Doctors want more money to kill people with covid jabs – Aug 18 2022

Doctors want more money to kill people with covid jabs

Posted By: Namaste
Date: Thursday, 18-Aug-2022 08:38:17 Dr V. Coleman 18th August 2022 “During the last two and a half years I have, on many occasions, found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the widely discredited actions of thousands of members of my former profession – a profession which now fills me with nothing but shame and embarrassment. I am reminded of the fact that for several decades after the end of World War II, it was common for non-Germans to ask (in their minds and hearts if not in words) ‘How could you let it happen? How could you be so blind?’ But we don’t need to ask that question of the doctors who have been jabbing millions of trusting patients with a toxic experimental drug which they should have known did not do what the politicians and the celebrities said it did (in that it didn’t stop people getting covid, the rebranded flu, and it didn’t stop them spreading it) because we now know exactly why they all closed their eyes, their ears and their hearts. It was all about money. And here’s the proof….”

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