“PLEASE STAY AWAY from VACCINATED people the 3rd September. From Midnight to Midnight. WORLDWIDE.” – Sat Sept 3 2022 – Zombies ?

“PLEASE STAY AWAY from VACCINATED people the 3rd September. From Midnight to Midnight. WORLDWIDE.”

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Saturday, 3-Sep-2022 08:17:37

It has been circulating that some kind of trigger or Zombie apocalypse will happen between midnight tonight and midnight tomorrow night.I am putting this out just in case there is some kind of “plan” to cause rioting, chaos or worse. Remember the vaxxed have millions of nano particles running through their bodies!!!They have put out plenty of Zombie movies because they certainly would like that to happen and they have to warn….Might be a good night to stay home and avoid crowds as well as tomorrow because it is better to be safe, as we all know the lunatics are capable of all kinds of hideous events and could be going to unleash something on the unvaxxed!_______________________________________________________________
Here are some of the messages:September 3rd dont go near any vaccinated people.On September 3rd don’t go near any vaxxed peopleStay away from anyone who has the jab September 3rd. We warned you.⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Stay away from anyone with the COVID jab on September 3rd 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Please stay away from vaccinated people on the 3rd September. From Midnight to Midnight. WORLDWIDE. Be aware. Have something to protect yourself and your loved ones. Pray for humanity and every being. 🙏. Love, Peace and Luck to you all.______________________________________________________________AND Q DOES SAYS “MIDNIGHT”:Some will need to Distance Themselves from What is about to Happen. . .
Why does the FBI’s #1 RAT 🐀
Leave his Stoop during FF Attempts???
FBI burning the MIDNIGHT Oil.
Q______________________________________________________________***Be safe, just in case because these people are SICK!


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