Lion’s GATE: DEMISE is already upon them – AUG 15 2022

IS THERE A POSITIVE OBAMA? Cause evidence says there are only NEGATIVE ONES ???

How the heck would I know – I don’t have access to the info that the alliance militaries have.

I am however hoping and praying that ALL the Truths WILL COME OUT SO WE ALL KNOW !

WELL we do know that the cabal made 6 clones of all Presidents and Prime Ministers. YES the positive militaries have EVERYTHING – THEY have it all. !!! Thank-God cause the LIES are thick on Earth !

We do know that the demons in the Vatican and the demonic Jewish FAKE priests wanted to get rid of all the HIGH priestesses. Usually they were sacrificed to SATAN. GOD knows everything and would know who is real and fake. Yes there are benevolent ones too, so don’t get it twisted ok.

Although I am on the “TREE of LIFE” = there is still things that I don’t know or understand – yet

Not knocking the real PRIESTS or PREISTESSES – when do we get our full memory back ???

There are many divine ones that have been spiritually attacked trying to wake up humanity.

WOW – this is going to be a real interesting couple of month….,


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