August 31, 2022: Late Summer; Fast Fall [videos]

August 31, 2022: Late Summer; Fast Fall [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 August 31, 2022

We’re about to see August fly by in the rear view mirror and the Labour Day weekend isn’t much more than a mirage on the road ahead. So much has happened this month and it sounds like September will be a lively, exciting month as well.

EBS tests coming September 12/13 in 42 states. No word yet about other countries.

Bo Polny says all the historical pointers indicate that the 24th of many months has been a big date for action and says that round about or on that date in September we can probably expect notable events—no promises. Bo brings a lot of great info for contemplation to us in this latest update with David Nino Rodriguez.

Bo Polny – “The Kill Shot’

Bo pointed out that had we not overturned the ruling on Roe v. Wade, God would not have supported us in this fight. He said that was a turning point to indicate where our minds and hearts are and that we have what it takes to do this and he will now move the Earth to ensure we are successful in vanquishing the dark. He says that the kill shot is coming, and when it does, it will be awful, and spectacular, and awesome at the same time. Difficult, but necessary and life-changing. Something that cannot be ignored.

Yellow Rose for Texas did a lengthy and interesting update and her understanding of happenings past and future. She points out that people are arguing about Earth being flat or round when we fail to acknowledge that we are trapped in a holographic construct and it is neither. It isn’t real, so why allow it to divide us?

She speaks of the mounting evidence in front of us as to what has happened on this planet and the Human refusal to attribute it to the off-world contingent of marauders. So many people have blinders on and can’t connect the dots.

One of the best reminders Rose provided was the fact that in our new, uncorrupted world, there will be no evil; no predatory animals/fish, no snakes, or biting/stinging insects. Halleluja!

Past Present Future Update 8-24-22

Past Present Future Update 8-24-22 from YRFT on Vimeo.

Food shortages? I doubt anything extreme will happen but it’s only prudent to stock up on a couple of week’s worth of food and water. This IS a war, after all. It’s better to have the plants putting out unhealthy [human] flesh in the food chain than allowing them to continue. We don’t want no stinkin’ cannibals in our society.

Another One: Poultry Processing Plant Catches Fire in Montebello, California (VIDEO)

Watch the water has come up a couple of times recently and we are hearing some thoughts on what that is about. Of course the Q drops referenced “watch the water” more than once, I think, and we assume he/they are talking to us, but quite often they are addressing the cabal.

I thought the following was interesting. We remind everyone periodically that there is far more going on behind the scenes than in our faces because it has to be done out of the pubic eye. They have no context to understand, and the cabal cannot be tipped off, either. Operations must remain classified and protected for all concerned. Link to Telegram.

The water, “Watch the Water”, is also a warning to the Reptilians.

Their Vril worms like water. Thus, when the White Hats flood out these underground bases, the Vril comes out of the head of the clone and dies. When that occurs, then the body will collapse and eventually the Vril dies since it does not have a body to live off of. This is how the White Hats are going to complete the process of elimination of the Draco invasion.

The sound frequencies keep them underground (plane and wall), and then the floods finish them off by drowning them. In addition, the removal of the Vril so they can’t come back alive. It completes the whole process. It also cleans out and destroys all the Draco dumbs.

It would appear, that the DOD was behind this operation and setting it up for all the Ruling Elite. This was the Golden Ticket and they thought, they would escape 3d and glide right into 5d using our bodies.

If you notice, Nellie Ohr was working the farm of Hydra. This is probably what Commie Comey was coding back in the day to his devilish clan. Remember all the corn crops and harvesting? He was signaling when the jabs would be ready due to the mass production of the Hydra Vrils. No wonder they were all so smug. This was their ultimate plan.

unnatural cloud formations from weather modification [geoengineering]

Unfortunately, Jackson, Mississippi is having a terrible time with their water which can happen with severe flooding.

