MAN tough crowd that does NOT believe in BENEVOLENT GALACTICS, well they do exist, what do YOU think I AM ??

TOO many people seem to have rotten opinions of me – YET have NO CLUE about me.

Sorry but I don’t know everything even though I am the sign that does.

Whether I could be from the HOUSE of RA or the HOUSE of DAVID, OR maybe not even from a another house or a different house, I was created in HEAVEN. What should it matter to you ?

All I know is that I WAS created in HEAVEN and that is good enough for me.

LIKE I said, there will come a day when YOU know that I AM INNOCENT. Just because [evil] people may have lied to me about MY original bloodline = does NOT make me EVIL

I share everything with the MILITARY – even the SMEAR campaigns against me.


The REAL and Divine = SAINT ANDREW


IF you dare to believe

My love to you all

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