BIDENS secret Army – quite disturbing…, fake BIDEN signed a death warrant on your freedom and the child killers are harrassing me and I can’t copy this

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS I had 20 Black Mjick attacks and about 14 on SUNDAY. The cabal are idiots as I CAN FEEL THEM “every time” IN MY ENERGY FIELDS AND CROWN AND OTHER CHAKRAS ETC IN MY AWAKE STATE. They kept trying to steal my soul and switch destinies etc

Grapevine : KNOWN psychics – Apparently there is only about 5% real divine Royalty so the fakes need to go…, And another stated that there is only – 144 CHOSEN ONES. Look for confirmations.

ANYWAY just another day, hoping Mother and Father God will continue to BANISH them that continue with the Black majik attacks on the divine Royalty members etc.etc.

It’s getting a little intense in USA and CANADA, I would say and other parts of the world.

Good Lord we have homelessness in CANADA and ahole Ford wants to spend 40 billion tax payer dollars on some kind of Gun control ? So I heard something like that – the GREED and the insanity !

Thought that I would pass this on to the ALLIANCE militaries.

Executive order 14067

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