August 13, 2022: This is ‘The Storm’—How Do You Like it So Far? [videos]

August 13, 2022: This is ‘The Storm’—How Do You Like it So Far? [videos]

August 13, 2022


The full moon this week wasn’t always visible here in the valley with plenty of cloud but it seemed to bring out a lot of strange behaviour and stories.

We know that when a big news story erupts on the scene that the real truth won’t come out for a few days, at least. The interim chatter is interesting—and often fun.

This was a very popular Twitter post from Il Donaldo.

One of the truest statements ever; “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely actors upon it”, or something like that. William Shakespeare told it true but we never took him literally. Turns out these players are the whole package. Does this mean they’re “bi”? Are they hermaphrodites like a dew worm? I’ve no understanding of the 72 different gender designations or pronouns—by choice.

Michelle [Big Mike] Obama and Jacinda Ardern, NZ PM

Incidentally, the crew addressed something I hadn’t even thought of. They say that everything of consequence at Mar-a-Lago is down under, complete with a mag-lev train. I guess that shouldn’t surprise us, should it?

Some more very interesting details came out about that FBI thuggery at the President’s residence. The myopic morons are digging their own graves. The more they try to hide their crimes the deeper the doo-doo they shat in their pants. This Telegram post from Santa Surfing explains.

FBI agents who raided Mar A Lago are actively under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham, sources say. If this is true, and they really did raid MAL over Russia-gate documents, this will be EXPLOSIVE!

Heads up. Women/children tagged for kidnapping/sex trafficking this way. Watch for it and share. The general public have no idea how great a problem or how prevalent this is.

We are hearing that actress Anne Heche who recently died as a result of severe injuries from a Los Angeles car crash has been raising awareness for, or fighting against, Human traffickers. Some have wondered if this played into her odd death.

A quick bit of research reveals that Anne’s behaviour was bizarre as she actually crashed her car twice before succumbing to the brain damage sustained in the second one and was combative when paramedics tried to get her to safety and treat her. Further reports say she had a lot of heavy drugs in her system which might suggest she was poisoned. Anne was dating Ellen [Allen] Degeneres for a time who had little to say about Anne as their relationship was over some time ago.

We may know more later. It may have been a case of the criminals not wanting her to reveal what she knew. Anne did a movie about a woman who was trafficked, with a release date set for September 17th, 2022. Qincidence? Learn more about The Girl in Room 13 here.

Q brought our attention to the Port of Long Beach and the curious cargo many ships, some of which are part of the Evergreen fleet, bring to America. The public has yet to learn the bad news.

WARNING: Disturbing Decode…

Anons know that the Port of Long Beach, CA has been used by the Cabal for A-chrome trafficked “materials.”

And that’s not all. There is also a CEMEX planet in the Tucson, Arizona area you might recall was under the spotlight when a band of people in a community designed to house and protect homeless veterans stumbled upon what they believed was a coyote Human trafficking camp with a “rape tree”, children’s clothing, toys, drugs, hair dye, and other paraphernalia indicative of repeated use by Human traffickers and drugs and arms runners.

The mayor of Tucson was a Rothschild then—see for yourself—and after repeated sensational press from veterans and other generous patriots who struck out across a hot, prickly desert to seek more evidence of Human traffickers, CEMEX was mentioned. The corporation almost immediately bulldozed the site which destroyed evidence, and possibly to placate the public who was then watching intently, the authorities also called in the alleged child protector TV star Craig “Sawman” Sawyer who reluctantly visited the sites trash/evidence left by illegal immigrants and coyotes headed north from the Mexico/US border and declared he couldn’t be sure and didn’t seem to want to be involved or interested in saving children.

That seemed odd considering we understand he is the founder of Veterans for Child Rescue. He has some negative press if you look him up so the jury is out on Sawman but CEMEX got a lot of attention they probably didn’t want and the initiative finally went away after they painted the key Humanitarian as a nut bar.

