Cynthia Rose: Errand of Mercy

NOT true, the benevolent ones want freedom and peace for humanity = so don’t get it twisted

WE just like the PATRIOTS around the world – want our Country freed from the child killing and pedovore demonic PSYCHOPATHS !

HEAVEN loves Humanity that is WHY we are here to help and guide you = show you the way etc

The PROBLEM is that we have demonic minions in power along with INTER-GALACTIC CRIMINALS. The benevolent Galactics informed YOU of this YEARS ago !

ALL benevolent Militaries KNOW this.

I TRUST MOTHER and FATHER GOD the MOST HIGH and the benevolent Militaries etc.


“Errand of Mercy” ~ August 24, 2022


Editor’s Note: I really, really like the original Star Trek. Why? I’m sure this was not the original intention for the show, yet the episode “Errand of Mercy” continues to show me the “truth of the matter”.

Case in point, is the episode, “Errand of Mercy”. (See this here) This episode is a very timely message for our current Earthly circumstances. Both the Klingons (think of dark hats, illuminati, cabal) and the Federation (this could be the White Hats and Alliance) who each want control of a planet for their own purposes.The Klingons offer slavery and the opportunity to eat bugs…and you will like it. The Federation offers peaceful development, yet only available through the guidelines of the Federation.

Yet, the inhabitants of Organia are not what they appear, possessing the hyper ability to end violence taken for either “good”, or “bad” reasons. They are seemingly compliant because they understand, in their own true reality, there is no reason for any type of violent behavior and are able to show this fact by becoming their “true” selves with the immediate cessation of hostilities. And the show ends…yet how does this episode apply to us here on Earth?

Humanity IS evolving NOW (No Other Way) as more BEings here on Earth become dissatisfied with their lives (thank you Hunter and Big Guy Biden, CCP, and illuminati) and start to look inside themselves for answers, as the exterior world is not supplying much “feel good” right now. So…what is it “inside” which provides the internal support you need?

As our belief systems erode in all areas for living (gov’t, police, education, health, food, etc.), what is left? Many find comfort in religion, yet religions, including Christianity are based on, well…control and fear cloaked as love. “Do this, and think this way, or else… because we love you.” Others choose to escape by obliterating their senses with the drug of choice, including prescriptions drugs as… there is no pain when not mentally aware. Many more just keep chugging along with the increasingly more difficult chores for living and that is distraction enough, for a while…

As each human is able to look within themselves and discern the Love they truly are…well, then we are getting somewhere!

Yet, thousands of years of human trauma have set “societal guidelines” to support the major message humanity has received…”You Are Less Than”, “You Are Not Good Enough”.

As a newly awakened human, I Am here to guide all to grasp tightly onto whatever it is for helping you to “feel good” without harming another. For as you truly feel “good” inside, you become good, making it far easier to find, and feel, Love! Please look for those thoughts which are “comfy spots” for you, keep these thoughts with you, and then revert back to thinking what feels “good” for you frequently.

It might be nice to explore your options, and i would suggest learning more from Abraham Hicks here. Others helping you to BE who you truly are: Wayne Dyer, Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Linda Taggert, and Joe Dispenza. These are just a few to help you learn Who You Are.

Rejoice (!) as you discover how to feel better, which leads into BEing better, which leads into a better self-perception, which leads into happiness, which then flows into Self-Love, allowing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

Cynthia Rose

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