech that can support and integrate everything from sensors to 5G and augmented reality headsets” for Ground Soldiers


Human, Environmental and Wildlife Costs of Cell Phones, PCs, Laptops, DVD Players


Climate Alarmism Descending upon the Lower Levels of Government


The Nightmare that Health Care Became


Counselor For Sex Offenders Defends “Minor-Attracted Persons”

Elon Musk Quietly Dumps A Massive $6.9 Billion In Tesla Shares

“Anything But A Cashless Society”: Physical Money Makes Comeback As UK Households Battle Inflation

“Biden Knew”: Trump Says FBI Raid Was “Coordinated Attack”

VICTORY in Linton-on-Ouse

President Trump: Room Breached by Feds had Extra Lock Installed at Request of DOJ and FBI

BREAKING: Project Veritas Reveals How RINO Senator Murkowski Conspired To Rig Alaska Elections Against America First Opponent [VIDEO]

Florida Man With Concealed Firearm Kills Gunman Who Threatened To “Shoot Up The Crowd”


Liberal Washington Post Accuses Garland Of ‘Politicizing’ DOJ… Then They’re Forced To Delete After Left-Wing Meltdown

UPDATE: Judge Orders DOJ To Respond To Request To Unseal Warrant From Trump FBI Raid, SHOCKING Due Process Violations Revealed

Biden Misleads Americans With Claim That Inflation is 0%, While It Sits At Near-Record High

JUST IN: President Trump SHATTERS Fundraising Records The Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid

BREAKING: FBI Now Going After Pennsylvania’s 2020 Alternate Electors Who Were Selected in Response to Stolen 2020 Election

Indiana Republican Who Was Born In The USSR Blasts FBI Trump Raid As ‘KGB-Style Tactics’

SoCal Doctor Caught on Video Allegedly Poisoning Her Husband with Drano

Rep. Ilhan Omar Wins Her Primary By Narrow Margin

“Loser!” – Psychopath Tony Fauci BOOED LOUDLY before Throwing Out First Pitch at Mariners Game (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Eric Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras Captured FBI Agents Behaving Improperly

Kamala Harris: “Today We Learned That Last Month Our Economy Had 0% Inflation” (VIDEO)

Iran Arranges First Import Using Cryptocurrency


US Threatens African Nations With Sanctions If They Buy Russian Products Other Than Grain


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