Mississippi declares drinking water emergency for state capital

Of course, there is an awful lot of flooding going on in many placce and we believe it is sometimes related to the allies’ rescue effort in the tunnels and DUMBS. Some areas are hit harder than others. China has been the site of tremendous rains, storms, landslides, earthquakes, and now we hear nearly one third of Pakistan is under water. Could that be about the cabal wanting more money funneled their way?

The cabal has done this many times. They cause catastrophic something or other, whether tornadoes, flooding, fires, and then a state of emergency is declared and they ask for federal funding to help the victims in the engineered Humanitarian crisis. The problem is, we don’t know how much if any of that financial aid gets to the victims. Look at Haiti. Look at all the millions Biden is supposedly sending to Ukraine.

David Wilcock stated in the recent update we shared with Mike Adams that there are clearly two factions duking it out with weather weapons; the good guys and the bad guys.

Pakistan Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding, UN Seeks Aid

August 30, 2022
More than 1,100 people have been killed in Pakistan after flooding swept through nearly a third of the country.

The crew points out a couple of Telegrams concerning the Finger Lakes region of New York state. Of course we know there are tunnels underneath many lakes and rivers connecting vast areas and multiple countries. The Great Lakes area is no exception. Link to Telegram.

This is a 3d map of the Finger Lakes in NY!
Keep your eyes open!
Churches surround all these 11 lakes & what surrounds it?

And also… Link to Telegram.

Silent Hill is in Canandaigua,NY!
One of the Finger Lakes is Canandaigua Lake!

I grew up here & my dad lived on Lake Ontario!
How can these two pieces of water connect?
Where does Lake Ontario flow too?
Canada-think Branson, Bronfman, Clinton, ports, subs,Maxwell etc
What did the Maxwell family own?
-it’s own submarine company named MIGaLOO

American Prophet has a new video. This is Episode 3 of ‘A Traitor’s Justice’. They’re always good, and too short. 7 min.

Here’s a bizarre twist to the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid. True? Link to Telegram.


Donald J #Trump buried his ex wife on his golf course…
His golf course is now a cemetery, and any land defined as such has taxation benefits according to New Jersey law.

Exemptions include but not limited to:
•property & personal land taxes
•sales tax and inheritance tax
•business tax and income tax.

It also cannot be collected nor seized….

What y’all think about this?

You have to wonder if these things are even Human. Who does thisLink to video on Telegram.

Nigel Farage on GETTR- Met Police say the Notting Hill Carnival in London was largely peaceful. Really?

Over 200 arrests, a stabbing, several sexual assaults.

It’s all going according to plan, just as Q said it would. We are watching the systematic destruction of the Olde Guard. The cabal is toast. Humanity just has to wake up and realize what happened. Link to Telegram.

Congressman James Comer, who is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, says that there are dozens of whistleblowers coming forward – not only from the FBI, but from the top law enforcement agencies as a whole, including Customs & Border Patrol and Homeland Security.

We are watching the implosion of the Biden administration right before our very eyes.

Systematic destruction

Nancy Drew, our boots on the ground in DC pointed out the following, in case you’re having doubts about the ‘movie’.

The fact that Sleepy, is still not on the Presidents Wall in the White House Visitor Center, says EVERYTHING. While things are incredibly quiet right now in every way, and we are are tired and frustrated, we need to remember this, and what weve watched take place throughout that city. It is only a matter of time now. I trust the plan whole heartedly, and have never for one second doubted it. My eyes have seen way too much for doubt. Hang in there guys, our moment is coming.

Here in the Southwest we are experiencing a heat wave. It’s not a big deal as we have had a somewhat cooler summer with no thermometer readings of 117F which was common in years past. I hear it’s 114 in Palm Springs, CA today which is is the middle of the desert, and it’s 104 here in Phoenix as I write this. Sometimes the equipment doesn’t work well as evidenced by the reading I saw last night. A neighbourhood weather station reported on the Internet that it was 118; feels like 301. LOL  It was 104 on our patio. My trusty old fashioned thermometer in the shade always agrees with my phone.

That’s all for today, although if we reported on all the interesting developments and chatter on the WWW we would never do anything but that. All good things must come to an end so adieu for now.  ~ BP

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