California Water Shortage: Where’s it Gone? Interview with Elaine Buxton – Sept 08 2022

Finalizing our deep dive this week of California’s water crisis, we cap off the series with this interview with Elaine Buxton the researcher and writer of the 4-part series of articles. Elaine’s diligent research and connecting of the dots uncovered where California’s water has gone, how bad laws make it “legal,” and how Californians need to wake up before the great water heist gets more serious and irreversible.

Having gone through laborious research of public records, official documents, and government meetings notes and videos, Buxton has exposed what’s happening right under our noses: California has water – lots of it, and the drought is simply the cover story for the state’s unscrupulous restrictions, fines, and theft.

With the publishing and sharing of this information, social media has already begun censoring Buxton’s work. An interview of Buxton with Reinette Senum has been flagged, removed, and the technocracy is threatening the social media accounts of those posters who’ve circulated the information, as was the Tuolomne County California Freedom Alliance, due to “false advertising, fraud and security breaches.”

Clearly, this work has touched a nerve so it’s likely we’re right over the target.

Hear the many sourced claims and do your own research.

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