There were plenty of videos on the Internet from people who travelled a long way and spent their own money combing the beautiful but ever-challenging Sonoran desert for clues that might lead to places where there was a stash of women and children driven north like cattle to the cities where they would be used as currency in the sickest, most decadent world imaginable; where Humans are prey—and food.

That very nasty aspect of the evil in our world will have to come at some point because the sadistic monsters who have been running our planet are part of it and there is video and audio evidence as well as victim testimony. Timing is everything.

This channel on Telegram is shedding light on this aspect of the crimes.

One of the first stories I picked up this morning involved the Mexican drug cartels. Link to Telegram.

The drug Cartels declared war!
Tijuana under attack! All of Mexicali, Tecate and Rosarito areas are under high alert! The US border has been shut.

There is also this video. Link to Telegram.

Mexico, Happening Now: A scene right of the movie Sicario on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway, as real Sicarios get taken down.

The data we are seeing now is intriguing, to say the least. I’ve just discovered the following so have not yet looked into it. Link to Telegram.




For all those who are still unfamiliar with the origins of the Q Military Intelligence Qperation and its purpose,…


If you’re on Telegram and would like to see some uncommon shots of the Kennedy family, use this link. Very intriguing if you’re unaware.

Friday got away from me as it often does after a shopping trip, and a big, black storm was headed our way so I had to batten down the hatches and turned off my PC. The winds are exceptionally high this summer and one of our umbrellas, despite tying it up so it wouldn’t catch wind and having a 50 pound base, wound up in the pool—thankfully, undamaged. Twice this week the neighbour’s BBQ cover landed in our yard and I saw a few broken branches on trees in the ‘hood. The temperature dropped 25 degrees to 75F after the storm last night so it was a gorgeous opportunity for a night walk with Eli.

Unfortunately, the storm dumped most of its rain in Scottsdale and we didn’t get as much as the black clouds indicated we might but I’ll take it. This morning Eli had a cooler romp at a different dog park where we went to the “small dog” side. I got some pepper spray/gel but am still nervous about taking him around big dogs running loose, as was Eli as a large dog sniffed him this morning. The pup was a big hit with everyone, however, and got thoroughly winded after chasing a little black Pomeranian who wanted to lead the pack and barked and taunted until he/she got a few to engage.

I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of people at the park and the topic of vaccines and drugs came up with one woman who said her daughter has been telling her about the many natural and safe alternatives for dogs to the traditional Big Pharma applications and she linked same to people with respect to vaccines. So good to hear.

Another fellow stated with conviction when I told him Eli is a boy “and he will always be a boy” and we launched into a discussion about transgender nonsense. Later he mentioned that he and his family from Michigan were always Democrat but now he sees the party has changed and are pushing communism and the media is being untruthful and making it all sound like it’s a good thing so he is all about Trump.

The “climate change” is really about the minds of Humanity and the fact they are opening their eyes and seeing things how they actually are. Thankfully Trump and the Q Team have been very successful in that regard. It doesn’t hurt that people like Ron DeSantis, Wendy Rogers, General Flynn and others have hammered home the reality for many people.

We all play a part in this Great Awakening, and we digital soldiers like to refer to ourselves as “conspiracy analysts”. It will be a bitter pill to swallow when the masses hear the almost whole truth. Some will be held back—at least for a timeLink to Telegram.

Being a “conspiracy theorist” is spending endless hours, for years & years, gathering as much information as possible from as many resources as possible and critically thinking about what that information means.

Then people who do nothing but watch TV, believing the news etc tell you you’re crazy.

They won’t think we’re crazy for long. My man Matt Whitaker is saying we all need to be prepared for what happens next. I hope these Twitter links will work because these last two are not currently doing what they are supposed to do.

Here you are, folks. Twitter humour. I think the Commander’s facial expressions are priceless.

