The King Who Killed is Killed – How Trump will be Sacrificed on the Altar of COVID to Save the Pilgrims Society

What is being said…,

By the way the PSYCHOPATHS in CANADA – much like fake biden we have fake trudeau pushing to win the “RIGGED ELECTIONS SCAMS” once again. Dominion voting = Satanic Minion Domination and both these idiots said on TV, That “TRUMP” and in CANADA it’s the good guys conspiracy theorists b.s – TRUDEAU IS CRAKIN DOWN ON POLITICAL HATE B.S. BECAUSE THEY = the cabal IN canada IS GETTING CALLED OUT !

Trump is a threat to our Democracy and Trudeau says – much of the same and then they both say – this is UNACCEPTABLE – oooooh big words stooges …,

Just thought that I would pass this on…,


The King Who Killed is Killed – How Trump will be Sacrificed on the Altar of COVID to Save the Pilgrims Society

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Friday, 26-Aug-2022 18:21:37

From Reader Kyle.. TY!Lynda**********************************Discredit El Trumpo and install De Santis!MP3 by Betsy and Thomas Donald Trump Pressured FDA Away From Safety Studies: Is He The Vaccine Fall Guy? the Pilgrims “kill the King”, will they crown Agent Ron DeSantis as the heir apparent, who will pick up princess darling Candace Owens to be his running mate? Nice tidy Pilgrims-controlled presidential ticket.It looks like Trump will be sacrificed. There is no saving the ‘Father of Vaccines’ now. The Pilgrims have to remove him to get voters to accept the DeSantis/Owens ticket. Prepare.DeSantis Beats Trump on Fundraising – However, Donor Financials Highlight Corporate Version vs Grassroots Version of The Republican Party TRAP SPRUNG: Media FLIPS, sets stage to blame Trump for widespread vaccine injuries and deaths TRUMP TRAITOR TO AMERICA
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