Time to say goodbye for now. Back soon. Enjoy your weekend.  ~ BP

August 11, 2022: Shadow Government Out of the Shadows

August 11, 2022


There are no shadows deep or dark enough to hide the control freaks and career criminals any longer. ALL their skeletons will be unearthed for the world to see.

Tore says channel posted… Link to Telegram. 

@ToreSays told us she recently realized someone very close to Trump is not to be trusted. She was hoping she was wrong.

Also, Garland went for something specific and knew it would justify his actions. So why won’t he tell us? Maybe it wasn’t there.

Finally…The Storm is here. 🇺🇸
I’m so excited I could spit.

That little stunt was very effective.

Trump Critics Say FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid May Have Handed Him GOP Nomination, “Potentially The Presidency”

Twitter has announced their latest [tried and tested] measures to contain and redirect misinformation and disinformation associated with elections in America in a most timely policy update [see link below]. Yes, the Big Tech social media platform that Elon Musk revealed is what—75 per cent or better? largely fake accounts and bots—is going to tell us all what is true and what isn’t; how to assess photographs and images before sharing, who is a real election candidate, and other rubbish they have no right to be dictating.

Of course they frame it as they always have that they are doing us a tremendous favour, protecting us from fake news and might prevent us from voting for the wrong people. In fact, they tell us they have done this for other countries besides the United States. I’ll bet they have. We know how they manipulate public opinion while they make a killing by monetizing us.

Read Their ‘Civic Integrity Policy’ and laugh. The hypocrisy is out of this world. It’s just one more way to meddle in elections. [Isn’t that illegal?]

Why don’t we all just leave Twitter? It’s not like there aren’t better platforms.

Meanwhile, because the New World Order can’t for the life of them determine how they’re going to pull a rabbit out of their magician’s hat and take control of Arizona, a WEEK LATER they are STILL “counting votes”. Same in Washington state. I kid you not. This is huge news, folks and the importance cannot be overstated. This is their MO now. As you no doubt have surmised, the longer it takes to process the votes, the greater the chance of election meddling.

While the Hatch Act covers certain behaviours of the military and federal employees, it may not apply to contractors the government hires to administer in elections or civilian support, address programming election voting machines, wiping data from them, using unofficial ballots that aren’t government issued, forcing voters to use felt tipped pens which trigger the machines to spit the votes out for “adjudication” or Human intervention, hiring mules to harvest ballots and dump them in ballot boxes that are not policed and cameras are shut off/not functioning… and that’s just a smidgen of the tricks the enemy employed to cheat in elections for a long time.

As TGP reported, Maricopa County stopped counting shortly after Kari took the lead across the State on Tuesday night. They resumed counting on Wednesday last week and finally called the race for governor on Thursday night.

Throughout election day, voters reported massive fraud concerns and voter irregularities across the state and Maricopa County.

Without a final result on election night, Arizona voters were left wondering for days, what the hell is going on?

According to local journalists, Maricopa County is still counting the ball0ts and does not expect to finish until tomorrow.

This is unacceptable.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona’s three largest counties, Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal, all saw serious election integrity issues on election day.

Kari Lake took on the fake news media outside her office after her historic win and said, “I am not satisfied with how the election was run.”

The Arizona establishment did everything in its power to stop Trump-endorsed Kari Lake in the primary election, but they failed.

Arizona must watch the corrupt election officials like Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the democratic governor nominee in the general election.

Some measures have been taken to prevent election rigging but we have a long way to go. Dedicated Arizona residents held “election tailgate parties” at some ballot boxes last week to keep an eye on them and reported that they did indeed avert some mules from making their drops.

The disinformation the deep state uses to misinform the public is typical. They point the finger at the masses while they themselves are screwing them over doing far worse. They make it sound like the odd person who fills out two ballots in two different states because they moved is a national criminal but they are engaged in the most despicable tricks to steal the vote of the People around the world.

That truth will soon be recognized by the normies who trust their governments. Nearly every country is run by the cabal’s crime syndicates and none are really any better than a third world country where bribes are standard and thuggery is a daily political tactic.

This stunt below is reminiscent of the Comet Ping Pong Pizza shooter which the deep state blamed on a far right lunatic knife and gun-toting man who took exception to the news that Comet Ping Pong was linked to “Pizzagate”, child sex trafficking and ritual abuse. Of course the cabal’s mainstream news spun it and blamed it on fake news from conspiracy theorists but ironically now THEY are considered the “fake news” and WE are the news now.

Ongoing Armed Standoff With FBI After Shootout At Cincinnati Field Office

Interesting that FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Trump supporters about threats and violence. Qincidince? Not on your life. They wasted no time executing this little skit.

FBI Director Christopher Wray Warns Trump Supporters About ‘Deplorable and Dangerous’ Threats Following Trump Raid

This bit of trivia came in right at press time.. Not vetted. Just watch. Link to Telegram.

I just got this…….what do you think?

DIRECTLY FROM MIKE PENNY THURSDAY 4:30 pm. PLEASE SHARE! URGENT: FAKE Trump to soon be arrested. Do not protest! Deep State goal is to revenge, take out as many Patriots as possible. MAGAs. It will fail. Then DS will release ANTIFA/BLM. Guessed to be in NYC or DC but perhaps other cities. SHARE SHARE

The enemy soldiers continue to fall. Guess she’ll never be governor.

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams tests positive for COVID-19

More interesting stuff going on… a major power outage today in downtown Toronto. Cause unknown. Are the White Hats picking up cabal criminals again? Banksters? Or making switchovers in the financial systems for NESARA/GESARA?  Link to Telegram:

Power outage affecting Toronto’s financial district; Hydro One investigating

More news out of the Great White Gulag on the Covid tracking app implemented in Canada—and not unexpected news, folks. They designed all these technologies for their benefit… not ours. I think the White Hats caught this in time and it will not be used this way but it’s important for everyone to know that the potential is there. We need much more oversight on our governments and their technologies to ensure our rights are not infringed in any way, shape, or form—ever.

Experts warn ArriveCAN app could be violating constitutionally protected rights

We have just learned the CDC, bless their little black hearts, have revised the Covid guidelines. Now vaxxed and unvaxxed are equals. Does that make you jabbed folks angry? Now we can all live together harmoniously without those of us in the control group getting glared at, ostracized and spit on. Link to Telegram.

Thanks to C-Vine Telegram for this heads up. A plane similar to the one the fake news tells us sliced through the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 in 2001 hit a light pole at the airport and—well, will you look at that? The wing is badly damaged. I don’t think that kind of plane can cut through steel girders like butter, do you? People are going to have to face their trauma at some point and assimilate what has been happening in America. The CGI they used to con the world is commonplace in the fake news.

This excerpt from a Q The Storm Rider channel is very positive.

There is so much information I have given you that have formulated……..

I’m telling you now…… TRUMP IS INSULATED.. PROTECTED!!

Everything your watching a show….. This TRUMP indictments and SHOW WILL CONTINUE.. But it’s all connected to [ EXPOSURE] [ EXPOSURE] [EXPOSURE] [ EXPOSURE] exposure exposure exposure exposure exposure exposure [DECLAS][DECLAS]

I have long told you.. TRUMP. PUTIN. XI MODI .BIN SALMAN Are working together …… You may not understand the PLAN but regardless it’s HAPPENING


I have WARNED for so long ago these EVENTS to come… You are inside the STORM


( Near the end of a movie is where it feels like all HOPE is lost.. Then in an INSTANT things change!!!!!)

( Everything happening now had to happen…… It all leads to world military Courts. Crimes AGAINST humanity. 11.3///


President Trump shared this video on his Rumble channel. It’s Merrick Garland’s response to the question as to whether he approved the RAID on Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago. I think that means, mea culpa.

And that concludes our update for today.   ~ BP

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